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HI... I'm also half British and half Filipino... | P.S. I'm not just adding people as friends to have alot of friends I'm adding you because we usually have something in common like anime or gaming.....

Review RSS Feed the Far East War
8 Review

Mod Review on May 28th, 2014 - 1 person agrees

good mod.

The Pacific and Asian theaters of WW2 rarely feature in big games. glad to see they are in this mod.

but it could do more factions.

Third Age - Total War
7 Review

Mod Review on Jun 18th, 2013 - 1 person agrees

Easterling could do with some heavy swordsmen. using a scimitar as in the lore of LotR. they could also do with some armoured spearmen like in the movie, I don't mean pikemen.. but other than that it is a good mod.

Cross of Iron
9 Review

Mod Review on Jan 14th, 2011 - 1 person agrees

love it....

Dawn of War
9 Review

Game Review on Jan 7th, 2011 - 5 people agree

Great game....

MidEast Crisis 2
9 Review

Mod Review on Nov 28th, 2010 - 3 people agree

good game but needs the UN faction..... and probably more defensive structures....

Metro 2033
9 Review

Game Review on Sep 5th, 2010

No review provided

Steel Legion - Armageddon
3 Review

Mod Review on Jul 15th, 2009

No review provided

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