Formerly known as Delta289 for the almost 5 years I've been on this site. I'm a giant fan of Lord Of the Rings and Warhammer 40,000. I used to be really big into star wars but due to recent events my interest in Star Wars is pretty much spent. My patience just ran thin with the decreasing quality of stories coming out of that company and I no longer wish to be associated with any of it.

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Commissar_Delta Feb 9 2015, 2:16pm says: +2 votes   media: Norwegian Metal
Commissar_Delta Feb 9 2015, 2:11pm says:

It doesn't help that the guy on the left looks a bit like Till Lindemann

+6 votes   media: German Metal
Commissar_Delta Feb 7 2015, 5:27pm replied:

I posted the comic on here actually. I forget the name and issue # but I know its the one where they're on Rendili

+1 vote   media: Lego Azure Angel Showcase
Commissar_Delta Feb 6 2015, 11:17pm says:


+1 vote   media: For darker side
Commissar_Delta Feb 5 2015, 1:34pm says:

Its not a new design, it's a different species of Warg. Galdalf even says it himself: "These are Gundabad Wargs, they will outrun you".

The ones in Two Towers are Isengard Wargs

+2 votes   media: Warg vs Warg pic 1 Which is cooler ?
Commissar_Delta Feb 4 2015, 4:33pm says:

The question is, can we let them hit the floor?

+3 votes   media: Meanwhile in India....
Commissar_Delta Jan 31 2015, 1:36pm replied:

Yep, didn't take to long to build either

+1 vote   media: Oh Come On, I Had To Buy It
Commissar_Delta Jan 28 2015, 8:03pm replied:

Isn't that the new canon though?

+1 vote   media: Z-95 Headhunter
Commissar_Delta Jan 26 2015, 5:29pm replied:

It is, I got it from his deviantart

+1 vote   media: World War I Caricature Map
Commissar_Delta Jan 21 2015, 3:59pm replied:

It's not dead, just lacking resources needed to complete it. If/when I acuire those resources, work will resume

+2 votes   mod: Star Wars: Clone Wars Sub-Mod
Commissar_Delta Jan 10 2015, 9:21pm replied:

I'd prefer if you didn't use my real name on Moddb

+9 votes   media: Dark Angel Cowboy Space Marine
Commissar_Delta Jan 9 2015, 1:05pm replied:

My view of the fun in Peter Jackson's films is watching the events of the books come to life on the big screen and despite some minor things (IE Tom Bombadil, The use of the army of the dead, the Galahdrim's aid to Rohan at Helm's Deep, etc) the Lord of the Rings films stayed pretty true to the books. After seeing Unexpected journey, I thought they were going to do the same but by the end of Desolation of Smaug, it became clear that they weren't. SO to answer your question, no it wouldn't have been boring if it had stayed true to the books. The entertainment value for that one person in the theater who actually read book is seeing it played out in front of their very eyes.

+1 vote   group: The Fellowship
Commissar_Delta Jan 8 2015, 7:42pm replied:

You have to admit, It could have ended so much better. It doesn't even explain what happens to Bard and Dale and Erebor after the battle is over, Bilbo just leaves and the film ends. Which is far from the ending in the book.

+2 votes   group: The Fellowship
Commissar_Delta Jan 8 2015, 12:26pm says:

Am I the only one around here not lazy enough to fully spell out the acronym when I say .GIF?

( Dot Gee-I-Eff )

+2 votes   media: Tumblr
Commissar_Delta Jan 6 2015, 1:53pm replied:

I'm asking an honest question, no need to be downvoted. I was looking for an actual intellectual discussion, not trying to incite unrest. I was not impressed with the last hobbit film and I wanted to know other's feelings on the film

+2 votes   group: The Fellowship
Commissar_Delta Jan 5 2015, 6:14pm says:

Anybody else think that the last Hobbit movie... sucked?

+5 votes   group: The Fellowship
Commissar_Delta Dec 30 2014, 10:28am says:

About MOTY 2014: Omg, **** Republic at War, it was released in 2011, it shouldn't even be eligible for MOTY 2014

+2 votes   member: Commissar_Delta
Commissar_Delta Dec 30 2014, 12:41am says:

your homeland is not far from my homeland

+1 vote   media: The World Through ComradeWinston's Mind
Commissar_Delta Dec 28 2014, 8:59pm says:

"You! Intern! I asked for decaf, this is espresso!"

+8 votes   media: Dec28th
Commissar_Delta Dec 26 2014, 10:43pm says:

Hey guys, Dark Horse is having a MASSIVE sale on all star wars comics, including the awesome Clone Wars comics from 2003.

+1 vote   group: -Clone Wars Multi-Media Project Fans-
Commissar_Delta Dec 25 2014, 9:11pm says:

gee, I wonder what those white spaces are lol

+2 votes   media: Clone cards
Commissar_Delta Dec 14 2014, 10:46pm replied:

maybe if I can get my hands on some free release ones, perhaps.

+1 vote   mod: Star Wars: Clone Wars Sub-Mod
Commissar_Delta Dec 12 2014, 10:14am says:

Oh its okay, they're just the remaining copies or Twilight and 50 Shades of Grey

+2 votes   media: Dec12th
Commissar_Delta Dec 10 2014, 4:20pm says:

ah yes the mustard yellow city, pride of the Numenorian forefathers

+6 votes   media: Fear, Minas Tirith! The time of Orcs has come!
Commissar_Delta Dec 8 2014, 1:30pm replied:


+1 vote   media: Bring it down!
Commissar_Delta Dec 8 2014, 9:54am replied:

well, not the Balkan countries, not France and not Spain

+1 vote   media: Delta's Guide To World Travel
Commissar_Delta Dec 7 2014, 8:50pm says:

perhaps if I knew how to add custom skins in game, I woulda played that game more

+1 vote   media: The Shadow Blossom.
Commissar_Delta Dec 7 2014, 8:48pm says:

you Europeans are lucky, thanksgiving is overrated. You basically go to your parents house, they tell you what you're doing wrong with your life while praising your more successful sibling and or cousin, then you go back to your university with a full belly and starve for another month and a half until finals are over

+1 vote   media: Happy Thanksgiving!
Commissar_Delta Dec 7 2014, 5:06pm says:

this a joke? doesn't really seem to fit

+2 votes   media: New Victory music space marines
Commissar_Delta Dec 2 2014, 11:30am says:

when a full version is released, then I'll vote

+1 vote   media: Vote for us!=)
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