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Dra6o0n Oct 17 2010 replied:

Uh I seriously doubt Valve loaded any non-alienswarm related content into it, so the chances of it actually working on a free account may be 50/50, unless it's proven that is.

If Valve finds out that people can play high quality mods for HL2 using the Alien Swarm SDK, there'll be hell to pay!

+1 vote   mod: Empires
Dra6o0n Oct 16 2010 buried:


I traded my game in for 25 in-store credits. :P
It's not like anyone would buy a used RDR game anytime soon.

-6 votes   game: Red Dead Redemption
Dra6o0n Oct 16 2010 replied:

All I see is you copying the grenade cooking idea... But HL2 already lets you do that!

0 votes   mod: Modern Warfare: Source
Dra6o0n Oct 16 2010 says:

The Lugaru combat system was pretty old but effective... More hit and run fighting.

Eventually, we'll have Dog Warriors donning heavy armor and weapons, and you expect them to "hold down" the mouse button to attack?

Not all of the creatures in Overgrowth will be capable of rapid quick attacks anyhow. Meaning you need another system to combine it with.

+1 vote   news: First fighting test [HD video]
Dra6o0n Oct 12 2010 says:

The secondary for the flamethrower could be ejecting fuel on surfaces so you can set those on fire!

Well that idea came from another game... (I Forgot!)

+2 votes   news: The Flamethrower - Gameplay Video
Dra6o0n Oct 3 2010 says:

I wonder, have they fixed the stupid fire lag, or that weird lag that occurs when you play this mod? It affects me mainly because of some kind of ep1 content where there are performance issue on certain things.

Of course, it supports Orange box, but that doesn't mean that certain content aren't gonna be performance friendly...

My laptop can easily handle HL2 on max, it's just the darn lag from random stuff!

+1 vote   news: Modular Combat 2.0.3: Back to basics.
Dra6o0n Sep 15 2010 replied:

You do realize that upon using a key, you get 2 keys, and so on?

+2 votes   game: Vindictus
Dra6o0n Sep 15 2010 replied:

Your kinda underestimating the potential of Asian Publishers... There's quite a lot of gems that's buried from the hundreds of other games.

In general, Asia created more than North America would have, but the quality doesn't balance out because most of em are lower ended.

+2 votes   game: Vindictus
Dra6o0n Sep 8 2010 replied:

Possibly XNA Game Studio because of the Xbox360 controls?

+1 vote   game: DEAD SHIFT
Dra6o0n Sep 1 2010 says:

It'd be ridiculous if somehow someones takes this SDK and turns it into a workable MMO that's NOT fallout...
Has similar styles and functions, but operates at a whole different level!

So basically, imagine a fantasy game where players can build and own houses for example, those kind of MMOs... To be able to change the game itself.

Haven and Hearth is a good mmo to play, but the dev seems like pushing on the "traditional hardcore point and click" players... They can be lazy with coding and the server is hosted in a dorm, meaning there's unbearable lag at times, and you get server crashes... Even though it's a alpha, it doesn't mean they can skimp on the stability of a game! Wonder if "They" would give out server hosting capability to other people... Because a lot of people would love it!

There's a reason why things became convenient in video games. >_>

+1 vote   news: FOnline SDK Released!
Dra6o0n Sep 1 2010 replied:

Wait meaning if you don't own the game you can use the SDK and still play the original???

Well if someone were to make a MMO, please make it easier on the newcomer by making them go through some sort of tutorial... Not all curious players are fans of Fallout. The problem is whether people can stop being selfish enough to care.

+1 vote   news: FOnline SDK Released!
Dra6o0n Sep 1 2010 says:

As good as the development on Sven-coop 2 can be... The source game engine must be hellish to work with, since many programmers decided to move onto newer and more "efficient" engines, or to create their own.

But nonetheless, Source will work, ONLY if you are experienced to make it work, like Valve. Otherwise, you'll end up producing something extremely buggy and disastrous! D:

+1 vote   news: Final Sven Co-op 4.5 Release Countdown
Dra6o0n Aug 31 2010 says:

Being able to create a installer that doesn't force players to wait is a nifty idea... Especially if it's one that installs the game via updates!

+1 vote   download: Overwatch (Client Files/Installer)
Dra6o0n Aug 23 2010 says:

You might wanna change the hands to arms, I noticed when you do melee attacks the hand comes off the screen...

See, one example is how oblivion works with first person arm animations, if you used a cheat to view yourself in first person, you see arms hidden in the back of the character's camera.

+1 vote   news: NMRiH (bi)Monthly Update - June/July 2010
Dra6o0n Aug 23 2010 says:

One problem, how would you tell from iron sight if your aiming it in the dark? The gun is dark, and the area is dark, the only light is when the muzzle lights up from the shots.

+2 votes   news: NMRiH (bi)Monthly Update - June/July 2010
Dra6o0n Jul 28 2010 says:

It's like watching someone play those arcade games from the 1990s...

+1 vote   news: The Awesome Work Of Jonlimle - Flight Simulator, Open GTA, PSP and Wii Ports!
Dra6o0n Jul 11 2010 replied:

You should keep looking at the net for valuable free resources, there's TONS of em.

+2 votes   game: Silent World - 2d Online Empire Builder
Dra6o0n Jul 11 2010 says:

Hopefully if this gets to a good point in development, it can possible be free or a one time purchase to keep forever kind of thing. Subscriptions mmos without a good foundation (or subscription mmos in general) will kill the game.

Although, north america is much more adapted to the subscription model, while asia is closer to the microtransaction model...

But such information is faulty, because this year, all of the payment models are drastically changing.

+2 votes   game: Silent World - 2d Online Empire Builder
Dra6o0n Jul 7 2010 replied:

If you look for freelance animators they could offer it at a even less price for the same quality... >_>
I know they are out there, hiding.

+1 vote   news: Initial motion capture tests [HD Video]
Dra6o0n Jul 3 2010 says:

Problem is, you don't know if the blowout IS realistic. That's the problem.

0 votes   news: AtmosFear 2 for CoP - Blowout [W.I.P]
Dra6o0n Jul 2 2010 says:

What about climbing pieces of pipes or thin woods? Like climbing up a tree?

Also, what about hanging and shimmying along a rope?

+2 votes   news: Wall Run and Climbing Video [HD]
Dra6o0n Jun 25 2010 says:

Wonder if anyone made a game that has a quality level to that of most common games you see on the net? If someone can make something in the lines of a RTS or Tower Defense, with a good enough level of quality, it might be interesting with the potential of this editor.

+1 vote   game: Platinum Arts Sandbox Free 3D Game Maker
Dra6o0n Jun 23 2010 says:

You do realize that the site broke, which is probably why some members (like I) couldn't get in contact and find out what happened.

Meh, I ended up having other games to play, as I can't always stay put from 1 game.

+1 vote   news: Modular Combat: Are We Dead?
Dra6o0n Jun 22 2010 replied:

Spring is a RTS game that's suppose to be free, otherwise they'd get into trouble...
The same goes with modding it.

+1 vote   game: Gundam RTS
Dra6o0n Jun 22 2010 says:

Heh, gives me a funny idea...
You used a shotgun to spray pellets at a T-Rex's face, causing it to be blinded but enraged as well, whipping it's tail all over the place.
I really doubt you can take down a T-Rex with shotguns and machine guns (T-Rex can run really fast to make it really hard to aim at it).

-1 votes   mod: Jurassic Life
Dra6o0n Jun 21 2010 says:

If they make the lighting darker and more grim looking, maybe it'll work...
Remember, the dinos trashed the place up so once the power goes out, it should be creepy in there.

+1 vote   download: Visitor Center Structure.
Dra6o0n Jun 21 2010 says:

They should grasp the horror element more...
The Jurassic Park for the SNES had a pretty decent atmosphere, especially in the First person mode...
Does anyone even know exactly what the whole island looks like anyways? Because I think this park has a lot of underground routes too.

The thing about this mod, is that I hope it doesn't give players too much advantage when it comes with weapons...

You see a Raptor, you shoot it in the head with a shotgun, the raptor dies.

Add more stealth elements where you gotta avoid some dinos and ambushes and it'll be a bit more horrifying.

The movie lacked a lot of weapons... Everyone just used shotguns in a way, and in the Lost Planet one, I think they used machine guns. Makeshift weapons might do, and destructable environments that you can USE against the dinos.

+1 vote   mod: Jurassic Life
Dra6o0n Jun 19 2010 replied:

Have anyone found a way to bypass such limits in the entities? Maybe manage how they appear when players approaches certain entities.

Having it so entities "disappear" when nobody is around it, can balance it a bit, but there will be needs for a "reserved" entity list. And the complexity gets harsher!

+4 votes   media: oc_harvest Apples
Dra6o0n Jun 19 2010 replied:

If you expect to play this game, at least get a computer that can handle Starcraft 2 with everything on High, yes it's an RTS made by blizzard, but it's shader requires a TON of resources...
My computer can only play up to UT3 graphical level though, and SC2 is slightly around that level... So I'm guessing that NS2 is somewhere around there too.

+2 votes   game: Natural Selection 2
Dra6o0n Jun 19 2010 replied:

Learning from games like crysis could be good, having the marines being able to sprint and unable to shoot can be a interesting mix.

But you need far more resources and ideas than just a game.

+1 vote   game: Natural Selection 2
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