My name is Dec Doyle. I'm currently the Lead Programmer over at Monochrome LLC working on our first release title Contagion, coming 2013. Most people know me for my first initial projects The Mortewood Plaza (On-Hold Until 2014) and 1187.

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Dec1234 Oct 17 2008, 9:40pm replied:

A metal baseball bat can vary in size, my friend had one, it was more like a rounders bat from another sport, or meant to be a weapon, but it was metal, and small, used for 1 hand.

The guitar and axe, when I make the axe, will both have better animations, but for now I have nothing special.

The baseball bat with a nail in it is just using the crowbar animation and will also have a new animation in the end.

Isn't it more helpful to explain what else you did and didn't like in the mod so i can work on stuff, instead of asking a question, that requires an answer, that is well, a silly question as this mod has yet to be finished.

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Dec1234 Oct 17 2008, 8:06pm replied:

The guitar is an unfinished weapon, if you look closely you can see that it is called crowbar, this is because I just imported it in game for the video t take a look at the model, the animations, damage and everything are not complete, for example the ninja stars do NO damage as of yet, my fault but it will all be fixed, the zombies health works well at the moment because it allows a nice variation of weapons to be used with some being better affective on slower ones than fast ones.

I'm not remaking dead rising, I'm making my own with that in the back of my mind for ideas.

This is a complete new thing with its own story and everything so the zombies will not be related to dead rising ones.

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Dec1234 Oct 17 2008, 4:45pm replied:

Well, notice its not its own weapon its over the crowbar, that's because its unfinished, this was a test to get the model in game to ensure it works properly, animations will be done later.

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Dec1234 Oct 17 2008, 1:07pm replied:

Yes, all weapon / vehicle models are made by me, mapping too, and the zombies :)

Fast + Slow Zombies :)

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Dec1234 Oct 16 2008, 4:18pm says:

Thanks Guys :)

Means allot!

Believe me when I say, and i'm not being modest, but the reason i'm a little slow at developing in a sense, because well, every time I go to test something new, e.g. a new weapon, if it works or not I still get sucked into playing, usually the developers of a game get sick of the same thing after time, but its SO addicting, and that is one of the reason why I am proud! :)

Its not for everyone, but give it a try when its out :D

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Dec1234 Oct 16 2008, 9:00am replied:

SMOD does look okay I guess, but I'm trying to keep my mod full of either Valve's or my own content.

Thanks for the idea though!

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Dec1234 Oct 15 2008, 8:05pm replied:

Hell Yes :)

But for all the people who cant play it, due to console restrictions, hopefully this will fill the zombie Single Player void in each of their hearts :P

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Dec1234 Oct 15 2008, 8:04pm replied:

F.A. G

F.A. Game = F.A.G, I thought it was kinda funny, plus a cool name :)

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Dec1234 Oct 15 2008, 4:53pm replied:

Yeah but they are completely different games, if anything Zombie Panic! Source will be hit harder because its the same style game play, its multilayer with one team as zombies!

My Mod is a single player one with completely different goals than L4D.

Also their is an issue of price, not everyone will have money for L4D but mine will be their in the background.

Fortress Forever failed slightly because it was almost exactly the same as Team Fortress 2.

Mine is nothing like L4D, it may be zombies, but you can clearly see they are nothing alike, my one is more like Dead Rising. If Dead Rising comes out built on the source engine then I am in big trouble.


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Dec1234 Oct 15 2008, 12:03pm says:

This Is My Rival Zombie Mod I See! :D

Joking, we are in complete different categories, yours looks magic though, look forward to playing!

Love the insane ideas, id imagine it will be fun as hell!

Ignore what people say, unless they can do better and prove it, then you should ignore them!

This is a mod, a random one, with crazy ideas!

Anyone who thinks certain zombie mods will be crushed by left 4 dead is silly, the one difference is price, as opposed to game play. You cant go round comparing Doom95 to Crysis :P

Hehehe :)

Yet again, nice release, look forward to a play of this :)

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Dec1234 Oct 15 2008, 10:53am says:

It will have a role playing aspect, bosses, missions, and people who will help you, plus the overall kill as much as you please fun aspect :D

The lighting will be fixed, I work on supreme detail on the maps last, cinematic, story and game play are my main concern as of yet :)

I'm not really sure what SMOD is, but it isnt based on anything that isn't full of zombies, if you are referring to beta weapons, the OCIW I have always loved, and the MP5k is just amazing, the icepick is fun, and well, why not use them, more weapons the merrier :)

Thanks for the quick feedback :)

The more you praise me, the faster i work :P

Any requests? GO AHEAD AND REQUEST!! :D

Ill do my best :)

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Dec1234 Oct 14 2008, 6:02pm says:

Nice Idea!

I Wanted To Do This For My College :D


But No :D

I Like This :D

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Dec1234 Oct 14 2008, 5:51pm says:

I Have To Admit. Awesome!!

But Doom Would Be Better :D

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Dec1234 Oct 14 2008, 5:50pm says:

Its.... Well.... Beautiful.

Very Nice Work!


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Dec1234 Oct 14 2008, 5:44pm says:

That Is Totally Insane :O

But I Imagine Would Be Good When Finished!

Random Ideas Is Always Good!

Keep Up The Good Work! :)

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