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Kenshi, a great concept with great gameplay to match. The beginning is slighty slow and you may ind yourself throwing fits of frustration at the enemies ability to slaughter you and your men, but you will find youself drawn to it as it's gaeplay is so unique and its concept so strange that its hard to let go. The plot is simple: the desert is huge, Horrible, and filled withh people that want you dead and it is your job to "tame" (Ie: struggle to survive eeach passing day) and generally make a name for yourself. My only complaint is the numerous bugs this version has and at this point (0.33/0.40) we aren't even in the first version, so everything is subject to change. Gameplay is solid wihth many options for you to explore, the grinding can be slightly edious but it is enjoyable. All in all I give this gae a 9.5.

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