I am an amateur texture artist working for mod projects in my spare time. Currently I am the lead developer of “The Great War 1918” team, a WW1 modification for Company of Heroes (as texture artist, historian, designer and code monkey). I also assist the Verdun Online project as historian, an indie FPS game project set in WW1. Amongst other projects I made textures for "His Righteous Mod" (under the nick Grenadier), a modification for Dawn of War.

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As Rataconfusca (the TGW1918 mod leader) and I were discussing about the mod's latest update (chemical warfare), I jokingly said I should hotkey a "read the update" answer to the unavoidable questions that would pop-up.

Rata thus started listing all the hotkey answers that would make PR work easier:

F1: read the update
F2: when it's done
F3: we will only add four factions
F4: it is within CoH's gameplay scope
F5: it wasn't used in 1918
F6: it's already in the mod
F7: wtf are you saying?!?
F8: the picklehaube was replaced by the stahlhelm in 1916

me: "doesn't F8 fall under F5?"
Rata: "deserves its own key!"

Let's play a little game: what's the typical question that goes with each typical answer?

Jokes aside, monitoring the community does feel like Sisyphus' task. I should write a FAQ, but I wonder if people would even read it considering they ask questions that are answered in the mod's summary!

Anyway, here's why all our gas warfare screenshots have the cloud effect in the background and not the foreground:
Gas cloud screenshot

"iz zat a tommy or did zat cactus just move?"

P.S. Volchonok from the MoW WW1 mod noticed that we didn't show a MG08 so far, despite having a working model since September 2010. I made sure to have a sneak peak in the last update.

don Durandal

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Torkilon Dec 11 2013 says:

Hello don_durandal,

I'm trying to make a NIS movie using this mod, could you provide me the information about weapons names and their state, because it's really hard to find it out with original words...

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don_durandal Creator
don_durandal Dec 12 2013 replied:

Gewehr 98 and SMLE: leeenfield_visible + rifle_state (variety_name for the bayonet and rifle grenades)
Webley: webley_revolver_visible + pistol_state
K98az and K88: kar98_visible + rifle_state
all German pistols (model depend on the soldier): luger_visible + pistol_state
Lewis gun and MG 08/15: lightmg42_visible + lmg_state + variety_name
13mm Tankgewehr: boys_at_rifle_visible + rifle_state
MP18: bar_visible + rifle_state
Melee (club /spade): _grenade_mesh + stickybomb_visible + visible = on

Also note that most soldier models depend on the "rolevariation" state. For instance ww1feldwebel covers both the platoon leader (feldwebel01 & assaultnco01) and artillery crews (artillery01). Check in world builder which skin is the correct one for each epbs.

Additionally most German soldier models have a "rankinsignia" state to activate the rank insignias of squad leaders.

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Torkilon Dec 13 2013 replied:

WOW, thank you, everything you listed works, and as I expected some weapons only work with specific soldier models.

Another thing I wanted to ask... Always wondered if there is a way to open existing maps, like Flanders Fields for example...

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don_durandal Creator
don_durandal Dec 16 2013 replied:

You will have to extract it with Corsix' ModStudio and move the map files to "..\My Games\Company of Heroes\tgw\Data\Scenarios\MP"

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Torkilon Dec 16 2013 replied:

Thank you, it was actually pretty simple, I did the same extraction for "custom animations" before...

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JSSN700 Apr 6 2013 says:

don_durandal, I wanted to thank you for this mod. All your hard work shows and it is so impressive. I am especially glad to be able to play as WW1 Aussies as I have a keen interest in Australian WW1 involvement. Well done mate.

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don_durandal Creator
don_durandal Apr 6 2013 replied:

Thanks! Bringing the mod to completion was gratifying in itself, but it's even better when other people enjoy it :)

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JudgeAlfred Mar 31 2013 says:

I noticed that the Hungarian Modification has gained permissions for your buildings: I will of course wait on your word, but would it be fair for me to imply that there would be no issues with me using them aswell?

(I wouldn't release anything until full permissions is given obviously but I am debating whether I should start moving the entities over into N44 and implementing them in a testing build to make sure they're proper.)

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don_durandal Creator
don_durandal Mar 31 2013 replied:

Yes, you've got permission.

For the Company Command post and the trenches it's a bit more iffy though, as one (the Nissen hut) is specific for a period and a nation, and the other is a defining feature of the mod. You'd have to ask Jannev for the later anyway.

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JudgeAlfred Mar 12 2013 says:

Hi there; I was wondering to inquire:

Who does your icons for TGW 1918? N44 used to have a lovely Icon creator but he has since...seemed to have disappeared. Most of our icons are woefully out of date and I'd love to get into contact with whomever did the brilliantly made ones for you guys!

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don_durandal Creator
don_durandal Mar 13 2013 replied:

I'm the one who does them.
I'm afraid I wouldn't really have the time to help you though; sorry. I'm currently the only active dev for TGW1918 already.
Did you check the Relic forums though? There's quite a few talented individuals in the community who do icons.

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JudgeAlfred Mar 24 2013 replied:

Thanks for getting back to me, I certainly appreciate the response.

No worries about the icons though.

Would I be able to get permissions for the inclusion and usage of:

Your Trenches/Ladders,
Some of the buildings you have created?

There would certainly be proper credits and all of this, and if you are not specifically the person who has created them I will certainly ask whoever is.

The Trench layout that this modification has (As I eagerly played around with it after downloading it earlier today) solves the main and most jarring issue that Normandy 44's have. We use Vanilla ones, so when you factor in realistic squad sizes of ten to twelve men it is not only mis-represented in the trench itself but it just feels very out of place in comparison to the system your team has developed.

The buildings would be to replace the vanilla buildings we currently have in Normandy 44. The reason being is that all of the units are called in off map in our modification (Similar to yours amongst some others) and it simply makes little to no sense to have the massive factory on the battlefield.

Specifically, I am referring to:
Kompanie Depot
Platoon Command Post
Scout Officer's Post
Munitions Dump
Company Command Post

I'm quite sure those are the only ones that would be used. This is mainly for the purpose of immersion as the vanilla buildings are woefully out of place. And even though your modification is based upon 1918, the majority of your buildings can still easily reflect "Make-Shift" ones for the Second World War.

Either way I would appreciate a response; I would be forever greatful to you guys if you would be kind enough to allow me permission to do so. I certainly wouldn't let it go to waste!

Thanks for reading Don Durandal and my warmest regards!

PS: Congratulations on the V1.0 release, I'm certainly enjoying the hell out of it. :)

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don_durandal Creator
don_durandal Mar 24 2013 replied:

Hello. Will get back to you later on that. I need to talk it over with Rataconfusca first.

Personally don't have any opposition to it. Note though that the Scout Officer's Post is a not a new model, but a reskinned casualty clearing station.

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JudgeAlfred Mar 24 2013 replied:

Yeah, I know of that. But our skinner/modeller (DMz/Beefy^) Already have enough on their plate; so a casualty clearing station without the medical bands would be even easier for me to implement.

I await your reply though, regardless. :)

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