My name is Dec Doyle. I'm currently the Lead Programmer over at Monochrome LLC working on our first release title Contagion, coming 2013. Most people know me for my first initial projects The Mortewood Plaza (On-Hold Until 2014) and 1187.

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Dec1234 Sep 14 2013, 11:22am replied:

I don't see how sneaking is trying too hard? It works fantastic in our Hunted gamemode, maybe not in the Extraction mode were the houses are being swarmed. And I don't see how the animations are even related to that but yeah, they are robotic, they are also not the ones we recorded in our motion capture studio a while back. They will be in before the release, so we kinda can blame that on beta stage.

And the "dev footage" is recorded from demo files, hence the slightly glitchy nature, game doesn't lag or skip, there are people showing livestreams of the game full of zombie hordes and no strange lag.

And if you HAD actually seen game play, then some of your points would be moot, no random lag skips in the animations on there and I've seen plenty of people use sneaking to bypass zombies in the Hunted game mode, if you shoot, you give-away your position. Simple.

But yeha, I'm sorry that the levels look flat and boring to you, and I'm sorry that clearly graphics are absolutely everything for you.

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Dec1234 May 27 2012, 10:17am replied:

I did? How so? Where did I claim I was high and mighty? I wanted to make a project that I loved and knew I could. The project then got me to better places, so I took them opportunities and set them as priority. When they are done I'll return to this project. So what is your point?

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Dec1234 May 27 2012, 10:16am replied:

For now. It say's it right there in the message.

Your point exactly?

For now, means at this current stage, I'm going to bring it back once I have free time after Contagion is released.

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Dec1234 May 25 2012, 3:49pm replied:

Yeah, moving onto bigger and better things makes me a failure.

Unlike you, who makes a profile for the sole purpose of posting this one comment. Haha.

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Dec1234 Nov 4 2011, 1:05pm replied:

Hello random person with no knowledge or facts or anything. You are correct. Apart from the fact you are wrong that is..

This has had no development, yeah No More Room In Hell almost seemed to die off, now it's back and its better than ever, full release will not be something to miss. End result is that it WILL be finished and released.

Can you tell me were I said it would be released? I would like this fact please.

As for Contagion, what we have shown to the public is not even close to the current state of the game, so how on earth would you know?

So next time before coming here to string a load of ******** on those people who do come here, how about get your facts straight and maybe like, not comment at all.

Mod is not dead, it's just not currently in major development. People must understand that it was a personal project that I hoped to finish, but bigger and better projects and opportunities came to me. I'm in University right now, once that's finished I'll have time to return to this, maybe a custom engine or something fancy, or whatever the best version of Source that is out at that time.

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Dec1234 Aug 30 2011, 10:37am says:

I believe I'm a judge. And i'm tough. I only enjoy stories that contain sharks or shark type objects being used as weapons.

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Dec1234 Feb 13 2011, 8:09am replied:

I also haven't touched 1187 since release. Personal life and mostly University second year game developers project is hitting hard. Making a game from scratch is difficult, been working on it since last September until May. Summertime is when i'll continue fully on Mortewood. This may be put on IndieDB and should explain what I've been up to.

The website is down because it was terrible anyway. The mod will never die, it may take a lot longer than expected and people will moan and claim that they have waited to long and no longer want it, but on release I can guarantee in the future they will take back what they said and thought.

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Dec1234 Dec 14 2010, 10:30am says:

After de-trolling my page I decided I should actually comment and explain some things.

When reading a comment of mine, ensure the name is "dec1234" and not "dec1235". The second user is just some random troll with nothing better to do.

Right, so I basically have to mention that this mod is NOT DEAD. At all. It's being worked on every now and again, mostly all coding wise. So nothing I can update and show off at all.

I have been so busy in the last months with new projects, finishing 1187, being ill, university, university game development project and a whole load of personal life stuff.

Mortewood is scheduled to continue full development sometime in the early new year.

And thanks to all those who voted, even though I can't win anything or have done anything to deserve it this year haha.

Thanks! :D

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Dec1234 Oct 26 2010, 7:40pm says:

Such an awesome concept. Really looking forward to one day giving this a play. Heck, im excited for your next video!

Keep up the good work.

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Dec1234 Oct 26 2010, 7:31pm says:

This is an interesting concept, but in all honesty I know that myself and everyone that I know would never consider using this over the simplicity of just being organised.

If someone is not organised, for them to decide to one day organize or find files, loading a mod and sorting everything in a 3D cluttered environment is the last thing they would ever do.

Kudos on the attempt at being original, but its kinda pointless and I can see yourself wasting your own and everyone else's time. :(

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Dec1234 Oct 26 2010, 7:17pm replied:

Yeah sorry about not having that on initial release haha.

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Dec1234 Oct 24 2010, 5:20pm replied:

We didn't have a sound artist.

And we forgot how picky some people are.

We also forgot that without good modeled weapons to aid the graphics, a mod is un-impressive. It is after-all. All about graphics...

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Dec1234 Oct 24 2010, 5:18pm replied:

I didn't remove the easter eggs. Read it.

Easter eggs get removed from that current game session if you turn on Nolip...

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Dec1234 Oct 24 2010, 3:27pm replied:

Might as-well laugh, instead of insulting this troll.

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Dec1234 Oct 24 2010, 3:14pm replied:

Check key binds.

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Dec1234 Oct 24 2010, 10:42am says:

All bugs you mentioned in the graphics paragraph have been fixed. This review is VOID.

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Dec1234 Oct 23 2010, 12:26pm says:

Good good. Should shut a few people up now. :P

But no seriously guys, I hope this patch helps.

Taken me a day straight of solid coding, but worth it. :)

+8 votes   media: 1187 Patch 2 now up for grabs
Dec1234 Oct 23 2010, 8:53am says:


It seems we really need to get this new update out. Melee combat is 100% fixed. And the viewbobbing. Which as always been able to be toggled off, now has the command in the menu telling you what to turn off.

But yeah, I hope you re-review out mod after our first patch. Which seems to fix ALL the things you mentioned in your review. Then what will you critique? I wish to know so I can fix that before this patch hahah!

+2 votes   review: Ruks' 1187 Review
Dec1234 Oct 20 2010, 8:36pm replied:

Me. Haha.

Find them all and congrats. Can't wait to see who is the first person to get them all. A truly awesome gift will be given to the first person to get them all and prove it to me.

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Dec1234 Oct 20 2010, 11:16am replied:

In what way was that comment directed to you...

If you look at how the comments are indented you can clearly see that my commented was directed at "DemAnemat". What with him knowing people on moddb, yet being online for 1 second. He is clearly a second or duplicate an account.

The comment for you, was the one right underneath yours, expressing the fact that you're a nothing but a troll.

Also. You say im not worth the time. But you have put two comments on my page, trying to insult me...

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Dec1234 Oct 19 2010, 8:41pm replied:

Says someone who clearly has just created a duplicate account just to troll me. Get a life.

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Dec1234 Oct 19 2010, 5:08pm replied:

And it seems that so do the trolls.

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Dec1234 Oct 19 2010, 10:36am replied:

Play the crashcourse. It's for John only.

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Dec1234 Oct 3 2010, 12:03pm says:

Nobody actually cares what you think. Like... At all.

I only read this because I know you, but how lame do you have to be to blog about the "fanaticism" of Moddb. Why not do everyone a favor, leave and just not come back. You have been banned so many times, you complain about the site yet you come back. You seriously have no life at all.

And to answer the overall question. No matter what YOU say. YOU as in yourself, not anyone. IT IS ALWAYS A PUT DOWN. People respond to your comment as bad because it is YOU. I cannot emphasize that fact anymore.

We are not stupid and you just look pathetic making this little blog post trying to look like the victim here, when all the comments and negativity to your simple looking constructive criticizing comment are because we know the true meaning behind you and everything you say.

You're truly just pathetic and it amuses us all.

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Dec1234 Sep 25 2010, 6:18pm says:

Is this dead?

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Dec1234 Sep 20 2010, 11:00am replied:

I'm assuming you're talking about my PC?

I have water cooling, you honestly think I wouldn't take that into account? :S

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Dec1234 Sep 19 2010, 11:18am replied:

How you know English looks written when work with image on file with eyes?

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Dec1234 Sep 13 2010, 10:09am replied:

Haha this is not my whole room. This is just the corner were I have my PC and countless trash.

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Dec1234 Sep 1 2010, 6:43pm says:

This is looking awesome!

+2 votes   media: Our Main Character: Sarah
Dec1234 Aug 12 2010, 1:38pm says:

Looking brilliant as always! Looking forward to this demo release! :)

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