Greetings gamers, modders, and anyone else who's actually taking the time to read this! Please feel free to browse through all my tabs, as I'm sure you'll find something you like. I’ll be creating and releasing as many mods as I possibly can, whether they're small or huge! So, enjoy browsing through everything!

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I'm back! I apologize if it took me a while, but I sort of got side-tracked with other projects. As promised, I have uploaded a considerable number of mods for you all! Six to be exact. I hope everyone enjoys them because I, most likely, will not be uploading very much over the course of this summer. The reason for this, is that I will be treating one of my giant mods as a full-time job. I am still working on both of the large-scale ones, but I must admit that I have been, and will be, focusing more intently on the bigger of the two. I will still make a few smaller mods here and there during the summer, however. In addition, everyone can expect a full announcement of one of the large mods sometime after the end of this year. Trust me, it'll be worth the wait.

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