You can't beat STALKER. I've tried pretty much every game out there but, I've found none that put me where this game does. I start playing and get lost in a world that can be both beautiful and terrifying. I remember my first visit to the Yantar lab in SHOC. It was in the early hours of the morning, I was using headphones while sneaking around the lab. The atmosphere had me on the edge of my seat. Ten seconds later something totally unexpected happened and put my heart in my mouth. I paused the game, shaking like a little child and from that moment on for me it has been the stick by which all games are measured. And sadly they just don't measure up. STALKER is a thousand games in one. Set in a constantly changing, evolving world. The only time any two playthroughs are the same is when you hit that ENTER THE ZONE button at the start of the game.

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6 comments by nashathedog on Oct 16th, 2012

Russian mod translations:Translations
GSC forum: GSC Game World - Community
Stalker Mod Reviews:
TheREVIEWER's Pastebin -
MEGA Download site with multiple alternate links for mods for all 3 STALKER games:
SGM 2.0 Geonezis, English All-in-one:
SGM Geonezis English All-in-one
Patch:Geonezis fix
AMK Devolution:AMK 2.0 Devolution patch Devolution patch.7z
The way to Pripyat All-in-one:The way to Pripyat, English All-in-one. download - Mod DB
SGM 2.2 English All-in-one: SGM 2.2 English all-in-one
MP3 music addon: Music addon
WARNING: Load MP3 music to different folder then move sound folder over, not configs folder.
Zaton start: Zaton start
Zaton start from Gatopardo
Increased Grass distance: grass_300_cop by Jketiynu.rar
These files increase the grass draw distance for the All-in-one, There for dx10, dx11 and will work with any Af3 mod (possibly any mod). They were provided by Jketiynu.
Winter of Death English All-in-one:Winter of Death English All-in-one
GLADIATOR II (version 2 Alliance time) mod for Call of Pripyat
Main mod:Gladiator II
Machine translation:Gladiator II trans
Alternativa mod for SOC: All-in-one plus translation by Henry1491
Henry1491 moded AlternativA 121 gamedata
Guide by Henry1491
guide for alternativa mod by henry1491
Valley of Whispers
Main mod:
link: download for free on file share
link: - Yandex.Disk
Fix: - Yandex.Disk
Random Treasure mod: Random treasure mod.7z
If you've played COP several times this small easy to merge mod may interest you, It's main feature is that it randomises where the stashed weapons are so you'll never know where your favourite weapon is again.
Clear sky Reborn Mod starting kit: Reborn starting kit
Added to the mod it gives you a minimal starting kit.
New Russian mod based on an ARS/Absolute Nature 3 base. It is a lot more than just that though.
Sky Anomaly by Roman Goroff
Use the ARS translation minus the scripts folder.
Non-widescreen monitor users:
Make a copy of the configs/ui/scopes_16.xml and rename the copy to scopes.xml and replace the one in the mod with it. This stops a crash found and fixed by Seeker_of_Strelok (SoS).
World of War, A recent release by the Russian community for COP. Starts in one of two new areas and progresses into the vanilla storyline.
Main mod: World of War
Translation: WOW translation update.rar

WoW full updated version. I've not tested it or checked if the translation can be added but apparently it fixes some of the problems later in the game.
Secret Trails 2 English Translation v3 by SS and GH:
Return of Scar English Translation v1 by SS and GH:
This is the latest translation for use with the mod below....
The Return of Scar, A Russian mod for SHOC 10004
Mod's main site:
Link to Mod:scar
Patch: Scar patch
Update for translation from Henry1491:SCAR transup
Guide: RoS Guide guideup from Henry1491:Guideup
Old Storyline Restoration Mod is a mod for SHOC 10006. It adds numerous new tasks to the original storyline as the name suggests. I have not tried the mod but I'm told it has been given a decent translation by several residents at the GSC forum and is a pretty good mod. This is a recently updated version with another set of added tasks. There is a thread for it at GSC with more info.
This is a rebuild mod for the Clear sky game. The translation is currently being updated by Leet Hax0r and JimByr Links for the latest required parts and translation are here:
Zmeelov mod image - david.m.e - Mod DB
A Russian mod for COP that adds approx 10 new areas, lots of quests and numerous new items, weapons, outfits etc. This version includes an English machine translation and a patch that was done because weapon recoil made the original virtually unplayable for a lot of people.
A new translation will be available soon.
The All-in-one of Dead city was removed so you will need to download the seperate parts (5 in all) and put it together yourself. The parts are in this thread at GSC.
GSC Game World - Community
You need, The main mod, Megafix 1 and 2(there now in one download), The weapons fix and the translation.
Clear Sky MOD. OGSM 1.8 English All-in-one as posted at GSC by Zap@n
It includes the fixes and Liquidbronze's translation.
OGSM 1.8 - English version(2).7z
SHOC Secret trails 2 GUIDE
SGM MP3 Music files:
This works with all versions of SGM and adds music files to the mp3 player in game.
SGM\Absolute Nature 3 lite
Absolute Nature 3 Lite (SGM) addon - AtmosFear for Call of Pripyat Mod for S.T.A.L.K.E.R.- Call of Pripyat - Mod DB
Link to AN3 for SGM 2.2 by Cromm Cruac
SGM mini guide for joining factions and faction storylines, contains lots of spoilersSGM INFO.7z
SGM 2.2 SGM 2.2 mod
SGM 2.2 fix SGM 2.2 fix 19.03
SGM 2.2 weapons addon
SGM 2.2 weapons addon patch
SGM 2.2 Eton edition SGM 2,2 Eton edition
Eton edition Fix Fix - Yandex.Disk
SGM 2.2 new level graphics pack SGM 2.2 new level pack.7z
English translation 2.2 English trans.7z
Small starting guide by Westwick
SGM2.2\AF3 merge patch SGM 2.2 AF3 merge patch
SGM 2.2 ALBOR\AF3 merge patch AF3 for SGM ETON
SGM 2.2\AF3 sky fix patch SGM 2.2 AF3 sky fix or
Add this patch last.
2.2 ALBOR (Eton) edition home page Eton home page
SGM 2.1 SGM 2.1 main mod Patch SGM 2.1 fix 22.01 Patch 2 gamedata.7z
English trans SGM 2.1 English translation.....7z
SGM 2.1 Torrent
SGM 2.1 New Artefacts mod SGM 2.1 Artefacts addon.7z
SGM 2.1 New level pack SGM 2.1 new level pack.7z
SGM 2.1 Gun patch SGM 2.1 gun patch
SGM 2.1 pistol fix SGM 2.1 Pistol fix.7z
SGM 2.1 Af3 merge patch SGM 2.1 + AF3 merge patch
SGM 2.1 Af3 merge fix SGM 2.1 + AF3 merge patch fix
SGM 2.1 AF3 Dynamic news merge AtmosFear 3 and Dinamic News for SGM 2.1 fixed.rar
SGM 2.1 DV task move SGM 2.1 task move.7z
SGM 2.1 Integration pack, MSO, AF3, Dyn News SGM2.1 Integration Pack - MSO AI & AF3 Adaptation & Dynamic News v1.6.7z
Degtarevs story Translation (wip) Deg's story translation.7z
FOV switcher 1.7 Yandeks.Narod
SGM 2.0 Geonezis english text SGM 2.0 Geo english text.7z
SZM English Machine translation
Some machine translations by iloveSHOC (GSC forums)
Currently working on:
Strelok's story
CS map pack add-on
Dead City all-in-one

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nashathedog Creator
nashathedog Apr 8 2013, 3:37pm says:

Sorry for the lack of uploads and work recently, I'm waiting on a new monitor which Amazon promised would be delivered by tomorrow at the latest. I'm hoping the larger screen will reduce the strain on my eyes from the hours spent on text work. I've had too start wearing glasses in the last few months which is a bad sign as I never have before, Anyway I'll be back to work tomorrow with the uploads resuming soon after.

+2 votes   reply to comment
OnoSendai58 Apr 9 2013, 3:59pm replied:

I am so sorry to hear that, David. I never wore glasses either and was a reader all my life. Now, I need those magnifying glasses, (regular frames with non-prescription lenses), sold at Wal-Mart for small print.
You do all of us such a service, can we do anything in return? Do you need money for glasses or anything? I can't spare much, but what's mine is yours if it will help. It's the least I can do to help repay all the joy you've brought to my life and others through your work here.
On another note, have you tried f.lux?
Really makes a huge difference, way better than Redshift.

+1 vote     reply to comment
nashathedog Creator
nashathedog Apr 9 2013, 5:14pm replied:

Well, there is one thing, You can call up Amazon and say where's my Frackin monitor :)

Seriously though, thanks for the offer but I'm doing fine with my Wal-Mart (ASDA over here) goggles too.

I've always been a big book reader aswell, I'm just starting a re-read of the Amtrak wars over a decade after the first read through of it. Hopefully I'll enjoy it as much the second time as the first.

+1 vote   reply to comment
OnoSendai58 Apr 9 2013, 5:16pm replied:

LOL, cool.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Guest Apr 9 2013, 8:13am replied:


Chears from Germany

+2 votes     reply to comment
nashathedog Creator
nashathedog Apr 10 2013, 12:28am replied:


+1 vote   reply to comment
nashathedog Creator
nashathedog Apr 8 2013, 11:31am says:

Do you like NS (Stalkersoup) type mods?

Boutch71 has released his NS DMX 1.3.5 ENGMOD v1.0 Beta

Torrent is here :
Password protected? = boutch71

+3 votes   reply to comment
OnoSendai58 Apr 9 2013, 3:50pm replied:

Holy Mary, Mother Of God, a dream come true. An English version of Narodnaya Solyanka that isn't 40GB and might actually not crash every ten minutes.
Your site should be called the Clearinghouse Of Stalker.

+1 vote     reply to comment
OnoSendai58 Apr 7 2013, 11:24am says:

You are a bloody genius, sir. Just for kicks, (knowing it wouldn't work), I installed your Secret Trails 2 all-in-one right over my faulty install. Not only did it work, with words I could actually make sense of, I played on from my save and the transition worked perfectly! I went on to play 2 more hours crash-free.
There should be a term, (and a Lifetime Achievement Award), for someone that makes mods not only comprehensible, but also idiot-proof to install and play.
Seriously, I salute you.

+1 vote     reply to comment
nashathedog Creator
nashathedog Apr 7 2013, 12:18pm replied:

That all-in-ones nothing to do with me :)

But I love the sentiment..

..sadly it's gotta go to Stalkerstein and Grunter Hunter at GSC this time.

+1 vote   reply to comment
OnoSendai58 Apr 7 2013, 1:09pm replied:

Maybe, but you knew about it and could tell me right away. So, instead of being stymied for days looking through fora, I was able to keep on playing.

+1 vote     reply to comment
OnoSendai58 Apr 7 2013, 11:27am replied:

I swear, if Dezodor had you working on LA, not only would it have been out by now, it would have been perfectly playable in excellent English.

+1 vote     reply to comment
OnoSendai58 Apr 7 2013, 7:02am says:

Idly wondering while downloading if there is any other game like Stalker. I don't recall any, although I've been curious about DayZ. Except I don't like multiplayer.

+1 vote     reply to comment
nashathedog Creator
nashathedog Apr 7 2013, 8:09am replied:

Is Day Z multiplayer then? I thought it was single. I never got around to trying it though as I thought it'd be worth waiting for the stand alone version first so I sorta ignored it. I got Arma 2 on Steam ready to use with it but like I said on hearing about a bug free standalone I decided to wait.
I wanted something to play other than Stalker and I remembered how much I enjoyed Gran turismo 3 and 4 on the PS2 so I decided to get myself a wheel and a few driving games. I just got a cheapish wheel, F1 2012,dirt 3 and an old Richard Burns (RIP) rally simulator, Hopefully I'll enjoy them as an alternative to Stalker for a while and then hopefully Lost Alpha and the standalone Day Z will turn up, Hopefully some Russian mod's we've yet to hear about will aswell.

+1 vote   reply to comment
OnoSendai58 Apr 7 2013, 8:42am replied:

Unfortunately, mp only, even the standalone. Shame, really. It's set in a post-Soviet area and looks excellent.

Yeah, I'm replaying Half-Life 2 when I want a Stalker break.

+1 vote     reply to comment
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