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Don_Morti @ New Project

Interested candidates should send us an email

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Don_Morti @ The SoulKeeper

Works with cookies now. Sorry for any incovenience this brought to you.

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Don_Morti @ The SoulKeeper

Once again, thanks everyone for your comments, including those with negative comments. Comments of all sorts are welcome as everyone is entitled to their opinion.

Just on the development team's behalf I will say don't rush to judge certain decissions developers may have made on the way things got developed because apparently many of those criticizing us fail to also mention that there are custom added features, which are technically advanced and therefore modify the overall process of development and not just the game itself. Rushing to judge one's technical decissions especially in an offending way seems to be promoting a spirit of ill-meant competition rather than a spirit of friendly recomendation, constructive criticism and friendly contribution to the community.

FYI we have tested the game prior to releasing on a wide range of hardware, specifically:
1)processors: Athlon XP 1800+, Athlon XP 1900+, P4 2.5GHz, Athlon XP 3400+, Athlon XP 3500+
2)ram: 512MB, 1GB, 2GB
3)Graphics: GeForce Ti4200, GeForce Ti4600, Radeon 9700 All-In-Wonder, Radeon 9600 Mobility, Radeon 9700 Mobility, GeForce 6800 GT OC

We also playtested the game on our servers with people from all over the world (servers based in the US), with both broadband and modem connections and we got the following framerates, with average framerates on RaceMatch ranging from 40-60 FPS, 30-50FPS for Besieged (except for SKBM-BattleOfFatham) 30-50 FPS for Capture The Item, with a range of 5-12 players. Notably, Battle Of Fatham had sub 20 FPS, but we stated that Battle of Fatham is a huge and experimental map which is overloaded. Additionally we encountered bad framerates on SKDM-PrisonOfGevern, yet it was not occuring every time, therefore we have been having some difficulty replicating the problem and dealing with it prior to release. Other than that we have not encountered any major performance issuesm especially in terms of framerates.

We ran the game on clean installations of UT2004, v3355 (and yes it does matter as we have previously stated). We also discovered that many players have not carefully read our manual and recommendations for best performance, and came to us for technical support, we helped them step by step (which was simply a matter of following the manual instructions) and now are happy with the performance they have.

If you still feel the urge to express your opinion on technical, artistic, design or otherwise matters, please feel free to do so, we are welcoming it, but we do not appreciate attacks against us, especially when they are ill-meant. Those of you who are developers themselves, I believe understand this, and can easily agree to it.

Regardless, that is the last official statement I have to make regarding performance as well as direct attacks on the SK team's developers.

We thank you all once again for your input, and once again don't forget the Special Edition of SK is well under progress, and hopefully you will already be playing it before Christmas. Last but not least always check for updates, as we are already preparing a large media update from the WIP for the Special Edition.

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Don_Morti @ The SoulKeeper in Germany's PC Action

Die out?
"The SoulKeeper" is a project that has been going on for 2 years. It has gone through difficult times, and now it isn't one of them.
So I think die out is a term that really is not applicable to "The SoulKeeper".

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Don_Morti @ The SoulKeeper in Germany's PC Action

Hey Grasn, it would be much appreciated if you could send me a scan of the magazine.

Which magazine is it? Gamestar?

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Don_Morti @ The SoulKeeper

We recently discovered something regarding the lagging...
We found out that some people who had lagging problems, tried SK on a clean installation of UT2004 (along with patch v3355) and they didn't have any more lagging problems.
Battle Of Fatham will still be heavy on performance, it is a huge experimental map.
But the rest should run just fine.

Also make sure you got Bloom Turned off on all Besieged maps and DR Distance set to min.

Thanks to all your comments btw, positive and negative, they are all very helpful and taken under serious consideration already for the Special Edition we are working on now.

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