Hi, I'm Jayden. I'm a full on gamer who has a mind that like's to create things! I make buildings in Minecraft, I'm currently building a new area in the Skyrim Creation Kit which will be out sooner or later. I also do quite a bit of art, if you want check out me DA (Deviantart)(link in profile somewhere) I love to hear from people to play games and such but... my internet is terrible depending on where I am, my Nan's is terrible but my aunt's is better but still not the best. I would be glad to play a game of Minecraft with people or maybe something else, if you do just contact me :D I would also love to see other people's creations if they sent me a link for games, art and music! Few thing's about me, I play lots of games I'm a big Brony I love music I love art I will talk to almost anyone that is not a douche/troll My fav games are Minecraft, Skyrim and Borderlands 2 If people want me to draw something for them just ask and I might prevail. thanks for reading :D ~Jayden


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