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HI... I'm also half British and half Filipino... | P.S. I'm not just adding people as friends to have alot of friends I'm adding you because we usually have something in common like anime or gaming.....

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0 comments by deathheater5 on Dec 2nd, 2013

I warn you. it's not that good.

Prologue - The Mythical War/Humanities Last stand.

They say the creatures in legends are real, and that they fled from humanities onslaught after so many of their kind where killed by ancient heroes of old and by humanities expanding needs. But before they left, they vowed to return and make humanity answer for it’s crimes against them. The humans where ready for this and stayed ready for a long a time. But times have changed and society with it. Heroes became legends. Ancient tales became myths and bed side stories for little children. Humanity forgot about the mythical creatures. But they didn't forget about humanity, and now after a centuries of preparing. They are back and with a vengence

The Mythical War/Humanities Last Stand - Chapter 1 - They return.
The sky darkened, a massive thunderbolt hit the ground obliterating everything near it. The ground shook violently then suddenly stopped. There was a massive gaping hole in the side of the biggest building in the city of Balic. People stared in horror and disbelief at this massive gaping hole to the unknown. Some ran others stayed wondering what would happen next. The didn't need to wait long though.
Then suddenly a loud bang echoed out as a mass of creatures came charging out of the gaping void slaughtering everything in their path. They quickly spread massacring the populace of the city as more flooded through the void into the real world. Soon all contact was lost with the city.
The Braloran authorities and military cordoned off all access to the city and quarantined the entire area around it. They weren’t sure what was in the city, only that every “human” in it was dead. But none the less they prepared to take the city back from what ever had taken it from them.
But on the night of the 31st of October while most of the Braloran Forces slept the creatures attacked. Sporadic fighting flared up all along the line as soldiers and law enforcement desperately tried to defend themselves from the creatures. Report came flooding in of elves, minotaurs,  orcs, goblins,and other beasts from legend overwhelmed their defences. Government Forces soon fell apart as they got overwhelmed by this mythical horde.After a week Bralor ceased to exist. Few humans managed to escape the mythical horde. Over the next few years the mythical hordes gathered strength silently. The humanity teetered on the brink of disaster due to no news from Bralor about this new enemy of humanity.
2 years pasted and nothing happened. Then suddenly the Mythical Hordes attacked. Striking out of Bralor into Asiana. They overwhelmed all of Rusankan Siberia up to the Ural Mountains and most of Asiana in a matter of months. Only the Fuso Technocracy, The Country of Yangdon , the Europan Island Colonies of South East Asiana and the Middle Eastern Oil Fields remained free of mythical control.
Mythical Forces advancing on the Middle Eastern Oil fields ran straight into the Europan Military forces defending the Fields and other Europan interests in the region.

The Mythical Hordes launched a massive attack on the middles east pushing the defending Europan Forces back into their coastal bases and cities..

The Mythical War/Humanities Last Stand - Chapter 2 - The Hammer Falls
We now follow a figure who features prominently and stands out for his actions throughout the Mythical War and it all began for him with the Mythical attack on the Middle East. 
On the 22nd of December standing on a ridge over looking the town of Orion on the middle eastern coast stood General “Death” Sherman commander of the Eilte 5th Armoured Infantry Division.
"They are well entrenched" The General mumbled to himself
"Yes they are. it won’t be easy dislodging them from the town" His aid replied
"But.. we have to. In order to get back to Europa"
"True. and I agree. Shall I get the troops ready?"
"yes, get them ready and see if you can get some Naval support for us"
"Roger that General"
The Aid put his hand to his ear-com and informed the division of the plan as well as trying to get any naval units in the area to aid them.
"Sir I have two destroyers which happen to be in the area willing to support us"
"Good, Mount up we are attacking now, tell them to open fire"
"Yes sir"
The General and his Aid got into the A31 Diplomat MBT and along with the rest of the division started advancing into Orion. The Attack slammed like a battering ram into the defending Mythical units forcing them back into the town. But a sudden charge of 15 Minotaur’s scattered the division, destroying 3 of the 48 tanks and killing some infantry. Scattered groups on the 5th Division forces started making their way to the docks, some would never make it while others would. A large group of infantry on the western side of the town crashed into a group of Cyclops. Confused and panicking the infantry tried to defend themselves from the frenzied Cyclops. Only the timely arrival of two Diplomats where the Cyclops finally subdued but at the cost of thirteen dead. The Infantry regrouped round the Diplomats, they where overjoyed to find that one of the Diplomats belong to their leader.The groups advanced beating back mythical counter attacks and regrouping with other 5th division forces along their route towards the docks. It wasn't easy and many troops and equipment where lost but they made it and established a defensive line around some tankers and cargo transports that where in the docks.
Fighting raged well into the next day as groups of 5th division forces desperately tried to regroup and get the to the docks. Those already at the docks where desperately trying to hold them for their comrades from constant mythical attacks. The two destroyers played a huge part with their 6in Naval guns proving to be very devastating against the mythical horde.But the appearance of superior Mythical Forces outside the town was grim news since some of the division was still trapped in the city. But he could not delay any longer. So with a heavy sigh he gave to order to evacuate. So the troops began loading on to the ships while trying to defend the docks even as the fighting continued to escalate around them. As the final troops in the docks where being loaded on to the ships a small group of 5th Division troops emerged from the town fighting backward toward the ships.
"SHIT!  Everyone covering fire!!" The General still on the docks barked at the men around him who swiftly opened up with a hail of lead at the mythical forces giving chase to the group. But as the group turned and ran to the ships two men fell over one being hit by an arrow the other trying to help the injured trooper.
"screw it!"
The General ran from behind his troops to help the two men.
"GO! JUST GO!" shouted one of them
"I’m not going to abandon you!" the general interrupted him as he came up taking one of the injured man’s arms over his shoulder and back.
"save you’re se-"
"you’re my soldier. if I left you behind when I could of helped it would give me nightmares"
" you sir…"
"let’s get you home"
The three of them hobbled towards the ships as the mythical forces charged for a massive all powerful attack. But when it seemed as if this was the end of the three of them the Mythical Horde came under heavy artillery fire from Naval units in the area.
"thought you could use some help. ‘ey General~"
"you son of a gun. I guess I owe you a drink then?"
"just return the favour when I need it"
The General smiled as they made it onto the ship. Looking at the Mythical forces that had just been pulverised by the Europan 30th Heavy Squadron of Heavy cruisers. The ships left the port of Orion soon after. The fighting had been hard, 40% of the division was either dead, dying or missing, and another 20% where injured, not to mention alot of the equipment had to be left behind. But they had made it out of the middle east. They didn’t know it yet but the 5th Armoured Infantry Division had had first bit of success against the mythical Hordes. This  it seems inspired other Europan forces to equal feats of success.
But the Middle East was lost. Europan Forces managed to halt the Mythical advance at the Trans-Canal in Egypt using every available units they could muster.

The Europans learned a few crucial things from the fighting. 1st they had naval superiority, 2nd they had the advantage in technology and most important of all 3rd Mythical Forces could be beaten.

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asif_ridwan Sep 10 2012, 8:46am says:

Hey! *hi5* We've got the same type of avatar. I choose that one because I've always wanted to be in a relationship but no one is with me and also because I like anime! What's your special reason ?

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RK44 Sep 8 2012, 3:38am says:


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RK44 Sep 6 2012, 12:07pm says:


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TalonDuCouteau Sep 5 2012, 5:06am says:

Can I ish has Lynette? owo

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RK44 Sep 3 2012, 10:34am says:

Yeah My GF only likes YAOI :p

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RK44 Sep 3 2012, 9:44am says:

whatsup your echhiness? :p

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cronos35 Aug 20 2012, 7:26pm says:

how could your GF like that stuff?!

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cronos35 Aug 18 2012, 7:02am says:

you're gf is crazy man..

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cronos35 Aug 16 2012, 5:23am says:

wow xD let's hope your mom or your overly attached girlfriend doesn't find your collection. and those pics of yours look crazy!

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cronos35 Aug 11 2012, 12:48am says:

you got quite the ecchi collection there buddy /:)

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