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Even though this is 1.0 but I will say this is right now the best Portal mod period...but there were problems.

*this is constructive criticism*

In the original Portal game the chambers go from easy to hard gradually but in this from easy chamber 0-1 (of course) to hard 2, 3, 4 and it gets worse I had to watch a walk through just to get it and even worse there were some chambers I had to use noclip because it was impossible or unplayable just to get past parts. So you guys made this mod for hardcore Portal fans? which is not a bad thing but for newcomers or portal fan like myself that hadn't played portal in a while. So in future updates need to tone down the difficulty so in each chamber gets gradually harder not easy then hard right off the bat. Oh I forgot to mention the physics using different cubes like fire, ice, action, etc really changes the playing field in a awesome way including wind turbines and gravity pads.

Wow I'm impressed with the sounds of the mod there were times that relaxing music that help keep you in a relax state that you can think what to do next and I love that...oh the turret's great voice acting but I'm so used to the original voice that is was...strange but not bad maybe in a future update be able to change the voice from whats in the mod or switch it to the original.

Wow for a Portal mod I'm really impressed and I was surprised that I had the graphics maxed out with motion blur and still runs smoothly which is really impressive. Speaking of that the loading was for a mod wow really really fast and wow every well done on optimizing the mod with this speed.

Well it's similar to Portal story but I'm not going to give out much info just because that will spoil the fun...

The experience of a Portal mod that works is amazing even it's in 1.0 stage so it does have its problems but once you figure it out its worth wild.

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