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Anime Fans of modDB

1. Anime Fans of modDB

Fans & Clans group with 2,169 members, open to all members

This group has been formed to gather the people who enjoy Japanese anime and all of its facets, to salute the people from the land of the Rising Sun.

Cat lovers

2. Cat lovers

Fans & Clans group with 572 members, open to all members

This is a group for everyone who likes cats, and wanna have a look at some cute/funny cats.

UDK Developer's Group

3. UDK Developer's Group

Hardware & Tech group with 695 members, open to all members

This is a group for all developers using the Unreal Developer's Kit. Open for all commercial, non-commercial and personal projects!

Battlefield Fans

4. Battlefield Fans

Fans & Clans group with 983 members, open to all members

Join this group if you are a big fan of the Battlefield series by EA/Dice!

Duke Nukem Fan Group

5. Duke Nukem Fan Group

Fans & Clans group with 421 members, open to all members

This is all about Duke Nukem, anyone that loves the king should join this group.

DP Games

6. DP Games

Developer & Publisher with 3 members, must apply to join

This is the dev group currently developing the mods "Portal 2 Secrets of Aperture" and "Half-Life 3: Cold War"

flaming games productions

7. flaming games productions

Other group with 3 members, open to all members

this is a fan and dev group for anyone to join and help with the mod portal 2 secerets of aperture.

Flaming Movies Productions

8. Flaming Movies Productions

Entertainment & Press group Open to all members

hello and welcome to my group where i make moveis and you watch them. il work with games ex Dear Esther or garry's mod or anything. just send a request...

WTF gmod page

9. WTF gmod page

Hobbies & Interests group with 2 members, open to all members

nothin much but where you can upload gmod pics vids anything like garry's and you can post gmod addons hell even gmod 13!

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