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Dra6o0n Aug 23 2010, 5:45pm says:

You might wanna change the hands to arms, I noticed when you do melee attacks the hand comes off the screen...

See, one example is how oblivion works with first person arm animations, if you used a cheat to view yourself in first person, you see arms hidden in the back of the character's camera.

+1 vote   article: NMRiH (bi)Monthly Update - June/July 2010
Dra6o0n Jul 2 2010, 3:50pm says:

What about climbing pieces of pipes or thin woods? Like climbing up a tree?

Also, what about hanging and shimmying along a rope?

+2 votes   article: Wall Run and Climbing Video [HD]
Dra6o0n Apr 14 2010, 3:32pm replied:

This is also so in the future, when the game is released, you don't have ninjas that can jump off of steep slopes and near impossible terrains, and making it impossible to get a hit on those jumping ninjas.

Plus this makes jumps more tactical, meaning for multiplayer purposes, you can't jump all over the place just to **** off your opponent.

+1 vote   article: Initial Movement Features (HD Video)
Dra6o0n Apr 13 2010, 5:47pm says:

Add friction use when landing on a slope, so if you are jumping too fast down a side of a hill, depending on how the terrain is, and the angle of the slope, the character can "slip and fall" if they aren't adapted to it.

Because you can't jump down a steep slope, hit the slope with your feet and NOT fall over (you'll basically try to break your fall using your heels, but if your falling faster, it'll be imminent).

+4 votes   article: Initial Movement Features (HD Video)
Dra6o0n Mar 20 2010, 1:58am says:

GGTL: Who is the 'Old man with the shotgun'?
He is an old dude with a shotgun, stricken with partial blindness and a hatred for "them skateboard-ning, rap-scalling teens", who snapped when his wife of 35 years was eaten and will stop at nothing to ensure revenge is dished out on the undead. Cheesy, I know - but I like it.

WTF an old man is usually around his 60-80 so... WTF!?

0 votes   article: Weekly Interview: "The Mortewood Plaza"
Dra6o0n Nov 6 2009, 12:40pm says:

I tried to install UDK but it crashes in the middle of installation at random intervals...

Admin, and compatibility is set on the other tries but got frustrated after 3-4 times and deleted the thing...

It's still a beta so i'll wait for a better version...

+1 vote   download: UDK
Dra6o0n Jan 10 2009, 12:28am replied:

Oh wait, its more like tower defence... But it should be nice to add in rpg elements and stats so you can control a strong hero only, and at the same time command other bots to do things.

Wonder if someone can make a open world RTS+3rd|PerShotr or something...

+1 vote   game: Cortex Command
Dra6o0n Jan 9 2009, 8:37pm says:

This may be fun with a 2-4 player coop too, imagine exploring huge dungeons underground that requires tools to excavate things further down, but usually with more and harder enemies.

+1 vote   game: Cortex Command
Dra6o0n Dec 26 2008, 1:03pm replied:

No, OMG is suppose to actually allow you to choose any faction from the two games, but I think that owning OF (since it's newer) would allow you to see the new factions, as the older CoH doesn't have it in it until you install the OF.

+1 vote   mod: Operation Market Garden
Dra6o0n Nov 6 2009, 10:26am replied:

PC gaming died, and came back from the dead...
So in that theory, it makes PC gaming a undead or a living zombie...
We love zombie shooters so maybe it has something to do with that...

+2 votes   article: Unreal Engine 3 Free to Indies
Dra6o0n Nov 3 2009, 12:24am says:

Hmm, I should avoid using my paypal to buy any current steam game for this, but i only 21.60 CDN in paypal so if its over 20 bucks I'm not sure if I'm able to convert it using paypal's rates...

21.60 CDN = 19.54 USD (Phooey)

Then I should save my money for Starcraft 2, and possibly somehow get a ps3 later...

0 votes   article: What is Overgrowth? [HD Video]
Dra6o0n Nov 1 2009, 2:31pm says:

A lot of indie games are going into creating their own game engine, one reason being that the other game engines seems flawed and limited to their needs, especially when the game industry is evolving into something greater...

+1 vote   article: First ingame screenshots of Natural Selection 2
Dra6o0n Oct 30 2009, 12:58am says:

In overgrowth, I think lore is a bit important so you'd need to tell the story while they are playing it. Otherwise you'd make a separate section that documents the lore in overgrowth, and parts are unlocked as you progress through the game, etc.

+4 votes   article: Open development vs. spoiling the story
Dra6o0n Oct 28 2009, 10:34pm says:

Corporates and companies these days are hitting it hard and decided to penalize their consumers instead...

Everything they do is for profit...

Heck, even a 50% sale for far cry 2 would get you more profit than selling it normally...

+1 vote   mod: Far Cry 2 Zombie Mod
Dra6o0n Oct 24 2009, 3:38pm says:

This can be made even easier if you can group manipulate the skeleton with preset templates. So then you don't have to manually adjust the joints and get it wrong.

For fighting moves, it can be neat if you make "mini" adjustment to each arms, legs, chest, abs, and head. This is so you can create a fighting posture or a attack animation easily by loading template into a arm and adjusting it.

+2 votes   article: Initial rigging and animation tech demo [HD Video]
Dra6o0n Oct 21 2009, 12:38am says:

I think you need to make a very close up comparison, because when hiding in grass and bushes, you need to be able to faintly see right?

In real life, because of the way plants are like, being inside a bush or tall grass allows you to see a bit whats on the other side. Of course it also depends on how thick it is from a certain distance or angle.

+1 vote   article: Transparent shadows using stippling
Dra6o0n Oct 16 2009, 11:58am says:

Maybe have a iconic relic ingame too to represent the game in many ways...
Just like how HL2 Icon is used in it's own game over and over and over again...

+1 vote   article: Overgrowth Icons
Dra6o0n Oct 10 2009, 2:28pm replied:

They said they will be using a orange box sdk since l4d sdk does not have a released source code yet.

+1 vote   article: Rigger wanted - Eye candy offered!
Dra6o0n Oct 8 2009, 9:31am says:

The types of saving mode depends on the game. But ya, a lot of game needs to be able to save.

How do we revolutionize save game? Will someone end up making a joke game that's about saving game and continuing?

I got a weird idea for a game:
- Goal is to get to the end of the chapter
- Use save function to create a "hole" and save your progress
- The hole brings you into a alternate world in that position
- Able to "undo" and backtrack through those holes, re-saving progress in a few ordered slots.
- Kind of like portal but instead of making 2 points to make a portal, you just transfer yourself in first person to the other world, and it records your position
- both world can be interactive and will work at the same time (your warping between them to bypass obstacles)
- Can be a puzzle game?

+3 votes   article: How Saving Mechanics Affect Fun
Dra6o0n Oct 6 2009, 12:29am replied:

Also, right now, throwing 1 kunai at a time doesn't give it much of a pacing in battle, nor do you think you can throw a kunai at several moving targets? At this point, kunai are like magnums... Shurikens are like SMG... All projectiles unfortunately still feels like guns...

Well the mod is at a point where its plausible but not quite there yet...

But i guess if there were a chance for a naruto mod to be on a unreal 3 engine, it wouldn't be staff from this mod. But that doesn't mean you can't help them out when the time comes lol...

+1 vote   game: Naruto: Naiteki Kensei
Dra6o0n Oct 6 2009, 12:23am says:

For some odd reason I find the throwing of kunai, shurikens, and kunai exploding tags to be a bit too fast... I've played the ultimate ninja series, or Naru-timate hero so the throwing speed is meant to set up like that cause its two dimensional fighter...

Even so... The trail for the projectiles are hard to see from a distance, so I think a bigger trail for projectiles might work...

... But then there would be some people wanting to bash this, saying that it's suppose to be hard to see... Well people, balance is a big issue and its not completed yet...

Shurikens should carry bigger trails than kunais i guess... Since they are spinning in flight they also fly slower...

To me, its unrealistic and even further doesn't make sense, when a thrown kunai hits a wall under 1 second over 200-300 meters?

+1 vote   game: Naruto: Naiteki Kensei
Dra6o0n Oct 2 2009, 2:11pm replied:

A Neat and new idea to this coop game.

Hardcore mode:
By follow a bit of the other horror genre, this mode drops you into the game with only your pistol and knife. Other weaponrys you need to find within the game and it's randomized...

+2 votes   game: Killing Floor
Dra6o0n Oct 2 2009, 2:09pm replied:

A Colt .47? Or a Magnum?

Need to adjust the weapons so you can have super pistols too, so the handcannon isn't just a upgraded handgun...

Need to follow a bit of RE style on magnums weaponry... They're meant to do insane amount of damage, but very little ammo (close to none) so every shot deals enough damage to greatly cripple a boss too...

Secret weaponry should be placed in the game as a droppable weapon from monsters or checkpoint items... Such weapons has no respawn and limited ammo (ammo boxes doesn't refill them)...

For example, a LAW should be such weapon, they need to be stronger and enough punch to weaken a boss dramatically, but not without a single shot use.

What i mean now, is super weapons that can defeat bosses, but limited and flawed in it's own way... Do you wanna use that rocket launcher on a crowd of monsters to clear the way, or save it for the boss?

Shops is what breaks the scariness though... So maybe a new gamemode for all these idea would be best...

+2 votes   game: Killing Floor
Dra6o0n Oct 2 2009, 2:03pm says:

the replayablity of this game isn't that great now... I bought it and got over it already...

It would be nice if there were other gamemodes other than waves and a boss...

An escape gamemode would be neat and especially if it involves backtracking to look for items to unlock the passage etc...

A cool map could be a insanely hard one, where your team are locked down in a underground lab and each doors are shut down, so you have to use a cutter (unweld) each of them to escape!

+3 votes   game: Killing Floor
Dra6o0n Oct 2 2009, 1:58pm says:

old fasion GTA style with zombies sounds fun, especially if theres multiplayer and possibility of different game modes... Coop seems to be interesting if this can work...

+1 vote   article: Zombie Driver Announced
Dra6o0n Oct 1 2009, 6:14pm says:

What made the original resident evil so great was the difficulty and the potential threat the enemies comes at you with, mixed in with limited controls...

But since you can freely aim, the enemy can potentially chase you with no flaw in movements then...

The one thing that can be interesting is one hit kill moves from RE, imported into this game.

They'd have to be set so it'll only work as a chance when your health is low enough.

Hunters will use their super pounce when you see them crouching and being stationary for a few seconds, this mean they can't aim where they are jumping in mid air so you can side step to dodge it.

+1 vote   mod: Outbreak: Condemned
Dra6o0n Oct 1 2009, 3:27pm says:

you need to add better wall jump contols so it can be used in reverse too, to dive bomb someone from above... It can depend on momentum, as a jump straight up gives positive momentum to climb walls upwards, a falling momentum and wall jump will help you move towards a direction better, and probably help survive a fall in other modes...

Also, it would be neater to have a wall jump cling and charge ability, so you stay in place for a brief moment, then launch yourself in the direction of your sight.

As for camera controls while wall jumping, i think a automated camera that quickly flips your view around when jumping off walls can help if its intensively first person, but if you mean using guns while walling jumping and aiming, then it has to be set to allow sideway wall jumping then...

+1 vote   article: One Hour Per Day
Dra6o0n Oct 1 2009, 1:21pm replied:

This would be cool if it is worked along side a larger player base per game... like 20 vs 20 maps similar to a warfare...

Hmm, possible features needed first before approaching this:
- Climbing Feature to climb up ledges
- Agility Feature to interact with walls and floors
- A feature that gives props life with animating etc...

0 votes   game: Overgrowth
Dra6o0n Oct 1 2009, 1:18pm says:

A interesting idea to the lore is magic, but not the kind where you spam fireballs at each other, but more of a summoning or enchantment kinds...

With my earlier post on Giant Avatars, maybe its possible to have a "Mobile Base" kind of mode, except they are huge and can fight and support their units.

Essentially, these giant Avatars are made out of stone and clay, so they have the toughest resistance to damage, but they do have vulnerable weak spots...

To be able to move, they'd need a physical magical enchantment on specific parts of the giant, so if these enchantment gets destroyed, like by a arrow or bomb or by plain ripping it off, the giant loses the ability to use that specific parts...

Maybe have a variant of giants and call them a class of golems with floating parts to use as a assault weapon...

Of course, giant golems or Avatars would break the team play motion if this were plain TDM... The objective of the game is to destroy your opponent's golem.

Each golem can be run by a AI to navigate around the map, with it's own mind and act as a guardian to allies and a foe to enemies.

Golems can stomp at you to instantly kill you, or if they didn't step on you, the shockwave will knock you down...

To be more on the realistic side, the golem's abilities can also affect it's ally so they have to be careful not to get to close to foes when it attacks... Lol...

0 votes   game: Overgrowth
Dra6o0n Sep 28 2009, 11:59pm says:

Wonder if there's also play dead zombies...

And Ankle Biters that clutches onto your ankles and won't let go until you shoot it in the head...

+2 votes   media: The Crawler Concept Art
Dra6o0n Sep 26 2009, 12:03pm says:

Sakura could work in a combat medic style in team matches, by "Reviving" Fallen allies before they are finished off?

+1 vote   article: Friday Update #72
Dra6o0n Sep 24 2009, 8:23am says:

Overgrowth team likes to look into their own games and try to build onto them, while compared to other teams and companies who tries to build something else, leaves it half done, then move on to new and different work from scratch.

It really depends on the team's intention or goals on how successful and how they build their game.

+2 votes   article: Resolution Independent UI
Dra6o0n Sep 22 2009, 10:35pm says:

I Think I know one weapon Dec didn't add... And that's the Megabuster from Dead Rising, but MUCH MUCH BETTER (Since its first person)! But then it'd be too Metroid-Prime-Like...

But another weapon you can swap ammo with can be interesting too...

A Grenade Launcher with different rounds... Or a physics weapon that creates different physical force (NOT a Physgun)...
Or literally a "Gravity" Gun that shoots tiny black holes to vacuum up zombies then mush them in one go after a time limit... Deadly....

Look at the Whirlygig anomaly in STALKER....

+1 vote   media: The Mortewood Plaza - Harley Progress 1
Dra6o0n Sep 22 2009, 10:32pm replied:

The area behind the tires can't be seen in 90% of the angles, unless your looking at the bike from the bottom...

At first I was talking about the area between the Wheels and the Core, but i guess the parts inside the wheels count too?

+1 vote   media: The Mortewood Plaza - Harley Progress 1
Dra6o0n Sep 22 2009, 10:30pm replied:

Why do people care about being the first to post anyways? It's not like some big shot company's gonna give you a thousand dollars for it...

In Fact... I think it might do more harm than good?

+19 votes   media: The Mortewood Plaza - Harley Progress 1
Dra6o0n Sep 22 2009, 10:27pm says:

What would be freaky is a zombie that is bleeding out of their eyes... while they lack eyes...

They'd hunt on the sight of smell and can tell if a wall is nearby because of their enhanced super sonic hearing?

EDIT: That would make it more Silent Hill freaky than Resident Evil or Land of the dead freaky...

A monster that is blind but deadly? Already used in a lot of horror games...

+3 votes   media: Weekly Update Images September 22nd, 2009
Dra6o0n Sep 22 2009, 12:31pm says:

Would be interesting if they could implement a creature AI for the giant whale so it can actually move, and you can jump and climb up on it like "Shadow of the Colossus".

+2 votes   game: Overgrowth
Dra6o0n Sep 20 2009, 11:15pm says:

Oddly, the Dx9 lets me use xfire with it, but Dx10 doesn't
Even more stranger, Dx10 barely lags and have a better fps than Dx9... Which lags in benchmarking if i use high graphics overall...

DX9: Texture Med | Overall High | Shadow Low
FPS: About 15 fps average and lower...

DX10: Texture Med | Overall High | Shadow Low
FPS: About 20 fps average and maybe a bit higher...

I have a decent laptop that can play this. It's like a custom HP ProBook 4510s with additional things added to it.

+3 votes   game: Resident Evil 5
Dra6o0n Feb 27 2010, 5:31pm says:

What about tiles? In Edo Japan, the roads inside these large places consists of rocks rather than dirt road... And having these rocky areas in alleyways and such as pathway allows for footsteps to be heard better.

+1 vote   media: Hanako Castle Pre-Polish Quick Flythrough
Dra6o0n Jan 23 2010, 2:24am replied:

For HL2 Coop mods a bit like this, try Obsidian Conflict. Too bad that one isn't updated much, but is still a decent mod if it has enough content to last a few months...

+1 vote   article: Sven Co-op 11th Anniversary Update, Video
Dra6o0n Dec 19 2009, 12:23pm replied:

Just don't go overboard like steam did...
I don't like the idea of Installation DRMs on most of steam's games list now...
Sure steam lists them before you can buy, but the existence of em are making gamers miserable...

+2 votes   article: Our thoughts on Desura
Dra6o0n Sep 14 2009, 1:32pm says:

A basic pc for mainly source modding can be as follow:
2.0GHZ Dual core.
3GB+ DDR2 RAM or more.
300GB HDD or more.
ATI/NVIDIA GPU with 512MB ram or more, at least Year 2007+ Quality...

I think Simple PC package sold for 600-700 dollars in Bestbuy or Futureshop is enough for mapping alone...

+1 vote   article: Dead Before Dawn Needs Your Help
Dra6o0n Sep 10 2009, 11:46am says:

How about water? It might be a immersive and important aspect when in a battle on a river... Having a good system for splashes and the flow of water can make the "Duel" visually awesome!

+3 votes   article: Trees in the breeze (HD video)
Dra6o0n Aug 21 2009, 10:26am says:

What about a feature that lets marine take weaponry from other dead marines? Aliens probably would be able to assimilate, points from their dead allies but this might turn into a friendly fire frenzy with people stealing each others corpses...

+1 vote   article: Modding Q&A
Dra6o0n Aug 6 2009, 12:39pm replied:

But they still look like splatters over smeared blood...

Maybe you need to make some "pool of blood" effects...

+1 vote   media: The Mortewood Plaza - Camping Axe!
Dra6o0n Aug 4 2009, 8:49pm replied:

The blood looks like splatters from a small head rather than pieces of a body... So maybe make more than 1 kinds of decals so it randomizes?

-1 votes   media: The Mortewood Plaza - Camping Axe!
Dra6o0n Aug 1 2009, 12:09am says:

I wonder when character models can be implemented more easily... Although i lack any experience in 3d modeling...

It could get compatibility with other 3d models and use their animations to set it right... But it depends on this engine...

+1 vote   article: Platinum Arts Sandbox Free 3D Game Maker Videos & Updates! Part 2 RPG & Ragdolls
Dra6o0n Jul 30 2009, 3:44pm replied:

They'd have to overhaul the movement system and attempt to make weaponry more powerful with the right uses, maybe prone and other abilities, like climbing ledges?

Of course a stamina system is needed, otherwise you'd be dealing with hopping troops left and right, when the point of the game is commandos vs commandos whether it be on foot or in a vehicle...

It would be interesting if they could come up with a way to mix your typical third person shooter with a advanced movement system, so you could have a commando wait at the top of a wall, a tank passes by, the commando jumps and attempts to hijack it.

0 votes   article: Renegade X - July Update & Trailer!
Dra6o0n Apr 26 2009, 11:41am says:

I know its still in testing, but there needs to be even more blur lol...
In the running animation that is...

Cause sometimes it looks weird having your character dashing lightly but moving so fast it outdo Michael Jackson!

+1 vote   media: Melee Trailer
Dra6o0n Jan 26 2009, 11:27pm says:

This game would work best if it uses simple graphics, yet pulled off in a surprising good way. Think of Darwinia but 2d top down view, and can play against other players.

+2 votes   game: Tech Wars
Dra6o0n Oct 29 2008, 7:40pm replied:

uh, i think barricading can be used to make a floating bridge from one place to another... that is, if one person holds the object on a side of the building and another somehows nails it.

+1 vote   article: omfgzombieslol released
Dra6o0n Jul 27 2008, 2:20am says:

You need a bouncy grenade launcher type of thing, as they drop unlike the rocket launcher, and can be used to attack behind a wall.

Another idea is a weapon that stick grenades on walls or even players, and giving you the option to blow them up.

+1 vote   mod: Bouncy Rockets Mutator
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