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dj_trip_lx Jun 19 2005, 1:34pm says:

Nah, to keep it in line with GTA style, the new Rhino will be the Rhino Mk II or something.

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dj_trip_lx Jun 18 2005, 2:50pm says:

Multiplayer is something I'd rather not worry about, at least until the mod goes into alpha or beta testing. Trust me, there will be more than enough to keep you busy with the massive story missions, revamped gang territories and other surprises.

There WILL be hidden packages in the game, but not the same ones you remember from LC and VC. And trust me, they'll be worth the effort to find.

Lastly, yes, both Rhinos will make an appearance ingame.

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dj_trip_lx Jun 17 2005, 7:11pm says:

We're just going to use what's already there, and add the new stuff in

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dj_trip_lx Jun 16 2005, 11:58pm says:

No, there will be numerous people doing the voice acting, male and female. And we've already started a recruitment drive at GTAForums, so lets hope that pans out

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dj_trip_lx Jun 16 2005, 12:30am says:

ATTENTION! We need team members badly! Mappers, texture artists, modelers, scripters...this is your call to arms! Anyone interested please feel free to email me at grandtheftultra!

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dj_trip_lx Jun 15 2005, 10:45pm says:

As many of you may have noticed, the other 3 GTA SA mods currently on the site haven't been updated in a while, no less than 2 months for the earliest (the game wasn't even out yet!). I will be posting almost daily any news or breakthroughs we make, keeping you as up-to-date as possible. This mod is a community effort, and you guys ARE the community. You have just as much right to know how things are progressing as anyone. Keep it tuned here for more info!

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dj_trip_lx Jun 15 2005, 10:34pm says:

Radio stations, yes, I've been toying with the idea. Of course this would swell up the size of the mod considerably, plus to keep it in line with true GTA fashion, we'd have to write some funny scripts and have a voice actor do the DJing. Anyone have Laslo's numebr handy? Hehe...

As far as lag goes, I don't see why it would. The actual ped and vehicle count onscreen at any given time wouldn't change much, and the extra cities would just be an extension of the existing land mass, per se. As long as you have a decently fast computer and graphics card, I don't think lag would be an issue. We'll know for sure when we start internal alpha testing.

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dj_trip_lx Jun 14 2005, 6:06pm says:

While your idea definately has potential, for now I would rather keep this mod single player only for numerous reasons:

A) To keep the purity of the game intact.
B) To keep the mod less complicated, as the game will be focused on the new missions and new features.
C) Because online gaming in GTA is at best buggy right now, as is evident in MTA. Using the existing code for GTA:SA is top priority, it would just make things hellish to try to write new code for new features that weren't in the game previously, i.e. online play.

Maybe after the mod goes Alpha and we see how everything works, we can start working on some online elements. But for now, creating new online elements would be too much of a hassle. Take for example the gangs. Its much easier to edit the existing code of GTA, and create new gang areas in the LC and VC areas to take over, than to write code and create scripts to create new gangs, new characters, and THEN create new territories for them. I think once you started playing the mod, and got a feel for how much gang territory there will be to take over, you'd be too busy to worry about creating gangs :)

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dj_trip_lx Jun 14 2005, 2:04pm says:

I've created the rough outline for the story behind GTU, along with a gang relationship chart for the characters. Post your comments and suggestions here!



The year is 2004. Carl Johnson, now the owner of the Grove Casino (formerly Caligula's) in Las Venturas, has kept relatively low key this past decade, concentrating his time more on his family and business ventures than his Grove Street hood. Sweet, CJ's brother, has settled down and still resides in the Grove with his wife and kids, where the Johnson name is now legendary. The Grove Street Families are once again united, and are enjoying a time of relative calm in the streets, thanks in part to their long standing friendship with the Varios Los Aztecas, the gang of Sweet and CJ's brother-in-law Cesar Vialpando. The former Ballas (Now known as the Purple Nines) and Vatos (now known as the Diablos) are no more, having been driven completely from San Andreas and into Liberty City, where they control a vast drug empire.

Tommy Vercetti, once the Mafia crime boss of Vice City, in now a mere shadow of his former self, having been muscled out of Vice City by the Leone family. Broken and near penniless, he spends the majority of his time in Las Venturas, gambling at the Four Dragons Casino, owned by CJ's friend and business partner Wu Zi Mu, head of the Triads. After a successful takeover of Liberty City by the Triads from the Mafia, Wu Zi Mu was appointed The Lodgemaster, a position of immense power and great respect. After Tommy discovers the recent demise of his former boss Salvatore Leone, he develops a renewed sense of vigor to claim what was once his: The head of the Vice City crime syndicate. Little does he know about the competition he now faces...

Claude, the ever silent protagonist from GTA III, is a bit of a wildcard in this story. After murdering Salvatore Leone, he took his place as head of the Liberty City Mafia. What role will there be for him in this new world order he has created? And who is this young Balla prince that threatens to destroy what each of them has worked for?

Only time will tell.....

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