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S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Lost Alpha

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I hate to give this such a low rating, because I've loved STALKER ever since playing a demo in 2005 and would have loved a mod that brought it's original vision to the table. But some major flaws in the design, which could have easily been avoided, sour the experience and meant I didn't play more than a few hours.

Most of the changes are for the better, or at least they provide some welcome variety from the original plot. It is effectively a fan fiction on the original plot, though - I'm not convinced it has anything to do with the 'original' plot of the game. Most of it feels, in theory, more coherent than the original missions.

That said, the one that made me stop playing was the lead up to the X18 lab. After infiltrating a Monolith base you have to escape the military in a car. But as soon as you try and turn a corner in the car, it flips. There's no way to actually drive the cars in this game - they are terrible. So you're left, on foot, to escape a circling helicopter that will make random attack runs that instantly kill you with no warning.

After a mile of running away from this, past a map change, and into a railway tunnel - the NPC tells you to go back the way you came. You have to retrace that entire sequence, without a car, and with nothing else to do. Exciting!

That about sums up the experience. If this is what was 'lost', there's good reason for it.



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Visually, probably the best mod for Deus Ex, with interesting and atmospheric locations. The mod is let down by poor performance and the writing, which is reminiscent of Redsun2020 and shares the same flaws.

The end mission and boss fight were definitely the low point; the boss is damn near impossible to beat without exploiting the engine AI. He disables grenades mid-flight and wipes out your bioelectric reserve if he gets close, meaning you have to try and shoot him from a distance while dodging his shots (which will instantly kill you.) Boss fights have always been terrible in Deus Ex games, but this is by far the worst I've ever seen.

The endings were also very stale, which was a shame given the interesting cinematics earlier in the mod.


Thief Gold HD Texture Mod

Mod review

Night at the Office

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Great mod, I thought the constant health mechanic was interesting.


Afraid of Monsters DC

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It seemed to start off alright, but then I got to the first 'real' level. It became a tedious hunting game where you were constantly searching for health, ammo, or buttons to open a door which would lead you to another button.



Mod review

This is horror done absolutely spot-on. Congrats to all involved.


G String

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I tried really hard to like this, but I was constantly getting stuck and the horrible letterbox/noise effect got to me. I don't know why you added them but I hope you remove them for v2.

Like others have said, 10/10 for effort but in execution the mod is pretty horrible. I hope you spend more time on the level design and not just the visuals (which, in the v2 screenshots, look fantastic.)



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StarCry : Reloaded

Mod review

Black Mesa

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Quite a few bugs left that will hopefully get sorted out with patches - but my main gripe is the AI.

The soldiers are incredibly difficult to beat in large numbers (on hard, anyway) - they can instantly spin around and shoot you with perfect accuracy from a huge distance, and they don't try and use any tactics against you. They just run at you, no matter where you are or whether they should know you're there.

The only tactic I've found that works is waiting around a corner and aiming for their heads, but even that doesn't work very well because by the time they're round the corner they've already started shooting at you.

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