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davidher123 Apr 19 2013 says:

Hi, I am the author of this mod. This mod helps me play mods that requires you to
be at a high level in order to play it. This mod is for those who have played Morrowind
many times and are installing it again and want to play a mod that requires you to
be at a high level and you do not want to wait until you are a high level to play it.
By using the items in this mod you do not have to wait to be at a high level.
Some of these mod have lots of creatures to fight and they kill you right away.
Just use the "My Gold Saint" spell(My Gold Saint Spell summons 3 gold saints),
Summon 3Flame Atronach, and Summon 3Winged Twilight at the same time. Stand back and watch
the fight. I used this idea in Blood Moon when doing the stones quest and you get attack by a
lot of Spriggans. It's fun watching the battle. You can joint in the battle.

The blue and red stone "walk into" houses are two different tile sets that can be rearranged
in many differe ways. You can make a sky scraper with the sets. Set the grid snap at 5 in the
preferences of the construction set. It is in the file menu. This will snap the tiles correctly.

+1 vote   download: Enchanted Houses of Seyda Neen
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