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Wings of the Federation

Mod review

First off, this is meant as constructive criticism (I'm not trying to be an *** :). When I first started playing this mod I had high hopes for it, due to the positive reviews it had gotten. I don't know where those came from. The combat quickly got repetitively infuriating, the more I played it. There are just TOO MANY DAMN MISSILES! By the time one realizes that they have to have their cm dropper switched on to have the slightest chance of living, their dead. I ended up getting so frustrated by it, that I didn't even finish playing the mod! I don't mean this to sound rude at all, but you do understand that the player is supposed to win right? If I kept going on, this review would be too long, so I'll condense it for you. Oh, and don't even get me started on the voice acting.

Things I Hated: Too many missiles, too many mines, very poor voice
acting, repetitive gameplay, infuriating gameplay,
lack of loadout/ship customization, fair system

Things I Liked: Blowing stuff up & flying the Anubis.