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derek328 Nov 16 2010, 7:58am replied:

lol good to know buddy.

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derek328 Apr 18 2010, 6:45pm says:

lol thanks :D but I can assure you right now there will be no GDI, no NOD, no SCRIN, and no Kane. so you can rest assured, no need to worry hahahahaha :P
(and LOL "down with border control", toooooo funny! XD)

I can try to put them in like an easter egg, but I fear other BF2142 fans out there might not appreciate Kane messing with their "Battlefield" :P As for the timeline, I duno, that would completely defy the whole timeline described in BF2142's maps.. and I'd honestly rather have Tiberium removed if it comes down to that hahaha :P

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derek328 Apr 12 2010, 5:24pm replied:

- Giving special awards / mentioning of mods more frequently on their official websites would also be a great way to show EA takes interest in the modding community. EA sponsored mod tournaments anybody? ^^

- Lay down rules relevant to modding and so on right from the start, perhaps as part of the user manual or EULAs, so that when people want to mod, they would've (well, should've) understood that they'll need permission or other conditions fulfilled before they start a project.. instead of posting questions on the forums, most probably answered by fellow users who may not actually know what needs to be done.

- finally, they need more employees like YOU! good work haha, i'm glad you're asking me this stuff because it tells the community EA takes mods seriously, gives us just that much more motivation to work on our projects you know ;)

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derek328 Apr 12 2010, 5:23pm replied:

Yes, if I could have an email conversation with the EA Rep sometime, that would be very much appreciated! And as for how to make mods easier, I'd suggest the following:
- ModSDKs for games should come with better help files. Currently speaking, these tutorials from EA often skip alot of steps here and there, making it understandable for only more experienced users. But then if we think about it, if a modder's already experienced, he/she probably wouldn't check the help files, right? ^^

- EA currently overviews mods for their different titles under different websites, for example, Command & Conquer 3 mods are all listed under the C&C website. While I know EA's been trying to step up their efforts to support mods, the way they're doing it makes it *look* like they haven't done much because everything is seperated between different websites of EA. I think they should have a completely seperate website, EA Mods Central for example, and then list the mods they find unique/nice under different game titles there. So when customers want to look at a mod (say for C&C3), they can simply go to the Mods Central website, look for C&C3 in a list or catalog, and find everything relevant from community project titles, to the ModSDKs and tutorial files for the game, so on. This will definately make EA's efforts look more condensed and spike a better punch :)

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derek328 Feb 12 2010, 3:46am replied:

thank you XDD we made most changes to the EU Goliath, walkers and gunships' team colour schematics, so we no longer see a patch of blue or green on them in-game. Other vehicles just had very subtle changes here and there, probably hardly noticable from screenshots :P

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derek328 Feb 8 2010, 2:55pm says:

hahaha thanks guys! I really love your comments :P
and to Jinzor, sorry man I really tried to stay alive that game, but the sheer epicness of all-things-BF2142 at my command was too much to take in at that time. XD

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derek328 Jan 27 2010, 2:56pm says:

hahahaha our pleasure! XD

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derek328 Jan 21 2010, 6:14pm replied:

isn't that the case with EA's cnc3 air transport anyways? but either way, these crafts when called in for vehicle drops do have clamps, but they're at the bottom of the craft, users won't see them clearly if at all :/

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derek328 Jan 21 2010, 2:40pm replied:

currently, if you call for transport this is the one to send in your men (so like snipers) and vehicle drops (like APCs and FAVs). We haven't got plans on creating non-2142 units. ^^

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derek328 Jan 13 2010, 9:21pm replied:

omg camp gib high five mannn :D

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derek328 Jul 16 2007, 12:31am says:

I really want to say this is more than simply a "rip off" of the original.

We decided to reuse the models, simply because we really want to make it as identical to the original game as possible. Afterall, this IS a transition mod for bringing BF2142 to the CNC engine. ;) Of course, the mod team has also included new elements into the mod, for instance the whole tech-tree designs, wall-systems, animations and more. :D

If you have any ideas for improving this mod, please post it here, or even at our main CNC forum!
I hope this will clear up any queries for this mod being a "rip-off".

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derek328 Jul 15 2007, 6:36am says:

To h4mx0r, we aim to put gamers in total control of the entire army, including different infantry types, vehicles, faction-specific support powers & structures, yet it is also crucial for them to manage available resources strategically for both base defense and enemy infiltration, which is why we thought producing it as a Real-time Strategy game may turn out quite enjoyable.

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