I'm an easy going patient person with strong passion for gaming. Next to that, I feel joy and sensation working on projects that are very community friendly, because the whole interaction just feels so great. Creating something for others to enjoy. Nothing better than that. I'm probably most capable as marketings and production person, but have been involved with engine developments, modding and game development from various aspects covering programming, scripting, writing, game design, music and level design. Game Development is fun, but not easy. But heck, who can't handle the fire, should stay away from it. :) Teamwork divides the task but multiplies the success!

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Desiderium Apr 18 2012 says:

I love seeing small artistic games like this. Certainly keeping an eye on this project.

+4 votes   game: Audio Tree
Desiderium Mar 30 2012 says:

Reminds me heavily of Homeworld 2. Which I loved. Can't wait to see more! =)

+3 votes   game: Deep Space Settlement
Desiderium Mar 7 2012 replied:

All? I haven't seen any other than this actually. Though there was a post about this the other day. Maybe you're mixing this up. That's the same game. And I have to say, I like this game. =)

+1 vote   news: Deep Black: Reloaded Released on Desura
Desiderium Jan 14 2012 says:

Just grabbed it and gave it a quick try on my Galaxy S2. Great idea, well executed. Love it. =)

+2 votes   news: Super Bid Dash out now on Android for FREE!
Desiderium Jan 3 2012 says:

Finish. Obviously.

On a side note, I'm happy to see a big % who voted "Get into indie development". =)

+3 votes   poll: Your plan for the new year is to
Desiderium Dec 15 2011 replied:

Thanks! :]

+1 vote   member: Desiderium
Desiderium Dec 8 2011 says:

Thanks for the inMomentum mention guys. We're doing our best to improve the experience every minute. Dedicated servers incoming soon! =)

+1 vote   feature: IOTY Year in Review 2011 Quarter 04
Desiderium Dec 7 2011 says:

Wish we could. :\ Both finances and overall the possibilities for us are rather slim here. Maybe with our next game. Good luck to those that did enter any contests. We'll just stick with IYOT for now. =)

+2 votes   poll: Have you entered any indie contests yet?
Desiderium Nov 29 2011 says:

I think the poll meant, what amount of games you've purchased as opposed to the costs. Or I might be wrong. In either case, I still spent more on Indie games than AAA. Only bought Skyrim this year. Wanted to buy Rage, but I kinda pulled back from that after seeing the weird graphical stuff it does. On the other hand, I grabbed about 15 indie games at least, for which I paid quite a bit in bundles.

+2 votes   poll: 2011 I spent more money on...
Desiderium Nov 20 2011 says:

Once we get our platform ports ready, obviously we'll apply. :)

Check out this link:

+3 votes   poll: Have you considered including your game in Humble Bundle?
Desiderium Nov 3 2011 replied:

We'll see what we can do. Cannot make any promises at this point.

+1 vote   news: InMomentum Released on Steam
Desiderium Nov 2 2011 replied:

Top 20 users that provided meaningful insight and feedback in making the gamer better were given a key.

+6 votes   game: InMomentum
Desiderium Nov 2 2011 replied:

Top 20* users that provide insight and feedback in making the gamer better. They did receive a free copy.

+1 vote   news: InMomentum Released on Steam
Desiderium Nov 1 2011 replied:

The Level Editor, as mentioned in the previous interview, will come as part of our first major DLC soon. The DLC however will be Free.

You will be able to make your own levels for the game and share it with friends through our community site that will be available on the release of the Editor.

+4 votes   news: InMomentum Released on Steam
Desiderium Oct 30 2011 says:

Voted the first option. As Aert said, I'm very glad as well to see more indie games being supported via bundles as it's a great way to get the game out to more people.

As for Linux, I'm pretty sure multiplatform support will come by time. Not all games support Linux, but they can still be great games.

All in all - well done guys!

+3 votes   poll: Thoughts on IndieRoyale?
Desiderium Oct 30 2011 replied:

While I highly support Linux as a developer, it's a false assumtption that an "indie bundle" HAS to support linux. Indie bundle simply means that it's a bundle of indie games.

Their site nowhere mentions nor markets that it supports the Linux platform therefore it's not deceptive at all sir. Making statements like that is really not nice towards developers that provide really cheap deals like this.

Anyway, well done guys. Glad to see more people supporting bundles! =)

+5 votes   news: Indie Royale - The Launch Bundle
Desiderium Oct 23 2011 replied:

I like hugs. :o

+1 vote   media: You said you like pink and magenta?
Desiderium Oct 22 2011 replied:

Yes, and the goal of it is to fund the development of Dilogus - The Winds of War. =)

+3 votes   game: Dilogus: The Winds of War
Desiderium Oct 20 2011 replied:

There is one. =)

+2 votes   media: Shiny!
Desiderium Oct 17 2011 replied:

I'm pretty sure the level is rendered once, and the two screens are just two cameras. I'm not from Wolfire tho, so I'll let them confirm that, but I know that this is how it's usually done (in general). =)

+3 votes   news: New Overgrowth a153 video devlog
Desiderium Oct 14 2011 says:

Amazing. This will be a great platform to approach once the Dilogus - The Winds of War prototype is ready. Well done. =)

+3 votes   news: Desura Beta - Linux Update 2
Desiderium Oct 13 2011 says:

I guess Other?

I would say I combined a couple of the answers. I've dived books, tutorials, modded, mapped, took two courses and went through the trial & error as well. I've also learned a lot by talking to people, other devs or people that were also learning like me. In addition, I've experimented back and forth, kinda like trial & error but with strong examinations about my errors, and had fun. And to top that off, I've learned a lot by going through a game from concept phase to finish & release. So yup, most of the answers in one.

+2 votes   poll: You've learnt indie development (mostly)
Desiderium Oct 13 2011 replied:

Not really. The looks are similar to the Mirror's Edge DLC, but the gameplay is based on a quite different concept.

+1 vote   media: InMomentum - It's Your Move!
Desiderium Oct 13 2011 replied:

I should totally add a pool at the end of it. *makes a note*

+3 votes   media: Enlightenment
Desiderium Oct 13 2011 says:

Love it! A simple idea well executed.

+2 votes   news: Jumping Line released on Desura!
Desiderium Oct 11 2011 replied:

Thank you. =)

+2 votes   game: InMomentum
Desiderium Oct 7 2011 says:

Just to keep it clear, THAT character color combination was randomized. It's so evil. The game keeps giving me all these magenta and pink skins.

+5 votes   media: You are going the wrong way! No. I'm going my way.
Desiderium Oct 5 2011 replied:

I would say between choice 1 and 4.

You cannot throw away the fact of engines suited for game types, since some engines specialize in some genres, making your life a whole lot easier.

On the other hand, being familiar with a toolset is a big plus - but what if there is an entirely new toolset out there that supports a whole lot more things that would make your games better?

You always need to think outside of the box.

+3 votes   poll: How do you pick the engine to develop for?
Desiderium Oct 5 2011 replied:

It will be an option in the final game.

+2 votes   media: Faster-Better
Desiderium Oct 4 2011 replied:

It's actually small squares, part of the updated particles tweak so that they fit better with the game's overall style.

+3 votes   media: Faster-Better
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