Hi my name is Darthnerdster aka Erik, I've been gaming my entire life with only about age 2 and down exempt from that tid bit of info. Anyhat my preferred platform for gaming is PC (Windows and Mac), but I also do a bit on 360's. Personally I haven't given much back to the gaming community as a whole but I am slowly familiarizing myself with the source mapping tools and C++. I use steam quite a bit and my steam name is the same as it is anywhere else on the vast internet: Darthnerdster. If you want some light reading just jump over to my brother's, friends, and my blog at www.darthdorksters.blogspot.com . Its a blog about gaming, life, religion, and whatever else we think we can write about to pass time.

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AvP of course

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Xenomorph, scary of course
with a retractable jaw and loving to crawl
off on some colony were some corporation
has a evil monopoly.

With Facehuggers latched on tight
Colonial marines put up a fight
with every one wanting more light
cause aliens lurk out of sight.

Then a growl is heard
originating from next to a bird!
Up in a tree a bright blue light
fills up the night.

With the pop of a metal claw
and flesh torn with what sounds like a saw
I see a flying disk
and I'm just glad it missed.

Late Night

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First a Question, it being most likely a rhetorical one. Have you ever been up way later then you should working on a project that you've procrastinated and have only yourself to blame? Well alas that is happening to me as of right now it is just past 4 am and not am I working on a job I got contracted for, but other people with temporary sleeping disorders are providing a distraction. Now as I'm guessing all late night workers can agree distractions are necessary when attempting to stay sane, or at least not dipping further into the self inflicted insanity called sleep deprivation. Being a Left 4 Dead (2) player I've found that a wonderful stress reliever is loading a nice new custom map and blowing the be-jesus out of the infected.
Along with that music choice slowly changes as the hours pass. You may begin with some calming inde-rock or alternative, then decide you need to pump up on energy so you put on your Dance/Dubstep, but as the night wares on you slowly shift to your secret collection of Ke$ha and Lady Gaga. I am not at all ashamed to say that whilst writing this I am listening to my wonderful collection of just around 60 songs by Lady Gaga and even less ashamed to say that I am loving it.
Well needing to cut this short I would just like to say congratulations if you read this instead of doing something else that in the long run is more important, because I have to send out a vibe of respect to my fellow procrastinators and slackers. So live long and prosper and may the E=mc^2 be with you.


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