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Derw23 May 26 2013, 5:08am says:

This is really awesome! I love every new graphic in these last screenshots, wow. Too bad you cant get this to the HD Remake, would be really cool to play this against other players on that.

But none the less, it is epic!

+4 votes   media: Italian battle
Derw23 Nov 11 2012, 8:51am says:

it would be cool if you did the Soviet Conscript as it was in RA2, like the flak trooper =D But otherwise it looks really awesome !

+1 vote   media: Soviet ground units in the first release
Derw23 Jun 3 2012, 5:47pm says:

Really holy amazing godlike master piece armour :) If he could model like that, then you two should get together and do a Witcher 2 mod ;)

+1 vote   media: Some armor in the game
Derw23 Jun 1 2012, 2:06pm says:

They look really good ! Have to give you that !

+1 vote   media: Tier One Operators
Derw23 Nov 11 2012, 4:59am replied:

That is great news ! Its good to see it progressing forward, will be happy when Prolouge is released =)

Keep up the work ! =D

+2 votes   mod: Knights and Barbarians
Derw23 Nov 9 2012, 4:52pm says:

How is it going with KnB?

+2 votes   mod: Knights and Barbarians
Derw23 Oct 20 2012, 7:48am says:

The game is incredibly fun and there are soo much Medieval battlefield feeling over it !

+2 votes   article: Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Released!
Derw23 Sep 30 2012, 12:08pm says:

Looks great and its good to see you working on the mod Huanglukuzhu !

+1 vote   media: 5 new units for asian
Derw23 Sep 22 2012, 4:33pm says:

Stugs, first of it is 32 players if that wasnt a typo and then they will surely try to expand as much as possible, but as for now their servers and machines cant handle over 32 players =) But they will surely try as said !

+2 votes   article: Chivalry: Medieval Warfare - Release Date Trailer + Preorder now!
Derw23 Sep 10 2012, 4:28pm says:

Those helmets on the Knights of the Storm's End and some others are from Mount & Blade Warband OSP packs right? I can recognise them anywhere but it is cool that you imported them. They look amazing !! =)

+2 votes   article: House Baratheon of Storm's End Preview
Derw23 Sep 8 2012, 4:32am says:

You gotta love that Witcher 2 armour ! In the lower right on the horse.

+5 votes   media: Pike-Formation
Derw23 Aug 25 2012, 6:19am replied:

Indeed, quite some work to make it good.

+1 vote   article: Friday Update: Qal'aat
Derw23 Aug 25 2012, 3:59am says:

This sounds very interesting =D

Have you ever considered making armoury upgrades change appearance? It could be doable =)

+1 vote   article: Friday Update: Qal'aat
Derw23 Aug 24 2012, 2:04pm replied:

I believe you should try as hard as you can ! Both mods are highly wanted I would imagine.

+3 votes   mod: Knights and Barbarians
Derw23 Aug 5 2012, 1:09pm replied:

Well, taking the time you need for each civ is a smart option and also getting people to play and test it with the Prolouge.. I cant wait for this ! =)

Ohh and if you would need more variations to footmen types I got a couple of textures and I can make more of them. Id happily help, though I started modding AoE3 again about some weeks ago..

+2 votes   mod: Knights and Barbarians
Derw23 Aug 4 2012, 10:22am says:

That is a low poly model of the Helot from Ancient Wars Sparta or any other game in that series..

+1 vote   media: Greek Worker
Derw23 Aug 1 2012, 11:22am replied:

Okay, have you made them yourselves or are they taken from internet? They look great, that is something I would like to use in an RTS game at some point.

Good that goal is uniqueness, making them different is something that offers popularity back ! =)

Thank you for making the mod! Though mod, it begins to look and feel like a different game =D

+2 votes   mod: Knights and Barbarians
Derw23 Jul 31 2012, 1:36pm replied:

That is just awesome, good that you are doing fine also! =)

Just a small question, those pictures you got in the header and so on. The knights or footmen if you prefer, do they have representives in the mod? Because it would be awesome if you do have units based on those appearances or similar. I only ask because I really do love those pictures =)

Great idéa with the new Age up system for the Crusaders and you are doing five civs, that probably mean that you will try and do them as unique as possible? It feels so atleast and now I will stop writing too much =)

Good Luck with the modding !

+2 votes   mod: Knights and Barbarians
Derw23 Jul 29 2012, 2:43pm says:

Looks like the rocket is facing wrong way, but that is only because the FX covers half of the rocket =) Look closely and you will see the rest. Quite the large rocket btw ! Love these Chinese Special Forces they look awesome !

0 votes   media: New PLA Special Forces hit the field!
Derw23 Jul 26 2012, 12:37pm says:

Hows development going ? I hope you are progressing with a good mood ! =) As mod development can sometimes break that fine mood !

Good Luck !

+2 votes   mod: Knights and Barbarians
Derw23 Jul 26 2012, 12:35pm says:

When will these be available ?

+2 votes   media: Infante de Marina
Derw23 Jul 25 2012, 6:35pm says:

I like the variation alot, it gives me a good feeling to look at ! =)

+1 vote   media: K&B in action
Derw23 Jul 25 2012, 6:35pm says:

What does this good looking infantry have for a name ?

+2 votes   media: Meet the Units
Derw23 Jul 25 2012, 6:32pm says:

That is just really goddamn sexy ! I really love how the white and the blue comes together and it gives a really nice medieval feeling ! Love those foot knights at the right corner !

+1 vote   media: An army of medieval
Derw23 Jul 17 2012, 6:39am says:

The waist should be thinner and the chest is good as it is..

But it looks really good ! =)

+1 vote   media: Gondor Cavalry
Derw23 Jun 7 2012, 4:56am says:

Love the variations, agree to the above comment aswell :D

+1 vote   media: Spartan Aspis Shields
Derw23 Jun 5 2012, 4:35am says:

Now you seem to be thinking about 300 movie..

As Kwen said, no. They use breastplates or linothorax armours.

+2 votes   media: New Spartan hoplite
Derw23 Jun 4 2012, 12:47pm replied:

okay, good to know was almost getting afraid there.. Love those models ! :) Keep on with the good job ;)

+1 vote   mod: Star Wars BattleFront Commander
Derw23 Jun 3 2012, 8:45am says:

Havent played the new one but I will certainly download it ! Hope more players join !

+1 vote   article: Overwatch 1.5.0 (& OST) Released!
Derw23 Jun 3 2012, 4:39am says:

Were there not rebel screenshots aswell ?

+1 vote   mod: Star Wars BattleFront Commander
Derw23 Jun 3 2012, 4:33am says:

Great video ! I hope we get to test the mod very soon, looks really good and the textures on the Improved Knights are awesome. Love the variation ! Like the Men at Arms aswell. Good job and keep it up ;)

+2 votes   mod: Knights and Barbarians
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