In real life im mixing, and composing music. You can look me up in google or on myspace, just search for Zoxfeld. Modding stalker is my hobby, I wanted something different, so I formed a team and we are working on a stalker which pleases our expectations. Check our homepage ( to find more information about us, and our work, also don't forget to check on us on youtube :) (

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member recruit

dezodor Blog 5 comments

The work is going fine, but damn slow. We only have 1 modeller right now, others left us long ago, before we could start the Lost Alpha project. We are thinking on recruiting some more talented and experienced modellers, but its damn hard to find one.

I plan to post it as news or announcement, maybe someone will see it, and will try to help us, otherwise we need to delay a lot, so the q4 2009 is unrealistic now...

If you read this, and you are experienced max or maya user, and like stalker too, then please contact us.

Christmas and other things

dezodor Blog 0 comments

Christmas is over again. It was nice as always, I caught some cold (as always), and drank a lot of beer (...).

I got a new monitor for x-mas, that will surely help in level designing. It's a Benq e2200hd 22' lcd monitor. I don't have problems with Benq, my former crt was Benq too. :)

Currently Kailniris and I are trying to finish the Deadcity level for the game. Some parts needs to be remodelled, like the school and the ruined flat. Others are good. We planned a big terrain around the small suburban town, with 1-2 little villages and a lake for fishing :D You can see the new terrain draft images in my profile or in the Lost Alpha profile.

After the town is ready, we will move to the Garbage area. It won't be easy, since we need to remake our old draft terrain completely, and some objects too. Mostly we have everything we need for the map, so if we are good, then we only need 1 month for it. Later we can plan alife (xray ai) on it. I will post screens and refresh blog as soon as I can. :)

If you are interested in our outdated draft build maps, check our youtube profile for fly-by videos. Most of them were made in the early stage of development, but now we realized that it's better if we don't spoil them completely. Link:

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