Hey! I kinda needed to update this for a while! :P Anyway, my name is Dec, im 18 and i am UN-proudly from England. Game Development at University as of this new "school" year. I hope to someday become a full-time licensed Game Developer as i have put time and effort into learning new skills and adapting my already gained skills to work in difference situations and on a variation of engines. I started modding first on Battlefield 1942, but i started late and the community fell apart after the release of Battlefield Vietnam. The next game i began to modify was Halo 2 on Xbox. Eventually after learning allot about game developing i moved to the Source engine were i am proudly creating a new Total Conversion called The Mortewood Plaza. My ability's in game developing are: Modelling, Skinning, Mapping, Animating, Programming, Web Design, GUI Design. That's about it really, thanks for taking the time to read this!

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