Formerly known as Delta289 for the almost 5 years I've been on this site. I'm a giant fan of Lord Of the Rings and Warhammer 40,000. I used to be really big into star wars but due to recent events my interest in Star Wars is pretty much spent. My patience just ran thin with the decreasing quality of stories coming out of that company and I no longer wish to be associated with any of it.

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something personal

(by order of personal importance)

Clone Wars Multi Media Project Fans:

New Group Header
Clone Wars Multi-Media Project Fans

Star Wars Expanded Universe Fans

Expanded Universe Banner Prototype 1
Expanded Universe Fans (Star Wars)

Alliance to Restore Canon

alliance to restore cannon header

Alliance to Restore Canon (ARC)

Groups that I am a Proud Member Of


Just Some Subordinary Gamers

Warhammer 40,000 Fans of Moddb

Warhammer 40K Fan Group

The Fellowship

The One Ring
The Fellowship

Last but not least...

My Mod

Star Wars: Clone Wars Submod
New Submod Header

Star Wars: Clone Wars Sub-Mod
Star Wars: Clone Wars Sub-Mod

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