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DBuilder 3hours 23mins ago says:

Looks promising. I can't wait!

+1 vote   news: Sleepers - Teaser Trailer
DBuilder May 6 2015, 12:41pm says:

Very good job. But wait a minute...those are just deathmatch maps and not new areas? Glad I read the comments or else I would have bought a mod I had already downloaded for free.

+1 vote   media: Black Mesa: Steam Launch Trailer
DBuilder Apr 23 2015, 9:24pm says:

Strange occurance. I downloaded and started the mod and it worked normally. I had to quit but when I came back to play it and hit "Play" the screen goes black for about a second and my computer makes a "ding" sound and takes me back to my desktop. Mod fixes don't work (not that they would need to since it started up fine). Anyone got any ideas?

+1 vote   mod: Random Quest
DBuilder Apr 18 2015, 3:30pm says:

The file isn't there anymore. How do I get the reload sounds now?

+1 vote   download: Black Mesa Animation Revamp Retexture v1.4
DBuilder Apr 1 2015, 8:15pm says:

Question: if I were to download the mod today, would the models here and in the other pictures be in it?

+1 vote   media: New gloves model
DBuilder Jan 25 2015, 1:53pm replied:

You may want to re-upload that to Mod DB since the file is gone from the link you gave.

+1 vote   mod: CALL IN
DBuilder Jan 22 2015, 6:10pm replied:

So it should look like this?


[X] [O] [X] [X]
[O] [X] [O] [O]

+1 vote   mod: Silent Hill: Alchemilla
DBuilder Jan 20 2015, 1:55pm says:

Strange bug. After leaving the apartments I found a save spot in a store and pressing it caused the game to crash. So I loaded it from within the apartments. I got the final key and opened the front door to the apartments and then after a few moments it crashes again.

Should I replay the apartment section?

+2 votes   mod: Silent Hill: Alchemilla
DBuilder Jan 18 2015, 1:33pm says:

Installation instructions, please. All there is is an executable file and it asks for a disk. (?)


Oh, wait, never mind. Ran it again and it worked. Weird.

+3 votes   download: Silent Hill: Alchemilla (v.1.0)
DBuilder Jan 17 2015, 9:36pm says:

It says it was deleted.

+5 votes   news: Prepare for your nightmare! Alchemilla is out!
DBuilder Dec 28 2014, 2:27pm says:

This is a game play question. If I were, say, at Lab X2 near the end and I had lost all my armor and ammunition because of enemy and anomaly encounters, is there anything stopping me from leaving the lab and going to get refilled on all my stuff? Or do I need to just continue through?

+2 votes   mod: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Lost Alpha
DBuilder Dec 16 2014, 7:40pm says:

I don't think the cross hair has been enabled.

+2 votes   download: Patch v1.2
DBuilder Dec 16 2014, 1:53pm replied:

All right, I got it. I will wait until tonight to play it.

+3 votes   download: In Lucy's Eyes v1.1
DBuilder Dec 16 2014, 12:56pm says:

Okay, I just need to know how to run it. I placed the "In Lucy's Eyes" folder in the main Amnesia directory, what? Do I put the batch file in the main directory, or do I have to override my Amnesia files in order to play?

+3 votes   download: In Lucy's Eyes v1.1
DBuilder Dec 11 2014, 2:29pm says:

It does not appear in the Steam games list. Please inform me what I need to do. The screenshots look promising.

+1 vote   download: Wilson Chronicles - Demo Release 2
DBuilder Dec 1 2014, 3:21pm says:

So do I place the folders into the Custom Story folder or do I create an Acceptance folder and put the download into that folder and then put the folder into the Custom Story folder?

+1 vote   download: Acceptance
DBuilder Nov 23 2014, 1:16am says:

This is a great custom story. The only problem I have is that if you exit the first area, you cannot go back. I had to replay this story several times in order to explore all the areas I missed, or think I missed. Also, I came across a door that led to the "Chapel" but I never found a key for it in the first area. Is there any way in there?

+1 vote   mod: A Slave's Masquerade
DBuilder Nov 20 2014, 7:46pm says:

This is going to be great! I cannot wait for it to be released.

+1 vote   mod: In Lucy's Eyes
DBuilder Nov 5 2014, 1:40pm says:

I personally have had no problems other than confusion on how to start the game up. Other than that, the game has run pretty smoothly. One thing that worried me is what would happen if I were to save and quit. With other total conversion mods doing this causes the game to become unplayable by causing certain events not to play. That has not happened here. The only other concern is my not being able to input different keys to control leaning. Other than that, I've had no game breaking issues or bugs.

+4 votes   news: About the game problems
DBuilder Nov 4 2014, 12:30pm replied:

I cannot use it on the gas. Well, I guess here's my first bug.

+1 vote   mod: Penumbra: Necrologue
DBuilder Nov 3 2014, 7:26pm says:

!!! Possible Spoiler !!!
Well I've gotten all the way to the abandoned section, but now I think I'm really stuck. All there is is a big room with some sort of gas and a set of doors that don't open or can even be interacted with. Anyone have any ideas?

Oh, no crashes so far either.

+2 votes   mod: Penumbra: Necrologue
DBuilder Nov 2 2014, 8:55pm replied:

I got it now. Thank you.

+2 votes   mod: Penumbra: Necrologue
DBuilder Nov 2 2014, 6:38pm replied:

From the Necrologue files? No. Do I need to?

+1 vote   mod: Penumbra: Necrologue
DBuilder Nov 2 2014, 6:02pm says:

Okay, I'll try this again.

Downloaded, installed by placing the Necrologue_eng folder in the main Amnesia directory this time and then clicked on the application to run, get an error that says: Could not load main init file: Necrologue_eng/config/main_init.cfg

Even though the file in question is IN the folders included in the download.

Anyone else have this problem?

+1 vote   mod: Penumbra: Necrologue
DBuilder Nov 2 2014, 5:18pm replied:

Nope. Still get the same error.

+1 vote   mod: Penumbra: Necrologue
DBuilder Nov 2 2014, 2:56pm replied:

Oh wait. I think I installed it wrong. Let me try again.

+1 vote   mod: Penumbra: Necrologue
DBuilder Nov 2 2014, 2:52pm says:


Clicked the application "Necrologue_eng"

Got this:


Could not load main init file: Necrologue_eng/config/main_init.cfg

+1 vote   mod: Penumbra: Necrologue
DBuilder Sep 8 2014, 1:26am says:

I'm playing this again and I'm wondering if there is an alternate ending?

+1 vote   mod: The Great Work
DBuilder Aug 25 2014, 3:45pm says:

This was a very good mod. I normally don't play a lot of zombie-style mods (since that seems to be the ONLY kind of mod anyone makes any more)but this one is a good and solid single-player!

You certainly got the creepiness factor down as the environments were bleak and desolate and gave the feeling of truly being alone. I also liked that the weapon skins were different and I saw some new objects here and there.

The only problems I encountered was a bug which required me to quick-load and then it ran fine. Also, I was unable to get the cross hair even with console commands but it didn't prove to be too hard aiming without it.

All in all, a nice and creepy single-player mod. Keep up the good work. :)

+2 votes   news: Released!
DBuilder Jun 14 2014, 2:57pm says:

Just a storage room.

But a very NICE looking storage room.

+2 votes   media: Just a storage room :)
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