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Death8338 May 9 2010 says:

the time to feeding on a corpse is too long, maybe make it half that time.

+1 vote   media: Vampire 1st class gameplay
Death8338 Apr 11 2010 replied:

But you’re really good at drawing!

+3 votes   member: Death8338
Death8338 Apr 10 2010 replied:

Well that’s as bad as when I ask who lives on 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. (which is our president) and no one knows, but they know who lives in a pineapple under the sea.

+1 vote   blog: For all you Americas
Death8338 Apr 10 2010 replied:

just about 80, but still...

+1 vote   member: KiwiWarrior
Death8338 Apr 10 2010 replied:

I really only watch people with some sort of funny pictures or have good mods, or soon to be good mods

+1 vote   member: Death8338
Death8338 Apr 9 2010 says:

Well in using Episode 2, you’ll be limiting the community to only those who have the Orange Box. In doing so, people wont download for obvious reasons (for some reason some people still don’t have it).
But in using Orange Box, you can make ant lion nest levels, where you have to kill some Vortigaunt and some rebels trying to get the extract.
And also there’s some other ideas you can use like one where maybe you’re a rogue ant lion? Or your new ant lion that was experimented on by combine to reduce the ant lions or to make them into synthetics? Either way this should be a good mod nonetheless.

+1 vote   mod: Antlion Life
Death8338 Apr 7 2010 replied:

maybe star wars empire at war?

+1 vote   member: Red_Hawk
Death8338 Apr 6 2010 replied:

Well the cars probably just fell form the surface and into the Enrichment Center.

+9 votes   media: Some more concept art
Death8338 Apr 5 2010 says:

yes, yes it is

+1 vote   media: Cave Story is AWESOME
Death8338 Apr 3 2010 replied:

uh, 'You guys are so evil.' in hex?

+2 votes   news: ModDB Gold Membership
Death8338 Mar 28 2010 says:

Check out the Portal 2 podcast here

+2 votes   game: Portal 2
Death8338 Mar 28 2010 says:

Footsteps are a little too loud, if you compare them to the gunfire, rain, and other noises around.

+3 votes   media: OccupationCS 2.8 Gameplay
Death8338 Mar 27 2010 says:

kinda old but search why

+2 votes   media: Fail!
Death8338 Mar 27 2010 says:

I absolutely loved this game play style. It actually makes you think about how you have to do something such as use the knife to cut the rope and some of the other puzzles in the maps. I just was hoping I could have more when it was over, which is a good thing since I’ll probably be back to try this out
One thing I didn't like was that I saw a trash can, and like any Escape The Room type games, there is usually one thing in there. I did notice the trash and said to myself "there has to be something in there" and proceeded to dig threw it like a mad garbage jumper but nothing within any of the trash cans. Maybe you could put a key or Easter Egg in one or something to add to the game.
And on another note, I saw these random spray paint images on the walls that said up. Did that have any purpose, or was it just for look?
Thanks for making to mod, thanks for releasing this demo, and thanks for reading.

-1 votes   mod: Escape The Room
Death8338 Mar 26 2010 says:

I would really like an invite, if you would be so kind Mr. Desura

+3 votes   group: Desura
Death8338 Mar 21 2010 says:

Just found this mod, and saw the destroyed computer and thought you could try to put this in to v8 (if your making it). If not all computers, ones that have the turret controls on it. It could then blow up the turret (with a radiuses blast), frenzy the turret, or just turn it off.

+1 vote   mod: Fallout 3 Reborn: A Realism Mod
Death8338 Mar 20 2010 says:

I would recommend scaling him down a little and then resizing his attacks to a more suitable size, but keeping the attack power the same or slightly smaller than that.

+1 vote   download: Fallout 3 - Initiate Liberty Prime MKII
Death8338 Mar 20 2010 says:

uh.. thank you?

-1 votes   media: Wanna... Get Raped?
Death8338 Mar 19 2010 replied:

same for me too.

+1 vote   mod: Lambda Wars
Death8338 Mar 19 2010 says:

I had a random idea today, it’s that when you gain all the skills of one area (fire, ice, dark, light), you have a new ability to either buy with a point or its gained when you get all those skills. The new ability would be some sort of elemental dragon thing that takes all your manna and you can have only one on the field at a time. You cold also make it so a red or green triangle floats above their head, so you can tell whose team there on.

0 votes   mod: Kingdoms Collide
Death8338 Mar 18 2010 replied:

and thats me!

+2 votes   member: Red_Hawk
Death8338 Mar 17 2010 replied:

a yellow car?

-2 votes   media: January 2010 news post
Death8338 Mar 15 2010 replied:

And another game called Syobon Action

+1 vote   game: I Wanna Be The Fangame
Death8338 Mar 10 2010 says:

just to add to your fun, you might have been able to use this...

And isn’t it kind of a give away about the portal tech? The combine are stuck on earth and can’t get home, their portal tech is too slow, and it takes too long to use. They need the borealis

+2 votes   media: the Borealis and Aperture
Death8338 Mar 3 2010 replied:

Just to add to that, my opinion was that the grenade throw wasn’t the best animation on the release time, but that’s just my opinion.

+1 vote   news: Fps Terminator Beta demo in progress
Death8338 Mar 2 2010 replied:

and me too?

+1 vote   group: Desura
Death8338 Feb 21 2010 says:

so I’m guessing your going to work on a ice partial effect, or no?

+1 vote   media: Fire Cube and Ice Cube Mechanic in Action!
Death8338 Feb 19 2010 replied:

you can after they put up a download...

+1 vote   mod: Counter-Strike Kids
Death8338 Feb 18 2010 says:

yes, just listen to the voices. it will be all right... shh..

+1 vote   mod: Combine : Disconnected
Death8338 Feb 12 2010 says:

Finally on moddb... you should post the walkthroughs on the tutorials section

+1 vote   mod: Integration: The Stranded Light
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