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Daxent Jul 9 2010, 1:09pm says:

Sorry folks but I gotta say this as well.

"He also claims he could have done the same within a weekend, yet he ignores or even criticizes the bug fixes, new gunfire sounds, animation edits, and balancing that took a great deal of time to research and test," - OneManShow

When I read this, I lold. As far as bug fixes go, he adjusted the AI a bit. As far as new gunfire sounds go, he took them from other people and just stuck 'em in his mod. That's just installing a custom sound. Animation edits, he edited a couple of dead frames. Or did Modderfreak do that? (Keep in mind that was 2 years ago I believe. Unless Modderfreak decided to work on the mod some more and compile more weapons. I remember OMS telling me hadn't come on for days last time I talked to him)

As far as balancing goes, wow. It's typical FPS "shoot-baddie-more-baddies-show up-in-your-exact-spot" gameplay (Otherwise known as, Goldeneye 64). "Crowbar, Suit Pick-Up Hands and Gravity Gun now have proper CSS Hands." Awesome. So you re-rigged 3 animations/models? Cool.

But by far, the most hilarious one was this. "Edited Shotgun reload animations to not obstruct the player's view as much."

How to do this: Open up console and edit origins. Exit game and copy and paste console text into the script file. Click save as, and open up the game again. Bingo! There you have it.

And in case if anyone is wondering, this is all taken from the changelog in the .zip onemanshow had. It's almost as if he WANTED to get the mod leaked. There's much more in that .txt file that's funny but I'll just leave it at that for now.

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Daxent Jul 8 2010, 7:18pm replied:

Thanks for correcting me.

BTW, any English mistakes in there? It ain't exactly my "perfect" language. D:

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Daxent Jul 8 2010, 5:22pm replied:

Well folks, I decided to make a history of everything that happened.

And for you, Onemanshow: I know your probably going to delete my post (like you've done for many others). However, I'll be damned if what really happened doesn't go out.

But for the most part, It's done. There's nothing else for us to bitch about. :p

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Daxent Jul 8 2010, 4:14pm says:

What Skep said was true. I unintentionally leaked SMOD T V1 (Decided to view a FTP). But I'm still keeping my point. The mod is generally nothing more than a bunch of edited scripts and LOD'd models. I didn't notice any animation edits, and puffs on muzzleflash are fairly easy to make. Not to mention mapadds are...yeah.

That being said, I DID take it too far with the amount of trolling. I did it in pure rage because of the way moderation was handled on SMOD Tactical. At first I thought it was funny having Onemanshow on my friends list to annoy him all the time. Then after that I resorted to even more childish humor. :/

And throughout all of this, I actually feel sorry for Oneman. I mean he got **** for this mod from day one, and hardly any with Redux. Just having Tactical under his name brought him a lot of hate from 4Chan (/v/ for the uneducated), and from Facepunch.

Onemanshow is not all to blame in this. He got caught up with the wrong people. If you were in "that thread" you'd know. For a while now, we've been referring to "them" as the "SMOD Posse" (not giving out other names. do the puzzle yourself).

I knew it was going to come down to this someday. But it was just a matter of when. So call me what you want, a troll, a ************, or a dickface etc. it just doesn't matter anymore. Because, at the end of the day, what you had was a lazy modder who played Bad Company 2 and Modern Warfare 2 most of the day and spending about a quarter of his time on the mod, and a "troll" who leaked a mod, and took it too far, in general being a ******* (guess who!).

So, cheers Moddb. Your not going to get to play with your edited scripts.

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Daxent Jul 7 2010, 4:14pm replied:

You sure people are still working on Redux?

Onemanshow's working on Redux as well. I wouldn't be suprised if he pulled a houdini on that too.

However, I will admit this mod is pretty much **** easy. Anyone can take weapons and rescript them, or assign them to a different boneset to have working W_Models.

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Daxent Jul 4 2010, 2:37pm replied:

Because the beta for V1 was leaked.

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Daxent Jun 24 2010, 11:16am replied:

Oh, and btw even with the patch expect some funny business with the black mesa east stages.

Missing materials, etc.

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Daxent Jun 24 2010, 11:10am replied:

Just letting you all know, the beta leak comes WITH the patch.

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