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Dra6o0n Jun 9 2012, 10:43am says:

At least you got development going...

+1 vote   article: News and Updates About Various Games
Dra6o0n Jun 10 2010, 6:28pm replied:

Really? Drag and drop, so no "enter properties and change values" at all?

+1 vote   game: Supersoldat
Dra6o0n Mar 27 2010, 2:51am says:

Crysis had some kind of command line when playing with physics, that increased the fps by x3.

I wonder if there's a way to make big physics occur without huge fps loss...

+1 vote   media: Physics Editor Preview For Overgrowth
Dra6o0n Mar 5 2010, 2:28pm replied:

No I meant ALL of those trees being HUGE... There needs to be some more mixture of trees so not all of them are huge, plus they need to add bamboo shoots, they are also tree-like plants.

Those trees overshoots the requirement of 40ft dangit...
It's like 200ft!

+1 vote   media: Hanako Castle & Anokoku Village Alpha Screens
Dra6o0n Mar 5 2010, 1:04am says:

The Humongous trees makes me think its not Japan anymore...


+1 vote   media: Hanako Castle & Anokoku Village Alpha Screens
Dra6o0n Jan 18 2010, 7:38pm replied:

A swamp would be neat, having tricky muddy swamp waters to slow you down.

Possibly something like quick sand, but in reality quick sand doesn't really exist, you can get out of a "quicksand" pretty fast in real life.

+1 vote   article: Terrain updates
Dra6o0n Dec 18 2009, 7:59am replied:

I liked the combat system, for it's old school methods of pulling off moves... Until the better action mmorpgs came and took that away.

Now I want something along the lines of C9, but gunz will never be the same.

+3 votes   game: GunZ: The Duel
Dra6o0n Dec 17 2009, 11:09pm replied:

If they made a game that wowed people, then people won't be as likely to pirate it. CD-keys for online play has been more successful than DRMs than you'd think.

If the Online aspect was developed good enough to wow the community, then even less people would bother pirating since it disallows them access to a well made online component with a online community...

For example, If Littlebigplanet went PC and Online for example, it would wow many people, and if LBP has a awesome online feature with cd keys, people would more likely buy it anyways because it's such a great game.

+5 votes   article: Introducing Desura
Dra6o0n Dec 5 2009, 9:56pm says:

Yellow gas... Mustard/Nerve Gas Weapon?

+2 votes   media: Scorpion: escort mission
Dra6o0n Dec 5 2009, 9:50pm replied:

If you wait, more contents will be made available...

People hype over combat arms too much...

Over time, a ton of mmofps will be out, and they will be awesome!
Currently most of em are still in betas or only in S. Korea...

+2 votes   game: Alliance of Valiant Arms
Dra6o0n Nov 27 2009, 11:51pm replied:

I still prefer the narutimate series though for it's fighting style...

+1 vote   article: Milestone Update #3
Dra6o0n Nov 18 2009, 12:37am replied:

Also, they can add a optimization method where things very very far away won't be rendered to save resources, but may ruin some aspect of it when it comes to Depth of Field...

Maybe a illusion of rendering can work, having it so the game quickly renders what the player sees and semi-renders the things around him (or in this case, unrendering parts of it to save resources).

+1 vote   article: Xtreme plant optimization
Dra6o0n Nov 18 2009, 12:35am replied:

6 triangles seems a little when you use 1 piece, but since we're talking about hundreds or thousands of plants, we could guess in this formula:
( [Sets of Triangles] * [Number of sets] ) * [Number of plants]

If a plant has an average of 5~30 different sets to form a plant according to it's size, consider the smallest plant using around 5~7 sets of triangles:

5 * 6 = 30 * 100 or 1000 plants... You'd have around 300 to 3000 Triangles or poly JUST for the small plants...

The best idea is to mix 1 triangle with 2 triangle to create a illusion without them all using 3 or greater triangles each...

That means each plants needs to be customized...

+1 vote   article: Xtreme plant optimization
Dra6o0n Oct 30 2009, 12:58am says:

In overgrowth, I think lore is a bit important so you'd need to tell the story while they are playing it. Otherwise you'd make a separate section that documents the lore in overgrowth, and parts are unlocked as you progress through the game, etc.

+4 votes   article: Open development vs. spoiling the story
Dra6o0n Oct 10 2009, 2:28pm replied:

They said they will be using a orange box sdk since l4d sdk does not have a released source code yet.

+1 vote   article: Rigger wanted - Eye candy offered!
Dra6o0n Sep 22 2009, 10:30pm replied:

Why do people care about being the first to post anyways? It's not like some big shot company's gonna give you a thousand dollars for it...

In Fact... I think it might do more harm than good?

+19 votes   media: The Mortewood Plaza - Harley Progress 1
Dra6o0n Sep 20 2009, 4:10pm replied:

Yesh, it is advertising.... But who cares?

+1 vote   article: Eleminis - Cute and Addictive Game released for iPhone
Dra6o0n Jul 1 2009, 9:17pm replied:

I believe that anyone who owns a source game can get the sdk base and the orange box sdk base i think...

I got 2 accounts on steam, one with HL2EP1 and the other with OB and other games i currently use.

+1 vote   article: Modular Combat: One Year Ago #1
Dra6o0n Jun 12 2009, 10:18pm says:

If you don't want the character models to look odd, try outlining, as it makes the characters and animations look tons of better...

Reason be is that some parts of the body seems dulled or greyed out, or lacking certain details.

+1 vote   media: Ichigo 3/4
Dra6o0n Jun 8 2009, 1:55pm replied:

Valve does not give us that many freebies... The reason games are cheap is because Valve doesn't have to pay for packaging, marketing, etc. for those games...

Valves are still making a big buck for each sales because they are racking in like 50-90% of the profit for each sold...

So no. Valve is not in any financial trouble...

As for saying that valve is spoiling us. That exact same part has no meaning since valve also sells things ridiculously expensive too...

The reason they make games cheaper as a event is that THEY are CONFIDENT they will make a ton of money... So stop using the "spoiling" as a excuse... Idiots...

+2 votes   article: L4D2 Boycott Group emails Valve with their demands
Dra6o0n Jun 5 2009, 1:21am replied:

Why did they gave us a half baked sdk? So then we can only map for L4D and not mod it. That way, we don't take away their customer's attention with the community's work.

They probably might not even release the sdk (completely) till L4D2 comes out as a way of pinning us players and modders down...

-1 votes   article: L4D Community on the rise
Dra6o0n Jun 2 2009, 12:56am says:

Does those purple seaweed kill you too?

+1 vote   media: Updated Levels
Dra6o0n May 26 2009, 12:38am replied:

Then all you need to do is disable that part from functioning? But it might mess up gameplay since alot of the actions seems to be linked to body as a whole...

+1 vote   article: Creating the Overgrowth physics engine
Dra6o0n May 23 2009, 4:04am says:

"Only the -> turret <- only will be able to move the turrets"


+3 votes   media: Turrets
Dra6o0n Apr 24 2009, 12:15am replied:

Try to "really" understand what you are getting into...
I tried mapping myself and I quit after a few days of making "scrap" maps...
I probably wouldn't go far in modding, even if I am very good at coming up with fresh ideas on a variety of things.

I prefer tweaking a game, over total modifications (Though I used to make a few basic UMS starcraft maps, and that's what got me into customization).

+1 vote   mod: Zombies: Source
Dra6o0n Jan 30 2009, 8:35pm says:

This can be interesting if you could even remake the 1st metal gear game by using his young mask in MGS4 as a template for the head.

+2 votes   mod: Metal Gear Crysis
Dra6o0n Sep 29 2008, 6:58pm says:

At least post news of whats going on with the site on moddb...

+1 vote   member: masterfreek64
Dra6o0n Sep 29 2008, 6:57pm says:

What happened to the site? Not likely you would reply and its kind of hard to find news around the internet.

+1 vote   member: Teh_Stalker
Dra6o0n Jul 29 2008, 11:30pm replied:

I didn't mean game difficulty, i meant modding difficulty...

+1 vote   mod: Wolfenstein: Source
Dra6o0n Jul 29 2008, 9:55pm says:

I don't think it is that hard compared to total conversion mods... All you do is change player and character models... But some enemies in Wolf3d may not match the ai like in half life 2.

+1 vote   mod: Wolfenstein: Source
Dra6o0n Jul 29 2008, 6:50pm replied:

You need some sort of wall riding technique with jumping off, but with no friction, Can you even jump?

+1 vote   article: Perfect Stride Continuum: Coming very soon!
Dra6o0n Jul 27 2008, 2:23am replied:

Why not a mutator with infinite ammo on a bouncy weaponry like the bio gun? You'd be shooting slow, bouncing Globs of death all over the place and everyone would focus on dodging them. Imagine Lava/magma that bounces in outer space with no gravity.

+1 vote   mod: Bouncy Rockets Mutator
Dra6o0n Jul 27 2008, 1:57am says:

Lol... I remember seeing another Machinima about the Dennis and a War going on.

+2 votes   media: Rusty Whispers - Dennis
Dra6o0n Jan 7 2010, 4:18pm replied:

If i can get my hands on the map editor, maybe I'll show off my creations... I'm pretty handy when it comes to creating things out of blocks and pieces...

+2 votes   game: Overgrowth
Dra6o0n Jan 7 2010, 4:11pm says:

Yay, paypal = 30 dollars and 47 cents (USD) now!

EDIT: Good news, I pre-ordered it (non pack). I don't really care about natural selection... I like FPS but really depends on a lot of aspect in order for me to like them...

+2 votes   game: Overgrowth
Dra6o0n Jan 7 2010, 10:51am says:

I noticed that through all of the making of this mod, it seems to be missing something... Maybe related in combat...
Hit effects? Because the trailer looks like the models are hitting thin air and the targets are reacting to imaginary hits...

You need those hit effects you see in japanese anime games, like japanese characters showing that a person was hit etc?

+1 vote   article: Milestone Update #8 - Release Trailer
Dra6o0n Jan 6 2010, 6:06pm says:

Still, paypal wouldn't cover that until you got a balance of 70 dollars USD or is using a credit card for paypal :P

That's how it works out, it calculates the full pricing first, and decides if said buyer has that maximum payment, THEN add the discount.

+2 votes   game: Overgrowth
Dra6o0n Jan 1 2010, 1:27am replied:

Nope, I'm Canadian, so its better to wait till Jan 7th...
Hey, at least the price won't rise when the game is nearing completion.

+2 votes   game: Overgrowth
Dra6o0n Dec 31 2009, 7:15pm replied:

Nope, remember my last posts? No credit cards (which all sites seems to ask). I'm not gonna even bother to borrow a credit card, because it's a pain sometimes, and have a deep hatred of them (No, I'm not in debt).

+2 votes   game: Overgrowth
Dra6o0n Dec 31 2009, 5:30pm says:

Frig, the one reason why I hate using paypal so much is that they keep delaying the clearance date... It was on Dec 31st before but now they delayed it for a WEEK!

+3 votes   game: Overgrowth
Dra6o0n Dec 26 2009, 10:11am replied:

Blunt weapons should have a Knockback effect.
Bladed weapons should have a Decapitation effect.

Both of these effect occurs when you attack the head, but with the stronger melee attacks rather than the weaker ones.

And then it starts getting complicated, like Axes, which are bladed weapons but are 2 handed rather than 1 handed like a Machete.

+1 vote   article: NMRiH Christmas Update
Dra6o0n Dec 23 2009, 9:56pm says:

Good news on my end, Canadian Dollar is becoming more even with USD, so it should be possible to add a few dollars to get $30, then pre-order overgrowth...

Come to think of it, it would be my first ever pre-order or anything (excluding buying items online and having it shipped).
Oh, and I just recent added funds on paypal and would expect it to be cleared by... Sometime in 1.2 weeks... -_-

That's by the end of the holidays (since it doesn't include business days)...

My college starts again on Jan 11th, which is a monday.

0 votes   game: Overgrowth
Dra6o0n Dec 23 2009, 7:23pm replied:

FAIL, I thought of getting section 8 or GTA4 on steam for a discount, but i completely forgot how retarded paypal is... IT CALCULATES YOUR PAYPAL BALANCE TO THE FULL PRICE OF THE GAME (NOT THE DISCOUNT)!!

So now I can't buy anything on steam.
Section 8 values at 49.99 but is slashed to 24.99, has good multiplayer but I get a uneasy feeling in it.
GTA4 seems okay but too cheesy and I have no idea if it even has a good mod community. 29.99 slashed to 7.49...
I can't get either because of damn paypal...

If only steam supports Interact...

0 votes   game: Overgrowth
Dra6o0n Dec 22 2009, 10:42pm says:

I was thinking of buying overgrowth if i had enough change from buying l4d2 but nope, 27 dollars and 3 dollars short.
28.36 USD... LOL!

+2 votes   game: Overgrowth
Dra6o0n Dec 22 2009, 4:33am says:

I'm still waiting for the price to be discounted sometime in the future, since I know that once they decided to change the retail version to a game of the year or something, they will temporarily drop the steam price.

Since retail price is 10 dollars more than steam price, I will keep an eye out for it.

+1 vote   game: Left 4 Dead 2
Dra6o0n Dec 20 2009, 10:25pm says:

I think what needs to change in this world is the shift in power...
Currently it's all the big corporation pushing the smaller ones to do their bidding... And the sad part is that it's a part of our humanity too...

Once developers has the power to create, publish, and sell their own games, with their own might, and not rely on other companies, I really doubt games would cost around 60 dollars average...

+1 vote   article: Our thoughts on Desura
Dra6o0n Dec 19 2009, 12:23pm replied:

Just don't go overboard like steam did...
I don't like the idea of Installation DRMs on most of steam's games list now...
Sure steam lists them before you can buy, but the existence of em are making gamers miserable...

+2 votes   article: Our thoughts on Desura
Dra6o0n Dec 15 2009, 12:24am replied:

you think its possible later on to make textures blend so then making a sandy area split away from a grassy area is possible?

Like a forest that is near a desert.

+1 vote   article: Detail textures
Dra6o0n Dec 11 2009, 3:21pm replied:

I wonder if this game will get some sort of RP-G function, but limited and doesn't affect gameplay so much.

For example:
- All players start off equal and are required to build up their skills in weapon proficiency or stats, and typically RPG elements.

Not sure how customizable the game can be, and it would work much better if it takes it a bit further with the sci-fi, so you have better range of weapon variety and probably armors and clothing.

For example, imaginary guns that looks cool is a good idea to add more variety to the game, but no blasters and energy weapon. For armors, I think it can be possible to create a character that uses heavy armor built like a tanker. Something that looks a bit futuristic but still fits in the modern world works.

+2 votes   game: All Points Bulletin: Reloaded
Dra6o0n Dec 11 2009, 3:15pm replied:

Free to play with microtransaction works, and even more so if its a adaptable gameworld.

The only thing about free games with microtransaction, is that it needs to be developed well enough to gain a decent profit, while at the same time caters to the players fairly.

Since this is a shooter, I don't think allowing players to buy better guns with real cash is a good idea, as it ruins the balance of the game.

Maybe some kind of premium service for the game to work? Like getting premium will allow you to do more than a free player but still within the balance aspect.

Premium Ideas:
- Creating a Clan (Free players can join a clan for example, but can't make one)
- Leading Clan battles

+2 votes   game: All Points Bulletin: Reloaded
Dra6o0n Dec 11 2009, 3:12pm says:


+3 votes   article: First vehicle physics test
Dra6o0n Dec 9 2009, 1:20am says:

What's next? Bioshock 2's drill weapon?

+1 vote   media: The Mortewood Plaza - Lightsaber!
Dra6o0n Dec 9 2009, 1:16am says:

I still prefer the narutimate series... LOL!
It's actually called Ultimate Ninja in USA, and the reason that I liked it is that you get to do quite a lot of things on a 2d plane.

When you put it in 3d plane with melee combat, well that's where it gets complicated...

I wonder if your gonna implement some kind of stunning system so it will prevent players from pulling off the same moves over and over again, and eventually being cheap.

If you put some work in animations though, I think you can put together a melee system that would work out nicely, depending on how it really works out that is.

I like the "Attack and Defend" motion in a melee combat, where a player can't just spam skills to kill his opponents like in WoW or Gunz or some other games where actual player skills and strategy barely made a difference...

It should be nice to be able to string together 3 to 5 hit combos, then effectively stunning your enemy (unless they used a duplication technique). If they blocked your attacks, it puts you in a position where you can be countered, etc, etc....

0 votes   game: Naruto: Naiteki Kensei
Dra6o0n Dec 9 2009, 1:08am says:

Isn't it possible to mirror all the models (not including shadows, which is applied separately) so that all the trees are actually redirected from 1 source and is like a "illusion" of a tree?

In reality, if you take a tree and put a mirror next to it, you get to see two trees that's mirrored and reflected.

Then to apply that to the game, you'd have to somehow grab the model and put it in that area, and have it not eat away the fps.

Since it's a "mirrored" object, it should only take up resources for the mirror itself...

And here I am going on into things I don't understand, as the more sense I try to make of what I say the more complex it gets...

+1 vote   article: Fast object instancing
Dra6o0n Dec 6 2009, 2:48pm says:

Add a Blaster! Sci-Fi weapons ftw!

Then maybe primitive weapons too... Chain and Flail?

The flail would be like the kinds of melee weapons with chargeable attacks. You use right click to hold and spin the flail, and once its at a fast momentum you can do a downward swing to do insane amount of damage.

Left click uses more flail attacks.

+1 vote   media: The Mortewood Plaza - Lightsaber!
Dra6o0n Dec 5 2009, 9:52pm says:

What THE?! In the trailer you can do a Stab but holding it in reverse (downward stab rather than forward poke)...

... o.o! prisoners has yellow glowing eyes!

+2 votes   game: Alliance of Valiant Arms
Dra6o0n Dec 5 2009, 9:49pm says:

Thank you so much for putting this game on the list... Although I may have annoyed the forumers a bit asking someone to put it on the list.


+2 votes   game: Alliance of Valiant Arms
Dra6o0n Dec 5 2009, 9:45pm says:

Animation needs to be more adjustable, because when players rapidly hit buttons etc, the model's animation will make things look too unrealistic (in terms of movement)...

I wonder if there will be a system that monitors melee attacks, so you can't spam melee all the time and win...

Take a MMO like mabinogi for example, it uses real time combat, with skills that adjusts the system to a rock-paper-scissor kind of combat.

If you use defense on a enemy's normal attack, it does a pseudo stun on the enemy, allowing you to do a combo back at it.

Using a counter will allow you to take a hit, and reflects it back at the attacker. Counter always knocks the opponent down.

Using windmill at the right time will knock down all nearby enemies.

Mabinogi has different kind of stuns:

Knock back - After being hit 3 times in a row.
Knock down - After being hit after a knock back or from a skill.

The only thing about mabinogi's system and this mod's system, is that players are always able to move even after being hit.
The mmo's kind of system makes combat more tactical.

-1 votes   media: Milestone #4 - (OLD)NEVER BEFORE SEEN Melee Teaser
Dra6o0n Dec 24 2011, 12:41am says:

Overgrowth is definitely 1st, mainly because of the pace of development and release of update videos, that the team constantly explain their technology and motivates people into learning something actually helpful in game development...

Overgrowth is filled with technology that really interests me, because they constantly try new stuff to both optimize and improve the game...

Like that polygon 'adjusting' tech that lowers resource use while keeping it's look at long distance, and that 'sprite' swapper when a model is too far away, to save rendering.

Most especially is that latter technology, because not everyone's 3D game has them using 2d sprites for long distance 3d objects...

+8 votes   article: IOTY Players Choice - Upcoming
Dra6o0n Jul 19 2011, 2:09pm says:


+1 vote   article: New Overgrowth a140 video devlog
Dra6o0n May 1 2010, 1:56pm says:

The movement of the rabbit keeps reminding me of that disney character... Goofy?


+1 vote   article: Angular and linear keyframe blending
Dra6o0n Nov 24 2009, 9:00am replied:


.... This page is more of a recruitment page, since there is only 1 person in the team as of now... A lead designer?

Programmers nowadays (including beginner programmers like me) who get into video games are more likely to be in game development, and not likely mod development... The UDK release just presses them further that way...

+1 vote   mod: Fallout 3 Online
Dra6o0n Nov 24 2009, 8:57am says:

I'm curious to see how far they will attempt to progress in this... I lost track of tracking oblivion online mod...

And Oblivion had more than 1 multiplayer mods, there's actually 2, it's just that the origin of the mods comes from a single team... And said conflict between them led to creating a new team...

+1 vote   mod: Fallout 3 Online
Dra6o0n Sep 9 2009, 11:35pm says:

Any idea of planning for a future list of features?

Say develop the mod into a workable yet content wise game, and then add new features later on to add onto the already crafted gameplay...

example: Say in the future you add the ability to climb over high fences/ledges...

That wasn't a good example though... It's probably more easier for a UT3 mod to get that...

+2 votes   article: NMRiH Weekly Update - September 9th, 2009
Dra6o0n Aug 23 2009, 1:42am says:

But With the neat way of space combat, If ES ever runs out of fun, maybe reuse the idea and code and make a new game thats more into space combat, but also allows trade?

It would be awesome if they took pieces from this game and turn it into a brand new, complete game.

Maybe following Huxley's example, and creating a Open world, but battle takes place of zones? This means that it would be neat if zones support up to 64 or 128 players, and the game provides features similar to EVE online...

An Idea is focusing it completely on space combat but allow side features like trading or side jobs (mercenaries etc?) to expand the game itself, and offer multiple ways to customize your ship.

But if i think about it, it would end up too much like EVE online then...

+1 vote   article: Eternal Silence Post-Mortem - Part 2
Dra6o0n Jul 12 2009, 2:15am says:

It could be easier for those with only EP1 to host their EP1 only servers, like how Obsidian Conflict has a "mount" menu for players to choose which content to activate.

The only thing that is gonna be different is the npcs, props, and textures, as EP2 contains more content from that section.

But maybe MC could have a "Classic" mode, where both EP2 and EP1 players can play in Classic maps that uses generic content from both sdk, thus allowing a generic development for modules, etc.

+2 votes   article: Modular Combat will require Episode Two
Dra6o0n Jul 9 2009, 11:53pm says:

Is it possible to have a finale where you are driven away from the mall in the armored bus, and you can mount a minigun on top to shoot along the way? The survivors are then tested to see if they got what it takes to get to the docks.

+1 vote   article: Dead Before Dawn - Sooner Than You Think
Dra6o0n Apr 26 2009, 1:07am says:

Make the radioactive waste glow, its not slime...
EDIT: Make the radioactive waste GLOW MORE... Its suppose to be very bright so that it reminds you of a Keg of nightstick liquid...

Boxes needs retexturing to have it fit more of black mesa style (currently they look like CS:S boxes).

+1 vote   media: April 09 Media Welcome to Black Mesa chapter.
Dra6o0n Apr 9 2009, 11:24am says:

I don't know about modding with this sdk being easier... Maybe its easy for professionals and veteran modders but newcomers and small modders probably still gonna have a rough time...

+1 vote   article: Red Alert 3: Modders SDK
Dra6o0n Mar 23 2009, 7:00pm says:

If its a megaman mmo based on battle network series, then it should be possible to put in monster ai from the actual game... Although some of them may be harder to copy than others (Mettar is simple for example).

+1 vote   game: Undernet Uprising
Dra6o0n Oct 1 2008, 12:00pm says:

I wonder if the Nemesis can be used to do almost instant kill attacks, like the head piercing grab.

+1 vote   article: Monthly Update - S.T.A.R.S
Dra6o0n Sep 15 2008, 5:14pm says:

Will the boss have certain special moves? Like he will grab you or an ally and you gotta do enough damage to drop them? If he can do some sort of special moves like that, then it would push the game more to teamwork.

+1 vote   article: Killing Floor 2.51
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