Hello everyone, my name is Nate and I'm a 26 year old college student enrolled with Westwood College in their Game Art and Design program for my Bachelor's of Applied Sciences. My main focus is on modeling, texturing, animating and concept work but in the future I hope to establish myself as a Game Designer and found my own development company. My contributions to ModDB have been varied thus far and continue to grow as I move along towards my future career. I was the lead modeler and animator for the PSP project Prime which is currently in hiatus. My other work can be seen throughout the site. I am soon about to offer a variety of video tutorials ranging on various subjects including modeling, texturing, animating and exporting of low poly assets/characters for video games. As well I host a monthly self-imposed challenge in which I model a new model every week based on a monthly topic of the community's choosing. Feel free to friend me if you wanna keep track of my efforts.

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Well, life sure does get hectic in quite a short amount of time sometimes. Classes started back up after the Christmas break and dumped 4 full time classes on me. As far as what I've been up to:

- Currently packing up to relocate to Texas for a job opportunity, plenty of development houses there once I have my Bachelor's in hand, which is in a few months

- Classes, of course, have completely consumed my life, but I've had some things to show for it

- Currently in a 9 week dev cycle to produce a game for the Android OS in which I am Lead Designer and Art Director, primarily for smart phones, details will be available when allowed

Keep your eye out. I'm going to try to keep this place updated. For those that missed me, sorry for my absence. I know I've promised to help some of you with projects but these will have to be on hold until time permits. I may not have to work when I get to Texas so I'll have more time to concentrate on school and projects. Would be nice to actually be able to sleep again.

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