Formerly known as Delta289 for the almost 5 years I've been on this site. I'm a giant fan of Lord Of the Rings and Warhammer 40,000. I used to be really big into star wars but due to recent events my interest in Star Wars is pretty much spent. My patience just ran thin with the decreasing quality of stories coming out of that company and I no longer wish to be associated with any of it.

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just an image dump
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metalchibre May 5 2013 buried:


Where is Ashoka ?

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Commissar_Delta Author
Commissar_Delta May 5 2013 replied:

non existent.

she is a character created by the 2008 clone wars series as a money ploy to open star wars to little girls, giving them a new fan base and more money.

Ahsoka never existed. Anakin does not have an apprentice, Mandalorians were never peaceful, Clones obeyed every order and didn't betray or desert, and Asajj Ventress is from Rattatak.

everything you learned about the clone war from the 2008-2013 clone wars series is a lie

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Commissar_Delta Author
Commissar_Delta May 7 2013 says:

how the hell did an image dump for my mod turn into a debate?

I don't recall George writing abut the clone wars in 1977. and BTW TCW is EU, its on television so its T-Canon, regardless if George confers with the writers or not.

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CaptainRegor May 9 2013 replied:

True, but T-canon is the second higest and the ideas does come from George.
Don't recall do you?
The idea of the clone wars is from 1977 and knowing what we know. He had a lot of back story planed from the begining.

You do relize the only reason people argue with you is because you just cannot accept the Clone Wars? I like the EU but at the same time I've learned to accept the fact that The Clone Wars comes from George

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Commissar_Delta Author
Commissar_Delta May 9 2013 replied:

the "back story" your refering to is actually quite far off from what the show portrays.

In my past research for my Junior Esssay (in which Mr. Lucas was the subject of) I came across many of his original plots and quotes.

in his original notes, the clones fought for the separatists (at first called the Federation of independent systems he later changed it to the confederacy of independent systems as a reference to the Confederate States of America during the American Civil War). just Jedi vs clones, there were no battle droids. then when he started preparing for the prequel trilogy in the late 80's, early 90s, he revised his original plot.

also, ive said this once and ill say it many more times, its still T-canon. nothing can change that. still t-canon and will remain t-canon. so dont act like its some superior force because it isnt.

everything you fight for is everything that is souless and wrong with the franchise

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CaptainRegor May 9 2013 replied:

OK, fine I won't deny that.

T-Canon is superior ask anyone that works at Lucasfilm from the floor guy too the holocron.

You like to argure don't you? The comics are great, I do own all the collected volums! However itt doesn't change the fact that it isn't Lucas stories and it could have been written by you and me so they're more wrong to the vision of Lucas.

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Commissar_Delta Author
Commissar_Delta May 9 2013 says:

it's not that i like to argue, its that im very passionate about history and chronology. i want to preserve the past and protect it from the future. take my avatar for example, its captain fordo. its my avatar on all of the websites im a member of (Steam, Total War Center, Youtube, Skype) because I want to preserve the memory of the miniseries and comics.

Speaking of the miniseries, that's T-canon as well. what happens when 2 T-canon sources conflict? it hasn't happened before until TCW came along so no guidelines have been written. you may think that the proper thing to do is regard the newer material as "more canon" but did you know that George was involved with the miniseries as well? alright, he wasn't directly in the writers room with Genndy, however (from what ive read) Genndy stayed in constant contact with George, to insure that he was doing things right and working within George's constraints that he set for him.

so im sorry if im not just going to sit down and let them throw 6 years of canon out the window without a fight.

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CaptainRegor May 10 2013 replied:

I know. And the new show doesn't conflict the old. They continue it with having Asajj and mentioning Mace being on Dantooine
Remember what Yoda said?
"Learn yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose"
"You must unlearn what you have learned"

Anyhow what do you say we end this argument? It's not like we are going to change each others mind

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Commissar_Delta Author
Commissar_Delta May 10 2013 replied:

yes please. this is just an image dump for my mod Star Wars: Clone Wars Sub-Mod, i had no intentions of starting a debate with it

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May 3rd, 2013
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