Greetz, I'm a gamer and somewhat of an artist. Though it needs to be polished. As you can guess I like mods aswell, as they certainly add to the value of games. :> Though i've played many, and i mean, MANY games throughout my life, i'm not exactly a hardcore gamer. I like having a Real Life too, though kind of difficult it is. I also hope I can learn to create custom content too, though I may be a bit "dense". ಠ_ಠ

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Looks neat, looking forward to seeing the finished thing.

Only things I had mixed feelings for were the brightly lit CP visors (might've failed in use of appropriate words here), running, crab-less zombies with no sign(s) of mutation, and the absence of Xen creatures, seeing as they popped up everywhere after Resonance Cascade/BM incident, before the CMB came. I mean, it would just be nice to see an occasional headcrab and perhaps a bullsquid. Though I believe it's still early to judge as this is a mere trailer.

Visually, " I came, I saw, I CAME ".

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