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dr_braindamage Mar 7 2012 replied:

Imho, it needs to be redone, but since it's an alpha, there's bound to be stuff that are just placeholders.

But actually it stands out too much. A 3d HUD doesn't work well with the genre, it should be a flat overlay, consisting of a maximum of two colors. It shifts away the players focus too much.

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dr_braindamage Mar 6 2012 says:

Finally, some gameplay footage! :D Looks promising.

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dr_braindamage Mar 4 2012 replied:

Yeah, marketing, as the guy mentioned earlier, isn't their strong point (pm me if you need any help darknuke, <- blatant self advertising >:D ) but if you check out their other videos, you can get a glimpse of the working game.

But yeah, you guys should have released some solid footage already, that's one of the reasons your kickstarter didn't get as many backings as it should have. When you do that, you'll probably double the amount of backers.

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dr_braindamage Mar 4 2012 says:

Kinect is an Eyetoy ripoff, Skate is a tony hawk ripoff, sonic is a mario ripoff, cod is a battlefield ripoff, which is a ripoff of moh, which is a duke nukem 3d ripoff, which is a doom ripoff... you do realize this whole "ripoff" thing is ridiculous, right?

I don't get why this gets all that hate. It's obvious people are gonna copy things, that's how inspiration goes. Take what you like, and make it yours. Isn't that exactly what minecraft did? Oh, you guys missed that story. Sorry. Better pay attention next time.

Imho, this is by far more interesting than any fps' in recent years. There's atleast something new in this and it's not the repackaged crap what cod is. And you know what? People actually buy those games (maybe I should call the "fifa" flag, but imho you get the point).

Anywho, I think that if you guys release this game on x360, with a custom level distribution system, it'll be a huge a hit. Gl & hf

PS: Anyone who doesn't understand the basics of running a successful business, should just stop and look around and note what they or the generic public buys.

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dr_braindamage Mar 4 2012 says:

Nah, this is pretty much normal. You shouldn't blame 'em. Most indie games do this atm. Imho, they did the right thing.

Although you guys farked up one thing: Kickstarter doesn't let you keep the money if you fail to meet the goal. Should have gone with indiegogo instead, so that you still get to keep the money, and the users still feel that this is something that's gonna be finished.

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dr_braindamage Jul 24 2011 says:

I've played this with a friend and it's really good. Gmod for hl1:D

Anyways, he quickly threw together a map for us to goof around in, and decided that we should probably share it. It's a plain colosseum map. You guys can get it here:

Here are some screens:

Bonuses: You can turn on some gladiator battle music, and that's about it. Fun tho:D

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