I have done graphic work on some games. My latest and ongoing work is as mainly Concept Artist, 3D Artist and Animator on Celestial Impact. Other duties on the game includes 2D art, website and forum admin, game design and other small things...

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Dracus Oct 12 2008 replied:

The requirements can be seen if you expand the info about the file. It is also available on our download page on our website. To be seen without extra clicks for you we need to put it in the summary and I don't think it fits there.

The high requirements (and bad graphics) can be explained by mainly three factors. For one the content isn't the best even though the engine supports (and we use) many modern techniques for nice results. The second is that as we have a deforming world we can't use regular solutions other engines use to optimize the performance. Last we have only one programmer coding everything so the time to optimize the engine are not as in commercial engines.

Hope you enjoy the game!

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Dracus Jul 11 2008 says:

Great article! Can't wait for your general pointers in part 2. Though I guess I have read most of them in various forum posts and the wiki. Hopefully this will help me finally finish a map :).

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Dracus May 30 2008 replied:

Thanks for your comments. We will look into that gravity, if it is worth implementing we will give it a try. In the patch we changed the HUD some and more changes are likely to come, thanks for the suggestion. There is also a more simplistic HUD in the game now, just write cg_hudStyle 2 in the console. Maybe you like that better.

If you check our forum it is a lengthy guide there about everything you need for mapmaking.

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Dracus May 29 2008 says:

Yeah, updated the description to include some of the changes. Visit our forum (or read the changelog included in the patch) for a complete changelog.

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Dracus May 20 2008 says:

You can zoom in and out with that gun. But not in the screen on the gun, your entire view is zoomed in.

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Dracus May 16 2008 replied:

I guess we wanted an clear and easy GUI and then so it happend to be like Q3. Thanks for the nice words about the game!

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Dracus Nov 26 2007 says:

Varsity: Please send the full log to me, dracus@celestialimpact.com . Hopefully we can find out what is the trouble.

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Dracus Sep 5 2007 says:

The engine is developed by ourselves. We have followed same/similar names for commands as the id tech engine series so players find things easier.

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Dracus Jul 14 2007 says:

Nice screenshot, playing our game in a way we didnt anticipate :).
We are working on an optimized renderer so more hardware can play the game but we didnt want to wait for that to this release. I will let you know when it's done.
About the logos, I might have borrowed some similarities :).

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Dracus Jul 9 2007 says:

It is a custom engine developed by us. Maps are done ingame with the dirtgun and some special commands to paint different materials. Thats mostly all to it, we will write a more detailed howto so anyone can easily make maps.

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