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0 comments by doomtoo on Oct 4th, 2012

If you have wanted to start learning any kind of OpenGL, WebGL is a great way to start learning. This book provides a lot of information about using WebGL, from just introducing the canvas tag, to actually loading models from Blender in obj format, picking geometry using the mouse and ray tracing, and even using shaders in your WebGL application.

If you have used OpenGL or OpenGL ES before, a lot of the techniques will be very familiar. If you haven’t he starts off at the beginning, explaining everything thoroughly, and as long as you have programmed before, and hopefully have used Javascript, you will be able to start creating WebGL apps using modern techniques. The advantages of using WebGL include not needing to compile anything, so any text editor is all you really need(although I would recomend at least using notepad++), it uses Javascript, so has a relatively low barrier of entry for more novice programmers, and it’s viewable on the web- so you could upload it to your website for everyone to be able to check out.

If you know some Javascript, and are interested in adding anywhere from simple 3d, up to enough to create a small 3d game, this book would be able to get you started, and confident with using WebGL.

You can pick up the book here:

Report abuse UDK iOS Game Development Beginner's Guide Review

0 comments by doomtoo on Oct 4th, 2012

The unreal engine is a professional engine, made available to everyone. Getting started with it can be a real challenge, but this book walks you through creating a game step by step. Starting with first creating a room with lighting, to moving on and creating an outside, sky dome, buildings, enemies and AI, you’ll understand the basic tools, and how to start using it to create your own game! The book touches at least on a little of everything that you’ll need, custom models and textures, and the two types of scripting available to you. It also shows you hopw to deploy to your idevice for testing, as well as troubleshooting, ending with instructions for actually submitting your game to apple for approval on the app store.If you’ve been looking to start with the UDK, this is a great resource. If you’d also like to learn how to deploy that game to idevices, then this book would be perfect for you.You can pick up the book here:

Report abuse Inkscape Beginner's Guide Review

0 comments by doomtoo on Oct 4th, 2012

Inkscape is a vector drawing program, much like Illustrator, but free AND open sourced. This book is very detailed, assuming you know knowing of vector drawing, and possibly of any kind of digital drawing. It starts out very slow, describing what vector graphics actually are, how to install Inkscape, ect. Then it actually allows you to explore the interface by small little projects, such as basic drawing tools, starting to modify objects, using layers, and stylizing text. Towards the end, it starts touching on topics most well experienced vector artists use on a daily basis, or haven’t even discovered yet, such as using filters to stylize your objects, different options for stylizing text, and making custom looking text, as well as manipulating nopn-vector images inside of inkscape, and even using the XML editor to directly modify the SVG, which gives you an intro into how shapes are actually stored, which can of course be used by different programs (such as HTML5’s ‘canvas’ tag), due to it being an open format for vector graphics.

If you’re new to creating art working with a computer, new to vector drawing, or even want to transition from Illustrator to Inkscape, this book will get you from clueless to experienced in no time.

You can pick up the book here:

Report abuse OpenNebula 3 Cloud Computing Review

0 comments by doomtoo on Oct 4th, 2012

If you have been looking into understanding, and seeing how to setup your own cloud solution, this is a great book. The book starts with an overview of OpenNebula, then into all the different things you’ll have to consider when starting, and setting up Open Nebula. You’ll learn how to everything up, what hardware you should consider, and how to install extra applications that it easier to interface and use OpenNebula, as well as how to administer and manage your datacenter, once it is setup.

If you have been interested in cloud computing, and would like to see how to set it up using an open source solution like OpenNebula, this will be a great book to get you setup and working.

You can pick up the book here:

Report abuse RuneScape Gold Strategy Guide Review

0 comments by doomtoo on Oct 1st, 2012

New to runescape, or having trouble getting as much gold as you need? Then this book will get your quickly started, making money, and understanding and exploring the game.

As someone who had spent quite some time in World of Warcraft, starting at the beginning, and slowly going through quests, earning small amounts of gold, only to find better ways later on, I found this book very helpful for RuneScape. You can skip all the time of trying to figure out the intricacies of the game itself, which will sometimes slow down, and even ruin your experience as you become frustrated.

The author provides information about the advantages, disadvantages and limitations of using a free vs. paid account, so you can decide early on which is the right one for you, and what won’t be included in the free version.
The book goes into different choices you can make that will affect how well you earn gold, such as choosing between the many gathering skills, artisan skills, and which things you should buy vs. craft, and how to decide.

Besides teaching different ways to earn gold based on time, he also teaches other useful information, such as how to prepare and go through dungeons, getting the most money through trading, and even how to avoid scams that you are likely to come across.

Overall, if you are new to MMORPG’s, or just looking to earn gold faster than you’re used to, this is a comprehensive book to get you started, and succeeding in Runescape.

You can pick up the book here:

Report abuse The Game Jam Survival Guide Review

0 comments by doomtoo on Aug 1st, 2012

Very good book for preparing for almost any game project

While although this book specializes on giving advice from different experienced game jam developers, anyone looking for advice on creating games, how to manage everything that needs to be done, and how to prioritize and maximize their time on their project would find this extremely helpful.

It covers pitfalls that any game developer will run into, such as having to cut mechanics due to time, focusing on doing a few things very well vs. lots of things not as well, counting in time for things you might not have planned on, such as adding sound, packaging your game to distribute before the deadline, and planning on things usually going wrong.

Aside from avoiding pitfalls, he also introduced you to resources to improve the speed at which you can create games, such as free sound sites, resources for finding game frameworks/engines, and the best ways to prepare for a game jam (which contrary to what it sound like, does not mean starting from scratch after the game topic has been announced).

I would recommend it for anyone interested in participating in a game jam, building their own game, or interested in what goes into creating a game, and the types of things you’ll have to plan on, and ways of avoiding pitfalls which may keep your game from being completed.

You can pick up the book here:

Report abuse Unreal Development Kit Game Design Cookbook Review

0 comments by doomtoo on May 29th, 2012

This book contains many recipes for actions you will want to do, while working with the UDK. The books encompasses recipes on everything from installing the UDK, working with BSP’s, importing and using your 3d models and animations into the UDK, and using Kismet for visual scripting, as well as much more.

I would recommend this book for someone who has experience using the UDK, but would recommend looking through the table of contents to see everything the book covers, for recipes they would be interested in. There is a lot of good information, which can help bring extra details and polish to your UDK projects.
You can pick up the book here:

Report abuse Android NDK Beginner’s Guide Book Review

0 comments by doomtoo on May 29th, 2012

This is a great book to get started with the Android NDK. It’s definitely aimed at someone who has some experience developing on Android already, and has had some programming experience in C++. I hadn’t used the NDK previously, so appreciated the chapters on setting it up for Linux, Mac and Windows.
I liked that it provides information for interfacing OpenGL from C++, and integrating both Box2d, and the Irrlicht open source 3d game engine.

This book would be very helpful for anyone trying to either integrate an existing C++ library to use on Android, or for game developers, trying to push better performance from Android devices.
You can pick up the book here:

Report abuse Unreal Development Kit Game Programming with UnrealScript Review

0 comments by doomtoo on May 2nd, 2012

Great amount of information for working with Unreal scripting!

I am a beginner to Unreal scripting, and had not realized how involved it
could be. This book helps you with setting up everything you need to
get started, installing the UDK and external programs for script
editing/compiling, and setting up a project.

The book appears to be aimed more so at beginners, with information about
basic programming types, functions and states, albeit how to use them in
UnrealScript. It does include some more advanced concepts, such as
working with multiplayer, but it’s primary purpose is to give a good
base for learning how to use UnrealScript.

Overall, it contains a ton of information on using UnrealScript, and would be
useful for any looking to become very familiar with it.

You can pick up the book here:

Report abuse Xna 4.0 Game Development by Example: Beginner's Guide - Visual Basic Edition

0 comments by doomtoo on May 2nd, 2012

Great book for beginners to game programming!

Thebook is aimed towards beginners starting out in game programming. Visual basic is one of the easier languages to get started in, and XNA is a well known game framework, so it is an excellent place for beginners to start.

The book starts out with an introduction to XNA, and how to set it up on
your machine for development. The author explains everything he adds to
the code, which makes it easy to understand what each addition does.

The first game is created in chapter 2, so the author quickly gets into actually creating games fairly quickly, while introducing important concepts such as sprite sheets and tile based games.

The following games continue to introduce important concepts, from collision detection to the A* pathfinding algorithm, and even using a map editor to make levels for a side scrolling mario-esque game!

I would definitely recommend this book to beginner and intermediate game programmers. The amount of important concepts introduced in this book would give you a great start to developing more advanced games in the future, and the concepts will still be useful for any 3d games. It
doesn’t matter so much what language you start out programming, just learning the game programming concepts will get you started regardless of what language you eventually choose to develop in.

You can pickup the book here: