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Arms done, Killy is next

Aug 13, 2004 Project BLAME! 0 comments

The arms are done, though I would like to go back alter and do some more tweaking. I'm working on modeling Killy now.

Change of plans...

Dec 3, 2004 Project BLAME! 2 comments

Originaly the MOD was going to start out as a multiplayer game, then develope into a Single Player game, that would re-tell the story of BLAME!. But I've...

Concept artist(s) needed still!

Dec 3, 2004 Project BLAME! 1 comment

We're still in need of people who can draw out the various characters of BLAME!. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Concepts and Models

Oct 31, 2004 Project BLAME! 0 comments

Its been a while since anything has really happened around here. Everyone has abandoned me pretty much, so I'm learning and doing stuff on my own...

First Model being worked on, GB

Aug 12, 2004 Project BLAME! 0 comments

Well yesturday we started on the first Model for the game, the GB (Gravity Blade). It has been modeled and Mapped, next is texturing. After thats finished...


Sep 26, 2004 Project BLAME! 0 comments

I re modeled the GB, and decided to post a picture. Its not 100%, there's some tweaking to be done. Also I'd like to note, that it seems like...

More art

Dec 22, 2004 Project BLAME! 0 comments

I've updated the site with more Concept Art, taken from the Manga. I've put 2 shots on the MODDB gallery, you can find the rest at the site.

Nihei Artbook

Sep 27, 2004 Project BLAME! 0 comments

I managed to get a copy of Niheis artbook, which has plenty of images that will help greatly with the modeling. A better image of the GB was also found...


Dec 20, 2004 Project BLAME! 0 comments

My team members have seemed to of dissapeared... and it looks like I'm left a lone, again! Looking for more help. Makes ya think I'd be better...

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