Oh good day, My name's Benoit "D.G.F." Hanikenne, I am a graduated graphic design engineer and an intermediate video games 2D/3D artist. The main platform I work with is Half-Life (Goldsource engine). My main speciality was model porting and customisation, until I began creating my very own models, step by step. I'm also specialized in World War II Germany's uniforms and materials, as you will be able to figure out by yourself by checking the few screenshots I have posted on this profile. I mostly create props, static items and I'm able to create simple and more complicated textures from nothing. Organic modelling is my one weakness, but I can most easly port something to any skeletons and make the product very professional looking. I am currently working on a Single player modification for HL1 called "Abyss 048", you can find this mod on it's moddb page. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or if you need my help with any projects.

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Oops!...He did it again.

Oops!...He did it again.

Apr 20, 2013 Abyss 048 0 comments

Trempler deleted more pictures than he originally planned while the team is welcoming two new members ! We're also looking after a character designer !

Vote for Abyss 048 for the MOTY 2012 awards !

Vote for Abyss 048 for the MOTY 2012 awards !

Dec 5, 2012 Abyss 048 3 comments

Good day everyone. The MOTy 2012 awards voting has begun and we're counting on your vote to help us getting more attention from the community !

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