Gamer for about 30yrs and still loving it. Always been a console gamer until recently getting into PC Gaming. I really dig the indie scene and it has become one of my main focuses lately. I also write for a great gaming website looking to get better called I'm the guy bringing the PS3, Vita, and PC gaming focus to the site. Check out my the first article of my soon to be reacurring editorial Indie Picks of the Month. I'd really appreciate your input and recommendations for new games to spotlight.

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Game Review on Aug 14th, 2013

Well I was thinking this game would be fun but for some reason I can't get past the second stage. Every time I shoot my gun I seem to be getting destroyed. I've played the stage multiple times and can't figure it out why this is happening. It didn't do it on the first stage.

So unfortunately I'm giving this a 4 just because it did seems cool but without progression past the second stage I'm unistalling and moving on.

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