Just another typical gamer that loves all types of games. I am an avid supporter of the mod scene and hope it never dies :) Steam ID: http:// steamcommunity.com/id/dolbydigital

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DOLBYdigital Aug 17 2010, 9:41pm says:

Thank you for your hard work!!

+1 vote   download: Modular Combat 2.0.1 Full Version (Zipped)
DOLBYdigital Aug 17 2010, 9:41pm says:

Very happy to hear about the ability for custom skins and models for enemies. I really only want to see 2 things for Modular Combat. 1 is more enemy types and variety and 2 is more boss battles. I like the antilion guard but would love to see more bigger/harder enemies come out from time to time to spice things up :)

+1 vote   article: Modular Combat 2.0.1: Less bugs, more baddies!
DOLBYdigital Aug 17 2010, 9:26pm says:

I love what talented folks can do with CryEngine :)
Great work!!

+2 votes   media: Killer's Skill - First Images
DOLBYdigital Aug 17 2010, 9:21pm says:

Good to see your guys faces around here. Happy that you guys are spreading the word around so keep up the great work and keep working on that multiplayer 'slice' of goodness :)

+1 vote   article: The Gameplay of Interstellar Marines
DOLBYdigital Aug 17 2010, 8:54pm says:

Congrats on the initial release!
I appreciate your hard work and look forward to continued updates. Thanks :)

+4 votes   article: Zelda World Alpha Release!
DOLBYdigital Jul 29 2010, 10:35pm says:

Good stuff, look forward to more updates

+1 vote   article: Borderline
DOLBYdigital Jul 22 2010, 8:32pm replied:

That is impressive, thanks for this :)

+5 votes   download: Frontlines R3L04D
DOLBYdigital Jul 22 2010, 8:26pm says:

Hey JustMe...
I would love to play some Celestial Impact, I think I want to use that for my next event which I have been MAJORLY slacking on. Sorry about that everyone, summertime is busy for me :)

Back on point, I'll check the CI forums and try to connect with you. Also I'll definitely use the game for my next event.

+2 votes   group: Social Modding Club
DOLBYdigital Jul 22 2010, 8:23pm says:

I like them both although mainly just go to moddb since its everything. I like the idea though and think it works well. I just want to say that I have always loved the design of moddb/indiedb so I hope you guys keep it for awhile. Just my random thoughts :)

+2 votes   poll: IndieDB has been up for a bit now... thoughts?
DOLBYdigital Jul 14 2010, 12:00am says:

So happy!
I absolutely love this game and am very pleased to see you guys are still hard at work making it even better. Thank you :)

+3 votes   article: No, we are not dead (yet). 0.55 development!
DOLBYdigital Jul 13 2010, 11:56pm says:

Good stuff team!
I was pretty pleased with how Killing Floor turned out and the constant updates it got so I have faith with Tripwire. They have a good eye on the modding scene.

+2 votes   article: Tripwire Interactive to Publish MSU Prize Winner – The Ball
DOLBYdigital Jul 13 2010, 11:46pm says:

Can't wait to test out the new update and get back into MC. Great work team!

+1 vote   article: Modular Combat 2.0.0 RELEASED
DOLBYdigital Jun 20 2010, 4:28pm says:

JOin in the fun with Ragnarok Arena

Server: Ragnarok Arena Public Development Server

+1 vote   article: Gaming Events for June 19th and 20th
DOLBYdigital Jun 20 2010, 3:15pm says:

Another great idea from ModDb!
Love all your sites and look forward to poking around this one too :)
Finally, I've always enjoyed the site design of ModDb and Desura so its good to see a consistent and sweet design for indiedb. Keep up the great work guys.

+1 vote   article: IndieDB vs ModDB Changes
DOLBYdigital Jun 20 2010, 1:49pm says:

I didn't follow it 'actively' but I did check some videos here and there. Excited for the 3DS since I really think that will drive innovation in the portable gaming scene. Couple other good things coming but definitely a lot of junk too. Hope the mod tool support continues so all these crappy games with good engines can be modded into awesomeness :)

+1 vote   poll: e3 recently passed, I...
DOLBYdigital Jun 18 2010, 2:05pm says:

So happy to see this update released! Haven't had a chance to try it out yet shamefully but that will change this whole weekend while I play it to death. I am also coinciding my weekend gaming event with your 'play with the developers' event this Saturday. Can't wait :)


+1 vote   mod: Orion: Source
DOLBYdigital Jun 18 2010, 2:03pm says:

Great update team! Can't wait to check this out and I will be using this for my gaming event this weekend:


+1 vote   mod: Ragnarok Arena
DOLBYdigital Jun 15 2010, 10:01pm says:

Good post and its nice to know there are others that see the absurdity in many things our society does especially when money is involved :)

Just stick to your roots and keep plugging away. E3 is nice and all but since its so much in such a short period. Much is over looked and forgotten in the crazy game fest. while having a steady stream of different sites bringing up your game on the slow days will do more for an indie like yourself imo.

+1 vote   article: Indie games vs. E3: who shall triumph? Also featuring Frozen Synapse!
DOLBYdigital Jun 15 2010, 9:51pm says:

If you haven't seen Aeon Flux, its worth checking out. Very different and metaphorical anime that is unique in design and concept. Its so bizarre and deep while at the same time fast paced and fragmented. This game looks great and the platforming reminds me of Dark Castle. Finally, at the end of the trailer you should have had that last lone soldier shoot and kill Aeon since it was quite common for her to die in the shorts on liquid television.
Tracking and downloading, thanks!

+1 vote   article: ÆON FLUX Episodes released
DOLBYdigital Jun 8 2010, 10:38pm says:

Great to hear and see all the progress you guys have done and very happy about the release date. I've been patiently waiting but I know it will be worth it! I'll spread the word as best as I can but not many people seem to listen to me. I'll try though :)

+1 vote   article: ORION - Beta 1.2 Release Date Announcement!
DOLBYdigital Jun 6 2010, 3:29pm says:

Get in on some SourceForts action!

|7zX| Hosting Fun Server


+1 vote   article: Gaming Events for June 5th and 6th
DOLBYdigital Jun 5 2010, 4:10pm says:

Join us for some GoldenEye: Source

Server .:WNx WarriorNation


Glad to hear you may stop in tomorrow Karriz, I love the mod as well :)

+1 vote   article: Gaming Events for June 5th and 6th
DOLBYdigital Jun 3 2010, 9:28pm says:

Nice, haven't checked this page in awhile but I am liking the custom skin. Patiently waiting for the next update :)

+1 vote   mod: Ragnarok Arena
DOLBYdigital Jun 3 2010, 9:26pm replied:

I like it, really works well with the momentum theme in the game!

+1 vote   article: GraviNULL: New road, New progress
DOLBYdigital Jun 3 2010, 9:21pm says:

Good to see some new people just finding out about this amazing mod. Spread the word about MW:LL and moddb :)

+1 vote   mod: MechWarrior: Living Legends
DOLBYdigital Jun 3 2010, 9:16pm says:

Good to hear from you guys and very happy to hear the community is getting more involved again! I think I'll use this mod for my gaming event this weekend :)


+2 votes   mod: GoldenEye: Source
DOLBYdigital Jun 3 2010, 8:54pm says:

While I agree with everyone that the art style really grabs one by the collar, I also feel the concept is great as well. Its good to see you guys try some fresh ideas and not be afraid to try something different. Especially with the atmosphere and game world story, I'm liking the whole light/dark, sanity/craziness going on here. Looking forward to seeing more both visually and conceptually with the combat and strategy :)

+1 vote   article: Jeklynn Heights features revealed!
DOLBYdigital Jun 3 2010, 8:48pm says:

Great poll as usual, its nice to see a simple cross section of the work demographics here at the site :)

+2 votes   poll: Im currently:
DOLBYdigital Jun 3 2010, 8:46pm says:

This is and has been my absolute favorite site on the internet... yes ModDb is that awesome in my opinion :)

Keep up the great work with ModDb and Desura!

+1 vote   article: 400,000 members + site updates
DOLBYdigital Jun 1 2010, 10:05pm says:

Great job, somehow am just finding out about this one. I really like the abilities for each class, they should lead to some interesting online matches. Keep up the great work!

+1 vote   article: Rebel Strike Force project resurrected
DOLBYdigital Mar 17 2010, 7:55pm says:

Ahhh Tribes, just hearing the name brings back happy memories and makes me smile :)

Wish I had Quake wars just for this mod.... *goes to see if he can find it cheap*

+3 votes   mod: Tribal Wars
DOLBYdigital Feb 16 2010, 12:09am says:

Amazing work!
I can't wait to be feasting on that in game :)

+1 vote   article: Primal Carnage - Tutorial - Stegosaurus
DOLBYdigital Feb 5 2010, 11:39am says:

Great news with full mod support and a great looking engine. It looks like you guys are really moving along and I can't wait for upcoming betas :)

+1 vote   article: Unigine - Lukewarm Media - Press Release
DOLBYdigital Jan 8 2010, 9:12pm replied:

Yeah I figure since Desura allows gamers to download, install, update and talk about mods then this would be the perfect place to host events for people to play some good old mods and some new ones too.

I used to use Xfire along time ago just for its general uses but I'm glad that is working out for you. If you ever feel like dropping in any of our events or joining the group, please feel free :)

+2 votes   group: Social Modding Club
DOLBYdigital Dec 29 2009, 9:30pm says:

Great news team!
Can't express enough appreciation to the whole team for all the efforts and hard work that was put into this release. I hope this is just the beginning but am very happy that you made it this far!

Good luck going forward and I will be spreading the word all over :)

+1 vote   article: Milestone Update #7 incl. release countdown
DOLBYdigital Dec 23 2009, 5:54pm says:

"... multiplayer coop mode against NPC dinos where the goal is to stay alive until your vehicle makes it to its destination..... there will be stops along the way and more team based objectives to complete"

Sounds like a very cool idea that will be really fun to play. Please focus on replay value as a main goal if you want people to play it over and over online. Randomize as much as possible including these objectives, stops, maps, weapon placements etc...

Congrats, good luck and look forward to hearing more about this game and Lightspire :)

+2 votes   article: Lukewarm Media Goes Indie
DOLBYdigital Dec 15 2009, 9:02pm says:

I'll try to check this out when I get some time. I wish I could try making my own games but I hardly have enough time to play all the games that I want to, let alone make any ;)

+1 vote   game: The Golden Coin (TGC)
DOLBYdigital Dec 11 2009, 9:01am says:

I love both classes and am not sure which one I should fight for :)
I think the Soldier will win overall though.

+1 vote   poll: Who will win the TeamFortress 2 war?
DOLBYdigital Oct 1 2009, 4:10pm says:

*prepare for rant*
Sorry but this is one of my rant topics ;)

When I was young and the Xbox first came out with the idea of 'achievements', I remember hearing about it and thinking "wow thats a cool idea, you can see that your friend beat a certain level on super hard and then ask for help."

Then when it came time for 'achievements' to be implemented, it turned into a pathetic, ego stroking useless system. Ohhh I just killed 10 guys with a SHOTGUN! Even worse, is the fact that people now try to get as many achievements as possible just to raise some arbitrary score to make them feel like they are a better gamer or something. I actually see people rent/buy games that are easy to get all the achievements for instead of playing a game because its ya know... fun!?

Being a strong PC gamer, I always realized that console games were lacking in gameplay stats that PC games like BF had. So when I first heard about 'achievements', I thought it would be a good step towards more gameplay stats. However, achievements turned into these static, useless milestones for a certain weapon. In my mind I could tell that the game was 'tracking' how many kills I got with a certain weapon. However for some reason the devs would only tell me when I got 20 kills with the sniper rifle. So they track your gameplay but then don't display any of it except for the stupid kill x with y achievements. Some achievements are getting better but most are useless.

I know I am crazy but watching gamers struggle to get a high gamerscore because they think it proves their gaming prowess is humorous. Especially when the achievements are as useless as the self derived pride you get from 'achieveing' one. I just play games and have fun.... thats it :)

sorry, long day at work ;)

+8 votes   poll: Do you play for achievements?
DOLBYdigital Sep 1 2009, 1:05pm says:

Great article and its something I notice about many creative areas of life. People tend to hold their ideas as special and to themselves especially if they feel like someone else may take that idea, use it, and get credit for it.

I have to admit that I am guilty of this with my music. I don't like playing my music for people until I have it nailed down. Mainly because it does bother me when someone copies a riff or melody I made and makes a song out of it. If I have it nailed down in an 'unofficial' song though I feel like I can let it go because I have it recorded.
I know I'm crazy ;)

I should dig up all my old writings on game ideas and update them with some new ideas... Would be a good mental exercise if nothing else

+1 vote   article: The value of game ideas
DOLBYdigital Jul 20 2009, 9:23pm says:

Nice video :)
So happy you guys are still going strong, keep up the amazing work!

+1 vote   article: Friday Update #62
DOLBYdigital May 4 2009, 12:14pm says:

Great idea and I really love your poster!

+1 vote   mod: Broken Mirror
DOLBYdigital Mar 31 2009, 1:22pm says:

God I love this game, what other game do you have to worry about an AI director. It may add some challenges to making a good L4D map but I love the re-playability :)

+2 votes   article: Left 4 Dead hates open spaces!
DOLBYdigital Mar 31 2009, 1:19pm says:

I am glad to hear that they are coming back as a better site. I don't want to have to resort to fileplanet if possible. Thanks for the news Robok

+2 votes   article: Filefront's lost files
DOLBYdigital Mar 27 2009, 5:02pm says:

Good news team!
I hope the name means that there will be a lot of vertical space in this mod. Climb the mountain and fight the tank off the top to jump on the heli or zipline ;)

+2 votes   article: I Hate Mountains!
DOLBYdigital Dec 19 2008, 8:23pm says:

Hmm well this came out of nowhere but I always love trying new games so count me in :)
I'll post my impressions after some game time.

+1 vote   article: Calamity Fuse Open Beta Released
DOLBYdigital Apr 22 2008, 10:15pm says:

Very nice team... Now we all need to spread the word and tell everyone about this game! Seriously though the last version I played was great but it needed more people playing so lets get everyone amped for 3.0 :)

+1 vote   article: Eternal Silence Feature Locked!
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