Dan. 19. West Yorkshire.
Just a simple guy who lives in games and occasionally has a cup of tea.
I like a good bit of sci-fi. Stargate, Doctor Who and recently Farscape. as well as some "well written" shows like House and Harry's Law. I'm friendly enough and won't try to be rude. Like my mamma always said, "If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all."

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CURRENT THOUGHT I love modders. I wish I could do half as well as any individual in any mod team. To be able to have the vision to break a game down and rebuild it in their own image is fantastic. Anyway, just thought I'd throw that out there.

So whats happened since I last spoke gibberish? Well I had a little argument with a women from who I'm supposed to be claiming Jobseeker's Allowance from. She failed to mention that for the past 4 weeks I'd been trawling to my Job center, signing on and receiving benefits to the amount of £0.00. It wasn't even "you're not entitled" or "you don't get them" I'm getting benefits that equal nothing. Turns out because my mother was on Child support for me when I was a child (:S) the dates on my application needed to be re-jiggled (technical term) slightly. Blood from a Stone comes to mind. Anyway I've de-stressed from this now.

I'm focusing on video games today because I have nothing better to do.
Who remembers Ocarina of Time? Of course everyone does due to the fact that it's just been released again on the 3DS. I think only Nintendo could get away with releasing the same game. If Capcom made Resident Evil 6 exactly the same as Resident Evil 1 except the protagonist was wearing a clown nose people would get upset. There'd be Chaos. The worst game for re-releases is Sonic. We have the original Sonic game for the Mega Drive (Genesis), Xbox 360, GameCube, and DS. They all have this one annoying Buzz Word. "Collection". Lets Collect these Sonic games before they fly off to Venus. And it's worked. I've ended up for no apparent reason buying sonic games because they're on a console of which i couldn't originally play sonic. I don't know why. I seen more blue hedgehogs that REAL hedgehogs.

But they get away with it because of another word. Classic. I recently dusted off the bug chunky PlayStation 1 to play a few games I considered to be Classic. Pandemonium, Gex, Spyro, not crash Bandicoot (never really got into that "/) and Colony Wars which was a pain because we've a disk missing. Anyway I've kinda lost my point . I think classic has been confused with "made us the most money" which kinda annoyed me. Point made.

I'm still testing the water of this 'ere blogging so bear with me. Once I find my norm/interesting thing to write about I'll be clearer. I just don't know what to put? do I appear to be "bigger than thou" and start reviewing games? I don't want to sound like I know whats best for the world (like some politicians. Maybe some countries Prime Minister. And maybe that country is England) but then what could I talk about? what I did? My "feelings"? Then I tend to ramble like this (sorry by the way). My moment will come but if anyone want's me to do owt specific then feel free to tell me. I relish the directions of someone else :P You can also tell me I'm a dick and should stop writing if you so choose...

Anyway in closing I would like to say that my friend got me tickets to see a musical group called the Spaghetti Western Orchestra. They are a fantastic bunch who perform Ennio Morachone songs from western films like The Good, The Bad and The Ugly and Fistful of Dollars. They are very comical and play a wide range of instruments from beer bottles to pipe organs and cornflakes. I urge you to youtube them, they are very good :P Right. Skyrimming time. I used to be...



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