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Gemini Wars

Game review

ok game but uninspired and buggy as ****.

cons :

massive slowdowns in late game

no real repair function

replaces units with icons way to close in and really kills the look of the big fights

frequent CTDs and game breaking bugs like faulty objectives so save often

poor enemy AI, difficulty is only increased by enemy units receiving artificial buffs over you own units (even the same unit as your own, just controlled by the AI has like 20% better stats) and restricting high-end research

you own units frequently forget what they have been told to do, usually resulting in a strung out line of ships that just decided to stop at random points. ships told to hold position frequently decide other wise and charge straight in

Terrible animation and voice acting during the cut scenes and transitions. seriously YouTube the boarding scene from this game, just wow

no multiplayer as of yet

pros :

Pretty good storyline although the aforementioned acting lets it down

graphics are nice and the battle are fun to watch

not really sure what else goes here, the skirmish mode is pretty good I suppose. MP may go here if they actually add one in the end

so really just buy it if it goes on sale like 3-5 quid kind of range


The Last Days (of The Third Age of Middle Earth)

Mod review


Game review - 1 agree

obviously the 8/10 is for the final game if it makes good on the promised features.
currently the game is severely lacking in things to do apart from killing anything that looks at you funny and some trading but still manages to be fun

it has features added regularly like bountyhunting recently and mining and research soon. cant wait to see the finished product

this is definatly a game to get behind


Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

Game review - 2 agree

after buying this game i feel insulted. it is like GRAW2 with 2/3 of the content ripped out and replaced with (slightly) better graphics, bugs and conection issues.
the gunsmith is pretty good though, with loads of options and a firing range to test your new configurations out but i didnt buy GRFS to strip and assemble weapons
over all you should just save your money and get something worth playing


Nexus: The Jupiter Incident

Game review

Mobile Fighter G Gundam: When Worlds Collide

Mod review - 3 agree


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