- Gaming since 1986 - Modding since 2002 - Music production since 2000 | | | Gaming and modding are a main part of my life. Since NES/Master System II times I collected nearly any console, kept my games and got a self build arcade machine in the kitchen (including MAME and a loooot of games). Music production started with ejay program's. Later I moved on to Fruity Loops/Studio, which I'm using until today. I really love the Stalker games and am fascinated from the zone. Here on moddb.com I try to keep up some sort of support for the German fanbase. If any of you modder guys out there thinks you need a German translation, send me a message. Greetings to all stalkers out there! :)

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Again a version of this mod, but it seems to be good! Played for hours now and got no bugs, no ctd's. Nice addons are packed into the main file, all optional. Nicely done and easy to install. Some textures are... yeah... not 'my taste' so I maybe will exchange them to proper versions, but that is a personal problem^^

So far, including all the tries before to play this mod, I will give a 9. Based on the fact, that I'm able to play until now. And believe me, I tried it in the past... 30-50 times, different versions and patches.