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Desulishor @ DeathStory

Seems neat, really like how eerie the environmental BGs look, ought to be an interesting story behind all that... Also curious as to how the gameplay will differentiate itself from average platformer.

At least there seems to be a targeting system, and scythe-specific stuff like bursts of flight, reminds me a bit of bullet hell games.

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Desulishor @ Sunrider

I've yet to play the demo version, so I'm basing this one on the video feed I saw. But I guess I just had to get it out of my system... The battle phase looks really tedious, to be honest. You basically have your plan for your own units, but after that, you just have to wait and watch the enemy units maul yours. Sure, there might be some stakes at line, but i figure this would get repetitive very fast. If you changed the turn rotation from 'all at once' to 'fastest unit'-2nd fastest unit...' (this could be you-enemy-you or you-you-enemy-enemy or anything depending on stats alone) you'd always have something to do, at least. I liked the idea of being able to fire down missiles, but please tell me there's more actions like this. Say, moving your unit to a gas cloud or an asteroid belt for better cover, or even action point management (spend 10 for getting there, 10 for attack, 20 for evasive maneuvers... (but if you do too much, you wouldn't have energy left for dodging...) I hear there's unit upgrades and stuff, but here I'm only looking at things to keep the battles themselves from becoming a chore. Will write more after playing, sorry if any of this came across as rude or so.

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Desulishor @ Hover

Since there's no full list of features yet, let me ask: What about online multiplayer aspects? There is a mention of multiplayer but nothing concrete...
I'm not asking for shoehorned co-op missions either, but something like an option to create a local server for your friends, with simple goals like 'free run', 'time limit', 'point limit', 'race from point a to b', etc... Or if you've got the resources, please make a global text chat and a server hub. The way I see it, that could really raise the popularity and increase the game's lifespan.

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Desulishor @ Project Dualis

I myself don't know any spanish, but i'd welcome translators of any language, (if such people show up.)

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Desulishor @ Edge Of Eternity

Hey, any info on the full cast of playable characters? Not to offend anyone, but the two charas shown in the video feel quite generic and so far there is no information as to how their personalities will be and so on.

For myself, one of the biggest motivations for playing the J-RPG genre have always been the characters, not only their backstories but also how they interact with each other. (FF6, FF9, and the Tales of -series are great examples here, IMO.) dunno of the general opinion, but I for one, wouldn't support a project before I knew that the charas and their stories, their input to main storyline were something to look forward to.

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Desulishor @ Full mac versionV2

I actually haven't tested these on any linux machines, since I have no access to one. I know Ren'py has functionality for linux separately, but I haven't uploaded the linux distributable here yet.

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Desulishor @ If you are working on your own game(s) are you going to work for an official developer team in future?

Call me an idealist, but I hate the stuff that the big official studios are resorting to, I hate the kind of business that video games are becoming, So I only want to keep working by myself or in a small team, where I can have a say on how the game will look and how it will be sold.

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Desulishor @ Infinite Pull

What sort of soundtrack will there be? As I see it, a lot of how engrossing your experience depends on how the visuals and the soundtrack play together. I also think that a mp3 sound analyser a'la audiosurf could work nicely with this. (ie. more stuff happening while bpm goes up, more calming visuals while bpm goes down or so.)

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