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Fujjin May 7 2012, 9:39pm replied:

No, we still can't marry in many places, don't even say women, we can't even have sex with them. We don't get benefits in many places, and we are still being discriminated against in so many places. What's not to understand?

+3 votes   mod: Radiator
Fujjin May 7 2012, 7:27am says:

This is looking scarier than the last version. :(

+3 votes   media: Chapter 1 House
Fujjin Apr 17 2012, 6:05pm says:

Files 4 News 4 Features 4

+2 votes   mod: Halfquake Sunrise
Fujjin Apr 12 2012, 7:20am says:

This looks KICK ***.

+2 votes   media: OF2 - The Falling Citadel
Fujjin Apr 7 2012, 9:15pm says:

The screenshot of the mod in the mod search is kind of ugly, and does not represent this mod.

+1 vote   mod: EFS
Fujjin Apr 6 2012, 9:44pm says:

People need a sense of humor here. Which is why I don't really hate this mod. Humor is good. Not everything should be serious.

+1 vote   news: Boom FAQ
Fujjin Apr 5 2012, 3:46pm says:

Their twitter is back again and all. Although it's not much, it is something. I'll take back what I've said about this mod, as it seems they are making an effort to talk to all of their fans.

+4 votes   mod: Black Mesa
Fujjin Apr 1 2012, 3:30pm says:


+6 votes   media: Soldier 1 : Body Groups 8
Fujjin Mar 25 2012, 7:04pm says:

I can't wait for part four. This mod just gets better each time, I swear. Especially the new sophisticated gentleman Somos! And the part where you can choose if your friends die or not. The death one is hilarious. "We hope you're feeling happy." While they all die, and I couldn't help but laugh. And if you choose for them to live, you hear them eating cookies, and their heart beat monitor, all while you're avoiding certain death. Bastards.

+3 votes   mod: Halfquake Sunrise
Fujjin Mar 25 2012, 8:49am replied:

Put them all in, it's nice to have diversity, makes it more realistic.

+1 vote   media: Early WIPs.
Fujjin Mar 23 2012, 12:09pm replied:

I was being sarcastic, but if they don't post any news, we can expect things like this from people that are so stupid they got kicked out of a mental asylum.

-1 votes   mod: Opposing Force 2
Fujjin Mar 22 2012, 6:32pm replied:

I'M FREAKING OUT MAN! PONIES I meaN OppoSIng ForCe TWO Is a ConSpiracY By THE ILLUMINATI TO MAKE US EAT NAZI JEWS! That's what's going to be happening if they don't break the silence with immature fans, anyways.....

+2 votes   mod: Opposing Force 2
Fujjin Mar 9 2012, 9:13pm replied:

When life gives you bugs. Don't fix them. Make life take the bugs back. MAKE LIFE RUE THE DAY IT THOUGHT IT COULD GIVE BLACK MESA BUGS!!!! Do you know who I am?! I'm the mod who's gonna burn your house down, with the bugs! I'm gonna get my coders to invent a combustible bug THAT BURNS YOUR HOUSE DOWN!

+2 votes   mod: Black Mesa
Fujjin Mar 9 2012, 9:10pm buried:


Quit advertising your ******** story around here. Mmkay? Kay. I'm here to want the release, not to listen to your story of ********!

Oh and, it was so bad, it's offensive. My eyes are bleeding now from reading it.

-7 votes   mod: Black Mesa
Fujjin Mar 9 2012, 4:44pm says:

ATTENTION! Me and my friend are going to attempt to finish the English translated version of this, which will involve rebuilding the installer, fine toning some sentences, bug fixes, etc. If you have any experience it'd be nice for you to apply, as this is some bit of an ambitious idea.

+3 votes   mod: The Trap
Fujjin Feb 22 2012, 7:13pm says:

Whoop, never mind, found his racist comment.

+1 vote   game: Cry of Fear
Fujjin Feb 22 2012, 7:12pm replied:

Racist? I haven't seen that anywhere, and all I have seen is some mere mention of the donators getting it early which is entirely feasible.

+1 vote   game: Cry of Fear
Fujjin Feb 22 2012, 7:10pm says:

Why are you trolling Truthking? Seriously. Don't you guys have something better to do? Like maybe fixing your ****** lives, instead of worrying about some mod for a video game that is coming out.

0 votes   game: Cry of Fear
Fujjin Feb 22 2012, 8:13am says:

You bastards! 3 hours?! Damnit. I was about to defeat my insomnia.

+1 vote   game: Cry of Fear
Fujjin Feb 22 2012, 7:27am replied:

The image still says it's Feb 22 2012. Quit trolling!

0 votes   game: Cry of Fear
Fujjin Feb 22 2012, 7:22am replied:


0 votes   game: Cry of Fear
Fujjin Feb 22 2012, 7:20am replied:

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy........

-1 votes   game: Cry of Fear
Fujjin Feb 22 2012, 7:18am replied:

I ain't bitching boy! I just didn't know it was coming out today...... You people always sneaking around on me..... One day I will sneak around on you, and change release dates to sooner dates on you, and see how you like it! MUAHAHAHAAHAHAHA! Maybe I should get some sleep. Sleep deprivition makes Jack a dull boy........

-3 votes   game: Cry of Fear
Fujjin Feb 22 2012, 7:09am says:


And no I'm not being impatient, I just didn't even think about it coming out today. xD

Quit giving me bad karma you filthy animals! I will report you to the imaginary internet police!

-2 votes   game: Cry of Fear
Fujjin Feb 21 2012, 4:48am says:

I can't wait to play Part 3. :D Awesome mod. Very creepy in some parts. Corny in others like the guy with the crowbar. xD All in all, a great mod.

+2 votes   mod: The Intern's Story
Fujjin Feb 21 2012, 1:31am replied:

I beta tested Half-Life Zombie Edition. :3 (Closed Beta) My name in the credits is Evils_Army. :3

+1 vote   mod: LAST ZOMBIE
Fujjin Feb 20 2012, 8:32pm says:

Any updates on the English version?

+2 votes   mod: The Trap
Fujjin Feb 16 2012, 9:14pm replied:

Oh. Wrong comment to reply to. Uh. Ignore me.

+2 votes   mod: Black Mesa
Fujjin Feb 16 2012, 8:35pm replied:

Hellooooo. Imbecile. I said OLD media. Not Photoshop.

-4 votes   mod: Black Mesa
Fujjin Feb 16 2012, 5:42pm buried:


I'm sorry to break this to you all. But this mod is ghostware. It's more cryptic than the Slenderman ARGS. The Wiki hasn't been updated since 2011, there has been no tangible news on any of it. And even the most rudimentary interaction with the fans has just been closing threads, and giving out vague, cryptic answers, and the rest? Just trolling on the board, some of the people there even seem homophobic, which wouldn't surprise me, but if I go in to that, I'm getting off of subject.

My point is, what are you following exactly? They put some old media on the Wiki, and everybody thinks it's an update. IT'S NOT. It's just some old media. I think we should all just leave Black Mesa in the dust. This mod will never come out, if it does, it'll come out by another hacker releasing it probably with a few viruses to go along with it.

If this mod ever came out, I'd be literally shocked. But I highly doubt that day is coming. My predictions: The fanbase slowly dies deprived of even the smallest of updates, as Black Mesa fades in to the dust, all of the files get deleted by the developers after a certain time. And nobody even remembers Black Mesa after a few years.

It'd be possible to release if the developers realized their short comings, which are poor communication, basically apocalyptic forums where even the most nice question about the release date is locked and the user is banned, and if the developers would realize with anything comes it's trolls, and idiots, but no other big mod has this many problems!

And why is this? Because of the reasons I have already mentioned, they already said it was playable, but they are just "polishing" things. Yeah. They've said that for years.

And, just like the Twitter, and the Youtube channel, and even this page, the wiki will soon die.

-7 votes   mod: Black Mesa
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