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Half-Life: Before

Mod review

This was a VERY short mod, but it was also somewhat good. I'll do my normal condensed review, otherwise I'd ramble on for too long.

Pros: Good level design, fun gameplay, and excellent music

Cons: Too many crates to move (breaks up immersion), blatantly simple boss battle, lack of voice acting, and it was waaaaay too short

I am, in no way, a half-life fan, but you managed to win me over a bit. This mod, with some improvements, might actually be better than the original game. I'd also like to add, that all the bullsh*t remarks people made about this are pointless. Before has its problems, but it's not as terrible as they're making it out to be.


Life After Us: Shipwrecked

Game review - 2 disagree

Not bad. It had some pretty good jumpscares mixed with an eerie atmosphere. However, I am still confused as to who that guy in the robe was (and I'm guessing he was on a timer?). All in all, it was a good boredom buster, and I'd really like to see what you guys could do in a full-length game.