I play Star Wars Empire at War, Forces of Corruption, the Age of Empires games and some other games.

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Iron Grip: Warlord
Iron Grip: Warlord

1. Iron Grip: Warlord Indie

3 years ago Released Nov 5, 2008 Single & Multiplayer First Person Shooter

What would you do for freedom? In Iron Grip: Warlord, the nomadic civilization of Atelia is being swallowed by the massive Confederation. It's a hopeless...

Iron Grip: Marauders
Iron Grip: Marauders

2. Iron Grip: Marauders Indie

1 year ago Released Jan 17, 2011 Single & Multiplayer Turn Based Strategy

The next installment in the Iron Grip series from ISOTX, makers of Iron Grip: Warlord, Iron Grip: Marauders is a browser game unlike any other. Using...

Star Wars: A Galactic Civil War
Star Wars: A Galactic Civil War

3. Star Wars: A Galactic Civil War Indie

1 year ago TBD Single Player Futuristic Sim

Fight on land, in the air and space as Alliance or Imperial troopers and pilots. Battle across twenty nine planets in a story telling campaign that takes...

Digimon United Reach
Digimon United Reach

4. Digimon United Reach Indie

1 year ago Coming Q1 2015 Single Player Role Playing

Digimon United Reach is an RPG with the 3D Game. The game is story-event set to May 16th, 2027. The game will happening the story in the Digital World...

March of War
March of War

5. March of War Indie

6 months ago Released Jun 27, 2013 Multiplayer Turn Based Strategy

Welcome to March of War, the online turn-based strategy game. Your actions will shape the world! Be one of the first players to participate in a whole...

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