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You know I hate when studios think that Old School means cramming as much enemies as possible in one square room and then after finishing they let you go to a next corridor to do the exact same thing again.
This is fine for old games like Smash TV but once you get to FPS games like Doom you start seeing something else. Enemies are placed in a specific and deliberate way. The levels weren't corridors but were instead free to explore for keys, secrets and other things like that. You had many things to do instead of just going to the exit.
Hexen took this to a new level for FPS games by connecting open levels into one giant hub.
For a PC exclusive this game has one of the worst loading times I have ever seen in my life. Painkiller Overdose doesn't load as slow as this and that game was criticized for slow loading.
What also irritates me in this game is that you lack an ability to side-step quickly. Something that makes fast paced old school shooters is missing here and is instead replaced with slow walking and a sprint ability that lasts for short time and works only in one direction which is forward. Hell a game that came afer this: Shadow Warrior 2013 handled this much better, and that one still wasn't old school.
Now you're probably wondering, after such harsh criticism do I think this game is good? Well yes. I do actually. It is a breath of fresh air, for start the story is absolute rubbish but you can't skip any of it because the load times are so terrible. Trust me you won't understand any of it.
The weapon upgrade system is really fun, you have just two weapons but you can upgrade them to do many things. Like rocket launchers, shotguns, etc.
Also this game is a real looker, sure the textures are low res since the game is old but the style is just jaw dropping. It's packed with detail, but the sacrifice comes in linearity. This game is stupidly linear, plus it's really short.
The bosses are as stupid as in Shadow Warrior 2013. I'm not really fond of these kind of boss fights where their weak spots are glowing so hard you could get blind.
So is it a good game? Yeah! You should give it a shot, but it's not old school. It's just a breath of fresh air in sea of blunt AAA titles.

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