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Mod review - 5 disagree

All I can say is that I've played some good games and getting into mods such DayHard and AoM DC, but all there is to this mod is crap. Everything is blocky and doesn't really fit in the least, nothings aligned, weapons scattered everywere where as you can make yourself spawn with weapons. Its just a giant U (or small U depending on your opinion) and its not hard at all if you can see the next 30 enemies in the 2 rooms ahead. Entities are misused, the displacement make me sad and there is no lighting whatsoever.

Fortunatly at some points, the mapping did feel good and it makes a good stress reliever. There is some potiental for mr jHONFREEDMAn luckily, he'll just have to learn a bit more. This mod is crap and in a way its way makes it okay.

But so much is wrong with this considering its one map trying to be a fullfledged mod.