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PC Gamers

1. PC Gamers

Hardware & Tech with 668 members, open to all members

This is a group for all PC gamers from all gaming generations. From the time of PCs like the Comadore 64 to the modern PCs. By PC i don't mean just Windows...

Level Design Group

2. Level Design Group

Hobbies & Interests with 608 members, open to all members

Are you a Level Designer? Are you looking for help/support or other level designers? Then this is the group for you! Doesn't matter what you map for...

The Elder Scrolls Fans

3. The Elder Scrolls Fans

Fans & Clans with 117 members, open to all members

This Group is for any gamer that loves The Elder Scrolls series

Stalkers of the Zone

4. Stalkers of the Zone

Fans & Clans with 269 members, open to all members

Welcome all S.T.A.L.K.E.R. fans to the ModDB/IndieDB Stalker fan group. Share your stories, videos, and photos from your travels in the zone. Good hunting...

STALKER Mercenaries

5. STALKER Mercenaries

Fans & Clans with 28 members, open to all members

The Private Military Contractors of the Zone. The are unpredictible and mostly hostile and incredibly versitile. However, their only drawback is that...

Fallout Fan Group

6. Fallout Fan Group

Fans & Clans with 623 members, open to all members

Join if you are a fan of Fallout or you just like to watch or read about it! We are all friends here!

Zombie Hunters

7. Zombie Hunters

Fans & Clans with 13 members, open to all members

This group is for fans of games with zombies like Left 4 Dead, Killing Floor, or even Nazi Zombies in Call of Duty World at War and Black Ops. Post your...


8. DSgmkdsm

Fans & Clans Invitation only

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Radiant Horizon

9. Radiant Horizon

Developer & Publisher Must apply to join

Radiant Horizon © is a game and mod development group modding games such as Fallout and Oblivion.

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